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The TombMuch to the chagrin of his girlfriend Gia Repairman Jack doesn’t deal with electronic appliances he fixes situations for people often putting himself. All she could do was stand there and screamIndeed This book has a good number of things going for it I particularly enjoyed the characterization of Repairman Jack There are also some Lovecraftian references that fans will recognize Striding down the dark passage like the avatar of a vengeful god came JackI can imagine that followers of the Agent Pendergast series Relic the Charlie Parker series Every Dead Thing or the Harry Dresden series Storm Front would enjoy this especially considering that The Tomb predates all of these by than a decade It is the first novel in a horror supernatural series so don’t go into this expecting crime fiction There will be beasties and there will be blood blood blood there were rustling and scraping and grunting sounds coming from the darkness beyond that doorIt’s an enjoyable enough romp with some interesting twists Some I saw coming Some I did not Not too much I can say about The Tomb It isn’t subtle and it isn’t fancy but it gets the job done I will certainly be reading the other books in this series She glanced up over the hood and froze in horror at the sight of a dark dripping glistening form rising out of the bayIndeed

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In deadly danger His latest project is recovering a stolen necklace which carries with it an ancient curse that may unleash a horde of Bengali demons Jac. I have a new best friend and his name is Repairman JackWith a style reminiscent of Travanian or John D MacDonald F Paul Wilson describes the urban fantasy euivalent of his off the grid anti hero Wilson also demonstrates his libertarian values in a protagonist that would make Poul Anderson or Heinlein proudWhile this can be seen as a far out version of a Travis McGee adventure urban and contemporary fantasy fans will be drawn to its supernatural ualities Jack is on the trail of an ancient Indian evil that is threatening paying clients the girl he loves and his own hide in this very enjoyable 1984 publication that could also be considered in the genres of horror thriller or science fictionWhatever label a reader chooses I think we can all agree that this is a fast moving and fun speculative fiction page turner Jack “fixes” things and we’re not talking about electric toasters or smoothie blenders Jack handles problems related to human interactions As in the old Goodfellas line “Hey Vinny d’you fix that ting” “Yeah Paulie that problem is solved” But he’s not an organized mobster he’s an independent contractor As a matter of fact in many ways Jack departed from modern day society years ago he lives outside of civilization but in plain sight he pays no taxes deals only in cash has no legitimate identity besides the succinctly stated although evasive moniker “Repairman Jack” Or just JackWilson’s prose is clean and fast this moves like a fast runner lithe and smooth I’ll be returning for fun with Jack

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Read & Download The Tomb 107 å ✤ The Tomb Download ➸ Author F. Paul Wilson – Much to the chagrin of his girlfriend Gia Repairman Jack doesn’t deal with electronic appliances—he fixes situations for people often putting himself in deadly danger His latest project is recover Much to the chagrin of his girlfriend Gia RepaK is used to danger but this time Gia’s daughter Vicky is threatened Can Jack overcome the curse of the yellow necklace and bring Vicky safely back hom. Fun is the best descriptor I can come up with to describe my experience with this read With an 80's feel to it this horroraction thriller was filled with excitement and great characters Especially Jack who is an easy favorite The story was good and had a good resolution leaving me excited to read the next Repairman Jack adventure I'm surprised this didn't end up as an '80's horror movie honestly 4550 stars