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download ¶ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¼ Dustin Grinnell A team of scientists has invented a new smart drug named Trillium A revolutionary medical breakthrough Trillium enhances cognitive abilities creating geniuses But the researchers are horrified to discover that GENIUS COMES AT A The Genius PDF COST Leviathan the CIA’s assassination team has been tasked with eliminating global threats using any means necessary When their superior General Beranger learns about Trillium he believes he’s uncovered a distinct advantage in the fight against terrorism After convincing the scientists to share the drug with his team Beranger learns there’s just one problem the side effects a. This novel is about an attempt to artificially enhance the abilities of the human brainRichard Powell is the CEO of Cerebrical a high tech company that has created Trillium a serum that it says will create geniuses To get much needed venture capital financing the company needs a well known neuroscientist as its public face Alan Price is a world renowned Stanford researcher who has fallen on scientific hard times after switching to the dead end of investigating Alzheimer's Disease The venture capital meeting does not go wellThe US military has a secret unit called Project Genesis Sophisticated computer algorithms are used to predict which politicians or rebel leaders around the world are going to pose a threat to America in the future They are then assassinated before they can do anything Project Genesis is very interested in Trillium and it is administered to the members of the team It really does increase their I by a lot but naturally there is a huge and unpleasant side effect A member of the team kills the other members and takes off on what he is convinced is a mission to keep America safeThe latest victim of Project Genesis was Nassir Lwazi the president of Kenya He was a tyrant who pitted the two main tribal groups against each other The whole country is on edge just waiting for the spark to start a civil war can anyone say Rwandan Genocide Part 2 Thomas Amani is a student at Harvard who does not know that Lwazi was his father He feels compelled to go to Kenya to bring peace even though he has no idea what he is going to say The surviving member of Project Genesis is totally convinced that Amani is just as much of a tyrant as his father Therefore Amani must die along with the American President who is there as part of the peace process Can he be stopped Is there any way to reduce the influence of the side effect Can Trillium lead to a cure for Alzheimer's DiseaseThis story works really well It works as a regular political thriller and the scientific part feels very plausible I am not sure why the book was printed with every line double spaced making it twice as thick as necessary but it is still a first rate piece of writing

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free read The Genius Dilemma í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ [Download] ➵ The Genius Dilemma By Dustin Grinnell – A team of scientists has invented a new smart drug named Trillium A revolutionary medical breakthrough Trillium enhances cognitive abilities creating geniuses But the researchers ar Etermined to reach Kenya and stop Landry before he harms Thomas or any other innocent civilians But can they get there in time Will the antidote work Or will Landry suffer the same fate as their other targets In the unforgettable climax an epic battle for power ensues as the Special Forces team attempts to thwart Landry’s homicidal tendencies Written in a style reminiscent of Michael Crichton The Genius Dilemma is a science fiction thriller action packed with adventure seeded with corruption and stunning with its abuses of power Expect the gripping conclusion to keep you compulsively turning pages way past your bedtime. Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewPsychology and the human mind fascinate me so I was pretty excited to read The Genius Dilemma Part thriller part sci fi and action packed this story was a page turner that I was engaged in all the way through While the plot did feel a little predictable at points I liked the overlying uestions the story tried to pose The link between intelligence and insanity is something interesting to muse over and Dustin Grinnell clearly has a grasp on the scientific elements hereThere were a few flaws with this book but those may be personal things The biggest being that Michelle just felt like a pair of legs thrown into this story rather than a strong female character It's a little hard for me to engage in a story when I feel like the love interest is a piece of meat plopped into a story for the other characters enjoyment She just was a bit stereotypical and that distanced me as a reader Because I received an ARC I can't comment heavily on any in text mistakes since they may be remedied but the overall flow worked pretty well I liked the split narration style but some reader can find that jarring and as mentioned by other reviewers it did feel a little tedious getting such detailed histories with the introduction of every character While it needed a little polishing and who knows those changes may happen before the final edition comes out the general premise was good and I enjoyed the chance to read this book

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The Genius DilemmaRe disturbing Trillium creates cold blooded psychopaths The first casualty is CIA operative David Landry who snaps hours after taking the drug When he goes rogue it’s up to Special Forces along with renowned neuroscientist Alan Pierce and psychiatrist Michelle Emmett to stop them Armed with a hastily concocted antidote the team hunts Landry His destination Africa Nasir Lwazi the Kenyan president has recently been murdered Believing Lwazi’s son Thomas is a threat to national security Landry is on a ruthless mission to destroy him and he doesn’t plan to let anyone get in his way Alan and the Special Forces team are d. So I just read a self published novel by someone I never heard of before And I don't regret itRichard Powell CEO of pharma startup Cerebrical has developed what may be a breakthrough smart drug able to transform the merely intelligent into true geniuses Colonel David Landry and his boss General Beranger want super smart soldiers for their elite Leviathan unit which aims to assassinate threats to world peace before they become threats to world peace Alan Pierce brilliant neuroscientist wants a cure for Alzheimer's Disease to save his mother Thomas Amani who has just learned that the recently assassinated President Lwazi of Kenya was his father wants to return to Kenya and try to defuse the tension between the Kambezi and the Berani The Berani want revenge on the Kambezi because despite ample evidence that the Americans did it they believe the Kambezi must be behind the assassinationDavid Landry's most recent successful mission was killing Lwazi to prevent him from launching a genocide against the Kambezi Landry of course does not see himself as part of the problemAll these driven individuals of course intersect as both Pierce and Landry see Powell's new drug Trillium as the potential answer to their different uests What Powell doesn't mention is that the side effects of Trillium are rather nasty; its artificial geniuses also become artificial psychopathsMuch of the action in the book flows from the conflict between those who see this as a problem and those who think it's an advantage The characterization isn't especially deep but Pierce is a likable and to some degree admirable character and the pacing is fast and engaging I read this 500 page book in less than three days There are a bunch of small complaints I could make but really they don't matter You may notice but if you're in the mood for a fast paced thriller you won't care You'll keep turning the pages to see what happens nextRecommended as a great beach readI received a free copy of this book from the author