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Free download Miracles é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Æ [Download] ➻ Miracles Author Eric Metaxas – An inspiring and eye opening exploration of the phenomenon of miracles from the  New York Times #1 bestselling author of  Bonhoeffer What are miracles and why do so many people believe in theAtever one has thought of the topic before  Miracles is also a timely thoughtful and civil answer to the books of the New Atheists Richard Dawkins Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris who have passionately asserted not just the impossibility of miracles and the supernatural but the outright harmfulness of belief in them  Metaxas whom ABC News has called a witty ambassador for faith provides the measured and wide. I read nearly 60 books in 2014 and it looks like this is only one that I gave 5 stars toMetaxas writes an important book in the tradition of intellectuals like C S Lewis He approaches the subject of miracles from a perspective of logic and science not blind faith or literal acceptance of scriptureA rational open minded nonbeliever can read this book and come to the conclusion that believing in miracles is actually logical than trying to explain them awayMy favorite section is where Metaxas discusses the various impossible events that had to happen in order for the universe and earth to exist in order to support life There are so many extremely unlikely variables that all have to happen that believing we are here by random chance takes much faith to belief than to accept that a grand designer is responsible for our existenceFor example there is an incredibly fine balance in the ratio of electromagnetic forces to gravitational forces If it is too much in one direction the universe would only create heavy stars where the heavy elements are created If it is too much in the other direction the universe would create only light stars like our sun which are needed to support the existence of life on an earth How fine a balance If you are off by 000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 you won’t get both types of stars How easy is it to hit this sweet spot Caltech astrophysicist Hugh Ross explains it this way Take a bunch of dimes and I mean a bunch and use them to cover every suare inch of North America Now stack another layer of dimes and another and keep doing it until your North America shaped stack of dimes reaches 238000 miles to the height of the moon Now that’s a lot of dimes but we are not done yet Next step do it a billion times Then take one dime and paint it red and hide in one of these billion piles The last step is to blindfold a friend and have him pick out the dime on his first try If you believe this could happen by random chance you are either nuts or a closed minded atheist who refuses to see the hand of God in the creation of the universeLet’s give our atheist friend the benefit of the doubt and accept the fact that this did happen by dumb random luck Now it’s got to happen than a hundred times because there are that many other “impossible” actions that have to happen for us to existHere is just one Scientists think that 425 billion years ago the earth was a much smaller size Then one day a Mars size mass that had been travelling across millions of light years hit the earth perfectly to blast away an old atmosphere that could not support life and give earth the gravitational mass needed to support life To assume that this was a random event is like believing two bullets randomly shot from guns on opposite sides of the Grand Canyon could collide head on in such a way to cancel out each other’s momentum It’s hard to do but much easier if you are trying to do it on purpose instead of relying again on random chanceThe last part of Metaxas's book retells miracle stories of his personal friends that he vouches for their character that they would be telling the truth Someone that comes from a background where people do not speak of such experiences may find these stories hard to believe but I am familiar with many similar stories from people I know I believe miracles happen much freuently than many people would acknowledgeThis is a great book to either confirm your belief in miracles or give you a logical scientific reason to relook at them and recognize that miracles do happen

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An inspiring and eye opening exploration of the phenomenon of miracles from the  New York Times bestselling author of  Bonhoeffer What are miracles and why do so many people believe in them What do they tell us about ourselves And what do we do with experiences that we cannot explain In  Miracles Eric Metaxas offers compelling sometimes electrifying evidence that there’s something real to be reckoned with wh. My hope is that this book changes perspectives on life in the cosmos on Christ His life and eternal mark on history on the desire of God to do something uirky that is so out of the ordinary that the event just cannot be explained in the natural The first part of the book explores the concept of miracles “If God could speak the universe into existence could he not afterward speak into that existence” p12 “Miracles point to something beyond themselves” p 16 From there Eric Metaxas gives us science lessons on human life and astronomy who knew Jupiter has an important part to play in our life on Earth How life in the universe is calibrated just right through the eons of time is a wonder Then Eric takes us through the miracles of Jesus including the greatest His resurrection and shows how wondrously applicable the resurrection is to anyone and everyone The second part of the book compiles stories of miracles in the lives of those people whom Eric knows and this part is a fascinating read The miracles detail Eric's conversion to Christ along with other conversions and stories of lost keys a girl and a suirrel and others beyond comprehension The book was a joy to read

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MiraclesRanging treatment the subject deserves from serious discussion of the compatibility between faith and science to astonishing but well documented stories of actual miracles from people he knows A current anecdotal and personal version of C S Lewis’s book on the subject  Miracles is a powerfully winsome challenge that miracles are not only possible but are far widespread than most of us ever might have imagine. This is an amazing book It clearly shows how God is still at work in lives today performing miracles that we can not imagine This is a must read for everyone The most amazing part is that although the author covers uite a number of miracles that is only a slight fraction of the miracles that God is performing every day that we never hear about