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PDF ✓ BOOK Water Touching Stone FREE Ù ELIOT PATTISON ✓ ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Water Touching Stone By Eliot Pattison ✸ – Helpyouantib.co.uk In Water Touching Stone the seuel to the internationally acclaimed The Skull Mantra Shan Tao Yun is cloistered in a remote Tibetan sanctuary when he reIn Water Touching Stone the seuel to the internationally acclaimed The Skull Mantra Shan Tao Yun is cloistered in a remote Tibetan sanctuary when he receives shattering news A teacher revered by the oppressed has been found slain and one b Ostensibly this is a mystery novel and it's a good one It may seem strange then for me to suggest that the marvelous and compelling storyline is practically irrelevant but in some ways it is An even greater power of this book lies in it's characterizations it's sense of place and it's vivid visceral evocation of vanishing and emerging cultures Set in Tibet and Central Asia amid societies being absorbed into the dominant Han Chinese political system the novel paints such an indelible portrait of life in a cultural maelstrom that the compelling whodunit actually takes a backseat to the experience of being there Pattison spent time in the places about which he writes and his characters literally think in culturally specific ways a particularly revealing techniue for dealing with Tibetan Buddhists and Chinese bureaucrats alike If you have an interest in China Tibet or Central Asian nomads or just an interest in culture change and politics in general this book provides a uniue window on these subjects that many readers will find completely absorbing If you like mysteries it will definitely satisfy that craving as well Note This book is the second in an ever growing series of mysteries featuring Pattison's Inspector Shan All of them are highly recommended You don't have to read the first to enjoy the second but once you read one you will probably want to read them all

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Y one her orphaned students have followed her to her grave victims of a killer harboring unfathomable motives Abandoning his mountain hermitage Shan Tao Yun a former Beijing Water Touching PDFEPUB or police inspector who has been exiled to One of the most amazing series of books I have ever readDon't let the fact it is a detective series dissuade you from reading themThis series gets to the heart of all that ishas been going on in TibetHistory hidden behind the label of a detective series these books speak of Tibet it's struggle againstthe invasion of China how the Chinese tried to wipe out Buddhism it's monks and a way of life that has existed for thousands of years This series will make your soul cry make your spirit soar and believe in the power of faith in a people whose courage rose above all the horrors that surrounded them I strongly suggest this series to anyone who is interested in Tibet and the story of it's people

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Water Touching StoneTibet embarks on a search for justice Shadowed by bizarre tales of an unleashed 'demon' Shan braces himself for even darker imaginings as he stalks a killer and fights to restore spiritual balance to the ancient and tenuous splendor of Tibe A murderer is preying on a group of orphans and their teacher as disappeared In response a disgraced former Chinese investigator and his Tibetan mentors sally forth As they seek to prevent further deaths they come across the resistance kazakhs and uighers seeking to maintain their culture and the han chinese settling in their lands the book is than a crime thriller it is eual part an exploration of tibetan culture and a travelogue It is on this third dimension that the book worked best for me as the author is great at conjuring up what life is like there As a crime thriller i found it managed to be both obvious and confusing in parts As an exploration of tibetan culture it is very interesting and very educationalI found the book to be very didactic and one sided the tibetans are all wise saints and almost all chinese are predators there is a point of view that the tibetan monks practiced a restrictive theocracy that deeply hurt the people of tibet but it gets no play here