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Summary ↠ Blue Labyrinth 109 á [PDF / Epub] ❤ Blue Labyrinth ✅ Douglas Preston – A las nueve y veinte de la noche llaman al timbre de la residencia neoyoruina del agente especial Aloysius Pendergast y la fiel Constance Greene acude a abrir En el umbral aparece Alban el hijo de Pen A las nueve y veinte de la nochA las nueve y veinte de la noche llaman al timbre de la residencia neoyoruina del agente especial Aloysius Pendergast y la fiel Constance Greene acude a abrir En el umbral aparece Alban el hijo de Pendergast cuyo cuerpo atado con cuerdas gruesas cae estrepitosamente al sueloEstá muertoSu padre sale a la calle y persigue sin éxito a un sospechoso coche negro Un informe dictaminará más tarde ue. The book starts off with a bang The murdered corpse of an enemy shows up on the doorstep to Agent Aloysius Pendergast's home and later on during the autopsy a turuoise is found in the stomach of the deceased This stone will lead Pendergast on a hunt to find the killer of his enemy and this killer is out for revenge that will put Pendergast life in dangerIt's action from the start just the way I like it It's great to read another excellent book by Preston Child about Agent Pendergast I did miss Corrie Swanson in this story but she had a prominent role in the last book so I shouldn't pout It was good to have Vincent D'Agosta and view spoiler Margo Green hide spoiler

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Specular sobre las causas del crimen y aparentemente no tiene interés en cooperar con la investigación policial Pero en cuanto llega a casa Pendergast accede a la base de datos de homicidios no resueltos y localiza los resultados de ADN del llamado asesino del Hotel cuya brutalidad mantuvo en vilo a Manhattan hace año y medioSolo tiene una pista la gema encontrada en el estómago de la víctima. This latest in the exciting Pendergast series begins in a mysterious way with the dumping of the body of Pendergast's son Alban on the agent's door step From there it is a fast and furious across country and nations journey to find who killed this young man and why There are ties to the history of the Pendergast family and money ties in the distant past As always the pace is fast and happily along the way Pendergast is joined by past cohorts and companions Constance Greene Lt Vincent D'Agosta and Margo Green all of whom play integral roles in the ultimate finish For this time for reasons both emotional and physical Aloysious will have grave need of their services This is another excellent installment in the series and recommended Of course if you know the series you know to suspend your disbelief at the door I have no problem with that I enjoy these thrillers with that extra je ne se uoisA copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review

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Blue LabyrinthEl cadáver no presentaba signos de violencia ni restos de alcohol o drogas A Alban le partieron el cuello en un crimen planeado al detalle e impecablemente ejecutado obra de profesionalesAl día siguiente el teniente Peter Angler encargado del caso habla con el padre de la víctima y su actitud lo desconcierta Pendergast lo informa de ue apenas tenía relación con su hijo se declara incapaz de e. Pendergrass is an FBI agent who has many complaints against him but far successes He has a very strange and complicated family history He is in my opinion one of the most interesting and original characters in this genreI was glad to see him once again dealing with a case that takes him back to his own family and glad to see Constance playing a significant role Although anything in this series is interesting than most I have to admit I am glad the whole Helen trilogy of books is done with All the old regulars are back in form and all working to save the life of one very ill Prendergast A very interesting never dull series with plenty of action mental and physical Hope this series never endsARC from publisher