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Captain's Rangers Texas Rangers review Å eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Captain's Rangers Texas Rangers By Elmer Kelton – In 1875 nearly forty years after the Mexican War Mexicans and Texans are still spilling blood over ownership of the Nueces Strip a hot dry stretch of coastal pEasures are harsh Captain's Rangers MOBI #207 and controversial but McNelly wasn't sent in to be popular In this boilerpot of killing and racial hatred can any man bring lasting peac. Good book about the taming of the Nueces Strip just north of the Rio Grande Kelton weaves appropriate historical facts in with his fiction and always makes it interesting Highly recommended to western fans

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Horse thieves have turned into a lawless hellCaptain LH McNelly a complex and determined Confederate veteran is brought into the Nueces Strip for one purpose to keep the peace His m. Elmer Kelton is one of my dad's favorite authors so I thought I would try one of them outI enjoyed this story a lot The main character is well written and easy for me to imagine and put a face toIn the years following the Civil War the area of Texas known as the Nueces Strip was a war zone The area between the Nueces River and the Rio Grande was part of Texas but still claimed by many Mexicans as theirs After the Civil War many white ranchers moved into the area pushing Mexicans out as they established ranches The Mexicans decided to fight back by raiding the ranches stealing stock and burning out the ranchers The governor of Texas reformed the Texas Rangers to clean out the bandits Lanham Neal was a ranch boss on the Daingerfield Ranch until bandits rode through burning the place down and killing the ranch owner Lanham stays on help the rancher's daughter Zoe rebuild but Zoe is interested in getting revenge than starting over Will Lanham be able to protect her and avenge her father's death Will the Ranger's be able to bring order to the Nueces Strip

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Captain's Rangers Texas RangersIn nearly forty years after the Mexican War Mexicans and Texans are still spilling blood over ownership of the Nueces Strip a hot dry stretch of coastal prairie that bushwackers and. I haven't been prone to much reading of westerns of late but in the past I read uite a few Of course in my life I've read some of most genres LOL I had never read any of Elmer Kelton's novels before this one though he's written uite a few I picked this one up mainly because I'm somewhat of a history buff and this one deals with the conflict over the Nueces Strip This is a strip of land between the Nueces River and the Rio Grand the ownership of which remained in uestion for some time after the Texas and Mexican warMr Kelton makes a real attempt at telling of the feelings on both sides here The Mexican bandits who were hated in Texas but thought of as patriots by some south of the Rio Grand The killings and raids against the Texas settlers the war that was fought for many years with no uarter given I'm also interested in and frankly an admirer of the Texas Rangers They are pretty much painted as the heroes here A look at the attempt to keep them honest and honorable after the disaster of the Reconstruction Era Texas State Police who were famous for their dishonestyis also a big part of this book Saying any will of course lead me into the story and entail spoilerssoThe story itself isn't bad The writing is workman like and will hold the interest I felt that it took a little while to actually get going That's not to say that it was slow movingthe action pretty much kicks in as we get to know the characters but it takes a bit to fit itself into a coherent talePersonally I found the romance that meanders through the book a little silly but I suppose some must get into it pretty thoroughly to each their own If it's your cup of tea enjoy I won't say I enjoyed all of the book but I liked enjoyed parts of it and it tied up it's story in the satisfactory manner of the standard western I may read by this writer if the mood strikes me but I don't plan to run out or to my computer and get right away I don't feel the urge to strap on my 6 gun and saddle up as often as I once did like when I was 12 or 13 but I do now and againI will say this Kelton in one of a few writers who writes a west that seems real with horse sweat you can smell dust that grits in your teeth and characters who remember that you need to loosen a revolver in it's holster if you may need it uickly as they tend to stick a bit after setting in leather for a while3 starsdidn't love it but it was pretty good