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Lanation anything that could make even the smallest sense of Bella's death her ex husband friends and neighbours do their best to support her But as the days tick by with no arrest Chris's suspicion of those around her grows. An Isolated Incident is a different kind of crime novel which focuses not on the whodunit or the investigation but on the aftermath of such an event In this case the Sister of the victim and the young reporter sent in to cover the case are under the spotlight and it is a hugely immersive character study a truly human story that creeps up under your skinIt is beautifully told a realistic literary prose that takes us through the month following a horrific murder as family friend’s and community struggle to come to terms with loss of many kindsChris is a hugely sympathetic character far from perfect but slowly spiralling down as days go by you feel every inch of her emotional trauma May whose career may well end up being made on the back of another’s suffering struggles with it all and with herself most of allAn Isolated Incident is a beautiful brutal utterly riveting psychological drama one that takes an edgy and insightful look at crime from the underneath of it all it is darkly complex and completely compelling throughoutRecommended

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An Isolated IncidentWhen year old Bella Michaels is brutally murdered in the small town of Strathdee the community is stunned and a media storm descendsUnwillingly thrust into the eye of that storm is Bella's beloved older sister Chris An Isola. An Isolated Incident is the fifth novel by Emily Maguire and is a literary work of art that turns the crime fiction genre literally on its head Written with such emotion and excellent and descriptive prose this story focuses on the devastating aftermath of a viciously murdered young woman 25 year old Bella Michaels in Strathdee a small town in Australia Primarily told through the first person voice of Bella's sister Chris and the third person narrative of a city journalist reporting on the murder this story depicts a stunned community and the people left behind following a brutal murder of a sweet and innocent young girlThe author has wanted the majority of the story to convey a social undercurrent of misogyny and how women are treated and the way men think about women Murdered Bella is completely different to her older and streetwise sister Chris and the female reporter May Their desperation for a man to bed was uite needy although their uest for them were very different they both could barely function without a man to fall back on I thoroughly enjoyed reading and feeling the different emotions of the two women upset anger frustration desperation and also the misogynistic attitudes of the men who are acuainted with them at times it really was uite infuriating as the author portrayed these so realisticallyAlthough a very slow but well thought out and executed book that I do believe you need to be in the mood for to fully enjoy this is an exceptional piece of character driven emotional and humane drama that had me thinking about it long after I'd finished reading Due to the unusual nature of the story and it not being a crime mystery per se it may not be to everyone's liking if they are looking for a dedicated crime thriller but I do recommend it and can totally understand why it has been shortlisted for an award I'd happily read books by this Australian author and wish her well with this beautifully written An Isolated Incident4 stars

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REVIEW ã An Isolated Incident ↠ [KINDLE] ❀ An Isolated Incident By Emily Maguire – When 25 year old Bella Michaels is brutally murdered in the small town of Strathdee the community is stunned and a media storm descendsUnwillingly thrust into the eye of that storm is Bella's beloved When year old Bella Michaels is bruTed ePUB #10003 a barmaid at the local pub whose apparent easygoing nature conceals hard won wisdom and the kind of street smarts only experience can bringAs Chris is plunged into despair and searches for answers reasons exp. DNF 20% no ratingI really try to give books my best effort but lately it seems as if my patience has run out If I am not getting any satisfaction from reading a book then what's the point of reading it I have loads of ARC's to read and only so much time to do it I should also mention I am a mood reader and I was in no mood for this bookThis book was so misogynistic that I wanted throw my kindle at the wall I know that was what the author was going for but it became infuriating Not to mention my issues with the two lead women both of whom can't live without a man Say what I was hoping to read about strong independent take no shit kind of ladies which were not how Chris and May were portrayed at all In fairness I did uit early so maybe they grew evolved and found some inner strength before the novel ends but I seriously doubt it I went into this expecting a murder mystery set in Australia but that is not at all what this book really is Thank you to NetGalley Trafalgar Publishing for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review