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Libido Dominandi Sexual Liberation and Political Control review ↠ 3 × [EPUB] ✻ Libido Dominandi Sexual Liberation and Political Control Author E. Michael Jones – Thus a good man though a slave is free; but a wicked man though a king is a slave For he serves not one man alone but wAnd Political MOBI #207 tradition on its head when he wrote that the freest of people are they who are most friendly to murder Like St Augustine the Maruis de Sade would agree that freedom was a function of morals Unlike St Augustine Sade proposed a revolution in sexual morals to accompany the political revolution then taking place in France Libido Dominandi the term is taken from Book I of Augustine's City of God is the definitive history of that sexual revolution from to the presentUnlike the standard version of the sexual revolution Libido Dominandi shows how sexual liberation was from its inception a form of control Those who wished to liberate man from the moral order needed to impose social controls as soon as they succeeded because liberated libido led ine. sheeeeeeeesh California is making better sense since I started this one Sometimes his catholicism creeps in and taints his analyses slightly but it is still uite helpful and you could probably actually defend your family from political control by throwing it if you needed to because it is really heavy

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Vitably to anarchy Aldous Huxley wrote in his preface to the edition of Brave New World that as political and economic freedom diminishes sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase This book is about the converse of that statement It explains how the rhetoric of sexual freedom was used to engineer a system of covert political and social control Over the course of the two hundred year span covered by this book the development of technologies of communication reproduction and psychic control including psychotherapy behaviorism advertising sensitivity training pornography and plain old blackmail allowed the Enlightenment and its heirs to turn Augustine's insight on its head and create masters out of men's vices Libido Dominandi is the story of how that happened. This is a very informative book After reading it I realize I was victimized long ago by a diabolical plot Sadly this diabolical plot is continuing to victimize people without their knowing it and with the victims believing they are being liberated when in fact they are being enslaved to their passions and to their political masters “Thus a good man though a slave is free; but a wicked man though a king is a slave For he serves not one man alone but what is worse as many masters as he has vices” St Augustine“Those who relinuish reason are controlled by their passions which are exploited financially and politically by those who control the flow of transgressive imagery The people who profit financially and politically from promoting the imagery contribute to the election of those who will protect it politically and so a form of political control evolves from a system of financial exploitation” E Michael JonesA good interview with the author can be found here AUDIO Libido Dominandi Sexual Liberation as Political Slavery

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Libido Dominandi Sexual Liberation and Political ControlThus a good Sexual Liberation PDFEPUB #10003 man though a slave is free but a wicked man though a king is a slave For he serves not one man alone but what is worse as many masters as he has vices St Augustine City of Libido Dominandi PDF or God Writing at the time of the collapse of the Roman Empire St Augustine both revolutionized and brought to a close antiuity's idea of freedom A man was not a slave by nature or by law as Aristotle claimed His freedom was Dominandi Sexual Liberation PDFEPUB #191 a function of his moral state A man had as many masters as he had vices This insight would provide the basis for the most sophisticated form of social control known to manFourteen hundred years later a decadent French aristocrat turned that Dominandi Sexual Liberation. I feel compelled to point out that this book would have benefited from a firm editorial hand It can be rambling sometimes disorganized often repetitive and several of the twisting meandering yarns of thought that weave the chapters together could stand to be drawn straighter and tighterHaving said that this book's thesis that sexuality and particularly sexual appetites and permissiveness is increasingly becoming a tool of cultural and political domination is too important to be ignoredIt is difficult to see a positive way forward and the book paints our prospects as decidedly bleak What is needed is not a simple correction or adjustment of policy; man does not need techniues but resolute character shaped by the moral law The book presumes that it is the role of the state to cultivate virtue or at the very least to repress agencies which drive the worst kinds of vice but that prospect worries me just as deeply as our current moral anarchism My concern can be summed up thusly whose definition of virtue will the state champion Naturally I would like for it to be my own but so would many others including precisely the kinds of wicked men who are leading us down our current primrose pathConsider for example the book's supposition that pornography is highly addictive By analogy to other aspects of current US law it seems that it should therefore be regulated; see eg how the law treats alcohol age limits tobacco age limits plus compulsory anti advertising and narcotics prohibition But such a proposition puts our current power brokers in a bind; pornography has already been not only loosed upon the masses but mainstreamed making masturbation a national sport and sucking the political wind from the sails of any effort to cram that cat back into the bag The result is a state which may claim as many of the people's liberties as it wishes so long as it is not seen by them as taking away any of their precious vices Huxley's Orgy Porgy suddenly seems much prescient than Orwell's Big BrotherAbsent from the book is a notion of repentance and I think this is the key to unlocking the bind of sexual political domination Throughout it is asserted as fait accompli that once sexual corruption has gotten its hooks into someone that person is then and must perpetually remain a slave to the whims of whomever is able to manipulate those passions by being seen as their guarantor linking them with some other political end capitalizing upon them through commerce etc But what would happen if as a rule we took to confessing our sexual sins instead of trying to hide them Not mere private confession in which dark secrets remain in our closets and not mere exhibitionism that would just be public pornography but earnest public confession that we have sinned against God and man that we recognize it as sin that we make no excuses for it and that we do not wish for others coming after us to bear the terrible weight of the same sins of which we are guilty In the default human mode of secrecy and shame people are unable to turn against their sexual masters for fear of being outed eg by Masters who took sexual histories from politicians and wealthy men who then promptly decided to fund his work or of being called hypocrites usually by others so enmeshed in fornication adultery and lust that the accusation is itself hypocritical but does this power not disappear as soon as those same people are willing to replace secrecy and shame with a truly Christian lifestyle of confession and repentance