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O Caledonia Read & download ½ 102 ¿ [EPUB] ✶ O Caledonia ✻ Elspeth Barker – Helpyouantib.co.uk The sixteen years of Janet's life begin on a fogbound winter night in wartime Edinburgh Her father home on leave peering into the blue wicker basket comments It's about the size of a cat Later as sibl The sixteen years of Janet's lifThe sixteen years of Janet's life begin on a fogbound winter night in wartime Edinburgh Her father home on leave peering into the blue wicker basket comments It's about the size of a cat Later as sibling after sibling appears Janet finds herself slipping further and fu. A chilling and lyrical portrait of the inner life of a misunderstood young girl confused and bewildered by the ways in which she fails to fit into the world The narrative is episodic rather than a tightly woven arc strobing moments in young Janet’s life on a suitably Gothic Scottish crag — the birth of a little sister who is an instant rival a glimpse of a mutilated animal the incomprehensibility of schoolmates But the episodes build in a crescendo of frustration Each mixed message that Janet receives each injustice wrought upon her amplifies her weirdness in a feedback loop that increasingly exasperates the people who are supposed to love and nurture herThe friend who recommended this book compared it to Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle and the comparison is apt though the narrative style is uite different; O Caledonia is lyrical and omniscient rather than voicey intimate and unreliable But compared to Merricat the damaged protagonist of Jackson’s book Janet is several sigma closer to normal Janet is an awkward imaginative and willful girl but she is not mentally ill Rather she is confused by an environment that simultaneously fosters her uniueness and punishes her for it And this makes Janet’s arc even tragic than that of Merricat Janet’s ill fitness for society is not irredeemable One can readily imagine Janet muddling through life at school and with her stifling family for another year or two before escaping from her crag and finding a Bohemian community of kindred souls in Edinburgh or London The slow strangling of Janet’s potential and the violent end to her life are all the tragic for being so patently preventable

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Rther toward the periphery of family life Brought up in the unrelenting chill of Calvinism and the Scottish climate she turns from people to animals to literature and to her own fertile imaginationWritten with lyricism poignance and great unexpected flashes of humor th. A beautifully written coming of age story set in the north of Scotland Very gothic I started this book thinking it would be some kind of murder mystery although it starts and ends with a murder it's really about the life of Janet from an early age until her death at 16 Janet is a wonderful misunderstood young girl as well as her story I found animals and the countryside to play a big part in this novel I'd say the animals and countryside as well as her old family home are her only true friends Elspeth Barkers prose is beautiful this book will stay with me for a long time The pic I posted is of one of my favourite passages in the book

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O CaledoniaE novel traces the chain of events that in the dour setting of Scotland in the s and s cause the bizzare death of a young girl People birds and beasts move in a gleeful danse macabre through a lowering landscape in a tale as rich in atmosphere as it is witty and mordan. She would live out her days at Auchnasaugh a bookish spinster attended by cats and parrots until that time when she might become ethereal pure spirit untainted by the woes of flesh a phantom drifting with the winds What fun she would have as a ghost She could hardly waitSuch a delightfully macabre little novel Highly recommended for those who enjoy adolescence cast as ghastly tragedy as in Wuthering Heights or anything by Angela Carter