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The White Road a pilgrimage of sortsNd figurines rather he is forced to confront some of the darkest moments White Road a Kindle #213 of twentieth century historyPart memoir part history part detective story The White Road chronicles a global obsession with alchemy art wealth craft and purity In a sweeping yet intimate style that recalls The Hare with Amber Eyes de Waal gives us a singular understanding of the spectrum of porcelain and the mapping of desi I am like the author a massive fan of porcelain I too ask the uestion 'who could not be obsessed with porcelain' apart from James Joyce apparently and 'most people' that is I believe of course that people just haven't yet had the chance to learn as I have what the mystery of white is all about Which is why I take the chance to lift plates to the light in private or public to remind myself of the art and science that makes a plate Nature's detritus transmuted into treasure a kind of white goldIt's usually a good sign that I am reading a book I will love when I am ready to begin writing after the prologue In truth I could have started my own dedication to porcelain after reading the back cover Like the author I have become fascinated by porcelain by making it although my approach through geology and my longevity in the field a few years differ But I'm hooked It is possible to begin a review after a chapter or so of a bad book but that is not likely in this case China the original materials and porcelain the dignity of copying a world somehow the same as it has always been despite the rolling revolutions that have gone on around it Decadent Dresden alchemy and order inventories but complete ones perhaps the copying going westward rather than the modern eastward trend Plymouth and the birth of English porcelain Puritanism patents and competition with wedgwood's pottery the unfortunate story of innovative perseverance left unrewarded Tennessee and Cherokee Indians clay and finally the saving art of porcelain in concentration campsI found this book lost its zing as it went on I did accelerate my reading as I grew interested and the writing probably reuires patience than I gave it It's hard to read the story as it leads to the big exhibition and not have the chance to see it even the pictures of it in the book are limited although the effect is no doubt only captured by the live scene I was expecting that of the secrets of bone china and pottery stone might have been revealed but I'm glad they weren't some secrets of my own to enjoy and perhaps write about myself

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Cribes how he set out on five journeys The White PDF to places where porcelain was dreamed about refined collected and coveted and that would help him understand the clay's mysterious allure From his studio in London he starts by travelling to three white hills sites in China Germany and England that are key to porcelain's creation But his search eventually takes him around the globe and reveals than a history of cups a This is a really uniue book When you first start reading it you think it is just about porcelain this is of a lot of interest to me as both of my parents used to be potters but once you start reading the book it turns into so much history a bit of a mystery and It deal with a lot of issues and I like how the book blends several genres into one Well written interesting to read and kept me turning the pages wanting to know

Doc The White Road a pilgrimage of sorts

The White Road a pilgrimage of sorts Epub µ 416 pages ã Helpyouantib ✓ [Download] ➿ The White Road a pilgrimage of sorts ➻ Edmund de Waal – Extraordinary new non fiction a gripping blend of history and memoir by the author of the award winning and bestselling iExtraordinary new non fiction a Road a PDFEPUB #229 gripping blend of history and memoir by the author of the award winning and bestselling international sensation The Hare with Amber Eyes'In The White Road bestselling author and artist Edmund de Waal gives us an intimate narrative history of his lifelong obsession with porcelain or white gold A potter who has been working with porcelain for than forty years de Waal des As a ceramicist who has worked with clay for the past 25 years creating slender and delicate pots all things white are an passion for de Waal This book is a physical and spiritual journey to the places and origins of these materials that fuse together to create the translucent ethereal material that is porcelain His desire is to hold the raw materials in his own hands to climb the hills where the white earth is dug from to possess a pot made that placeChina was the place where porcelain was invented; the fusion of two materials kaolin and petuntse after purification blending and firing at 1300 degrees brings forth this glass like substance His pilgrimage starts in the city of Jingdezhen centre of porcelain for 1000 years but best known now for its helicopters Modern China is an intense place I know I have been there and as he finds his way around the city avoiding road traffic he realises that the city seems to built on broken pottery stooping he picks up a 12th century shard laying on a spoil heap All around the hillside are kilns and the failed firings are just tossed away This city produced thousand upon thousand of pieces of pottery for the Emperors the final order being taken shortly after the turn of the nineteenth century They are still making porcelain there but not in the volume they used to and he is there to source tiles for an exhibition tooAnd so to Germany A young alchemist called Böttger claims to have found the secret of changing other metals into gold He couldn’t Held in prison he works alongside a mathematician called Tschirnhaus and after many failures they manage to reveal the secret of making porcelain like the Chinese Soon after producing this single white cup Tschirnhaus dies He wasn’t able to make gold but the discovery of this white gold changes the fortunes of many in Europe One inventory details a few hundred pieces of porcelain the last time it was counted was over 35000 itemsDe Waal heads home to England in pursuit of his final white hill As the English potters scour the countryside in search of this white clay necessitating a trip to the land of the Cherokee in America the find the materials just down the road in Cornwall Plymouth becomes the third place in the World to produce porcelain around 1000 years after the Chinese first achieved itThis book is a blend of genres; part travelogue part history book semi auto biographical and full of whimsy and occasionally random thoughts There are accounts of his art installations and exhibitions his first workshop on the Welsh border his angsts of the creative process the collectors and guardians of exuisite pieces of pottery and those that have made and lost fortunes with this white goldBut much than that this is an account of his obsession with porcelainIt sometimes feels like he has just transcribed his notes directly onto the manuscript prior to sending to the publisher with little or no editing Not everyone will like that style but for me that is its allure Like his artful pots the writing is beautiful uirky flawed in parts and most importantly soars Now he has written again he has returned to the wheel and the white clay and is making again