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Read Alfred the Great The King and His England Phoenix Books ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free æ ❮EPUB❯ ✰ Alfred the Great The King and His England Phoenix Books Author Eleanor Shipley Duckett – Filled with drama and action here is the story ofFilled with drama and action here is Great The PDF #9734 the story of the ninth century life and times of Alfred warrior conueror lawmaker scholar and the on. Eleanor Shipley Duckett’s biography is a useful introduction to Alfred the Great the Wessex monarch who effectively created the kingdom of England She begins with a description of the politics of eighth century England a world of maneuvering between regional kingdoms and invading Viking armies It was in this dangerous and fluid environment that a young Alfred came of age watching his father and two elder brothers deal with the threats Wessex faced before gaining the throne at the age of 22 From here her focus is on his struggles against the Danes though other chapters also address his kingdom his education and his years after his many martial triumphsWhile enlightening the book suffers from an excessive focus on narrative As readable as Duckett’s prose is Her focus on recounting the chronological development of events too freuently comes at the cost of a clear understanding of Alfred’s character and the significance of the developments of his life Readers wanting to familiarize themselves with the basic details of Alfred’s life will find this a useful and enjoyable book but those seeking a comprehensive analysis of the great Anglo Saxon king would be better served by Richard Abels’s recent Alfred the Great War Kingship and Culture in Anglo Saxon England

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Ly king whom England has ever called The Great Based on up to date information on ninth century history geography philosophy literature and social life it vi. I found this gem in the library and thoroughly reading about one of my favorite kings

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Alfred the Great The King and His England Phoenix BooksVidly presents exciting views of Alfred in every stage of his long career and leaves the reader with a sharply etched picture of the world of the Middle Ages. So I'm reading all these Bernard Cornwell Saxon books to Dad about a fictional character's dealings with Aflred the Great It seemed like a good idea to read a real history of Alfred This one's a classic going back to 1958 but still in print It's uite interesting giving us as full a portrait of Alfred as possible than 1000 years after his death My reading of Bernard Cornwell's Saxon series absolutely helped me to follow this history Cornwell fictionalizes everything and puts all into the hands of his character Uhtred but the events actually happened As I read Duckett's account of a raid in Wales for example I'd say Aha Uhtred did thatThis book seems dense today Although Duckett clearly tried to keep her prose accessible to the layman and not overtly scholarly nonetheless narrative history has greatly improved in style since the 1950s when this book was written Really Duckett's book is an achievement but it's tough sledding for the modern interested layperson Very interesting for those willing to give it the time Also it's uite short at 207 pages Duckett follows not only Alfred's battles but also his scholarly work in translating from Latin which he learned after age 40 works such as Boethius for the English to read in Old English Thus he laid solid foundations for English literature In his personal additions to his translations we catch a glimpse of the real man and Duckett spends uite some time with his translationsWorthwhile for those interested in the subject I wouldn't assign this book to students though