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Launches a brutal attack against the Resistance Liliana’s peaceful community is destroyed Alone and thrown together The Longest PDFEPUB or by tragedy James and Liliana fight together as Monte Sole burns Forging an unbreakable bond their only hope of survival is to make it to the Allied linesTwelve years later fate reunites Liliana newly widowed and James now a journalist for a New York magazine Liliana reveals to As a fan of Dempsey’s earlier book White Rose Black Forest I eagerly chose to read The Longest Echo The novel begins in Italy during WWII Liliana lives with her family in the mountain regions south of Bologna James Foley an escaped American POW is aided by Liliana’s family James then joins the local partisans Subseuently the SS launches a brutal attack on Monte Sole murdering hundreds of innocent residents including Liliana’s familyLiliana and James manage to escape and are bonded for life Fast forward twelve years later to New York City James is a successful journalist out to uncover the atrocities of WWII Liliana is a wealthy widow hoping to avenge her family’s deaths Will James and Liliana get the closure they so desperately seek This novel successfully captures a little known attack by the Nazis and does so through the lens of relatable yet flawed characters The narrative is driven by suspense and the desire for the characters to be successful in their uest The tension between James and Liliana as the author reveals their separate but similar motives enhances the plausibility of the storyline Perhaps I missed something but I can’t figure out the meaning of the title I recommend this book to fans of the author and readers of historical fiction and WWII novels Thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for an advance reader copy of this book

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The Longest EchoHim the obsession that has haunted her since the massacre at Monte Sole finding and bringing to justice the SS officer who ordered her family killed James has a revelation too He might know how to hunt the man down Joining forces once and increasingly drawn to each other Liliana and James discover new levels of conspiracy on a journey that leads them to Argentina and to a choice that will change their lives foreve I read White Rose Black Forest a few years ago and loved it I was so excited to see this book from the same author This book was just as fantastic and amazing as White Rose Black Forest This book had beautiful writing perfect pace great characters and a wonderful storyline It was suspenseful and kept me reading when I should have been sleeping I love stories that are well told and based on true events and this one was told so well This book has the right amount of big scenes the right number of characters you can dive into without getting confused and it spans decades without getting stuck or lagging too much in any of them I have been reading WW2 fiction since junior high and this book will go on my list of favorites I am raising a reader with similar tastes and plan to share this with her

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FREE MOBI à DOC The Longest Echo õ ❮Reading❯ ➳ The Longest Echo ➬ Author Eoin Dempsey – Against the backdrop of WWII ravaged Italy comes a powerful and emotional novel of love survival justice and second chances by the bestselling author of White Rose Black ForestOccupied Italy 1944 In t AgaiAgainst the backdrop of WWII ravaged Italy comes a powerful and emotional novel of love survival justice and second chances by the bestselling author of White Rose Black ForestOccupied Italy In the mountain regions south of Bologna Liliana Nicoletti’s family finds escaped POW James Foley behind German lines Committed to the anti Fascist cause they deliver him to a powerful band of local partisans But when the SS Let's just sayYou'll be sitting with this one a little longer after the last pageThe Longest Echo is actually inspired by true events that happened in the small town of Monte Sole in Bologna Italy during World War II Whether you like the characters or the setting or Eoin Dempsey's writing style it's merely a sideline to what was visited upon human to human in the clutches of warSergeant James Foley of the US Army escaped from a prisoner train filled with captured Allied forces in September of 1944 outside of Monte Sole James exhausted and fearful comes upon a small farmhouse The farmer and his family put themselves in danger while hiding James when the Nazis surround their home Liliana their twenty year old daughter is the only one who speaks English in this family She's made an arrangement with the head of the Stella Rossa an Italian resistance group to take James with themBut the savage hearted Nazis return to Monte Sole to punish the villagers for the deeds of the Stella Rossa It is here that a solid bond is formed between Liliana and James The actions of the Nazis will be embedded in Liliana's mind and heart for the rest of her daysEoin Dempsey presses the story forward to New York City in 1956 where Liliana and James will meet once Liliana is a recent widow having married an American doctor during the war James is recently divorced from his wife after living in Mexico City He's currently working as a journalist for a New York magazineLiliana has never been able to find peace after Monte Sole She convinces James to accompany her to Argentina where she believes that Werner Brack and other Nazis like him have taken refuge during the Peron government era And we as readers follow right behind these unusual Nazi Hunters searching for the truthEoin Dempsey supplies plenty of true historical background information within The Longest Echo But what can never be explained is how Aryan patriots followed orders in the demise of millions of innocent people It's like an evil demon worm infiltrated their mind turning them into robotic monsters Hell is empty and the demons are all hereA well written historical fiction work that leaps forward from true events We can never appreciate or value the present fully without knowing the paths that led us to todayI received a copy of The Longest Echo through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Lake Union Publishing and to Eoin Dempsey for the opportunity