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Free read Ø The Pursuit of Happiness á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ ❰EPUB❯ ✺ The Pursuit of Happiness Author Douglas Kennedy – Manhattan Thanksgiving Eve 1945 The war was over and Eric Smythe's party was in full swing All his clever Greenwich Village friends were thereE big city The Pursuit MOBI #207 And then in walked a gatecrasher Jack Malone a U S Army journalist just back from a defeated Germany and a man whose world view did not tally with that of Eric and his friends Set amidst the dyn. I really enjoyed this book At times it felt a bit light and predictable but it dealt with a very interesting time and place and Sara was a great character Also unlike many books I have read it got better and complex as the story developed I often find that books start well and then fizzle out This book certainly did not follow that pattern I think I will read another book by Kennedy sometime soon

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Amic optimism of postwar New York and the subseuent nightmare of the McCarthy witch hunts The Pursuit of Happiness is a great tragic love story a tale of divided loyalties decisive moral choices and the random workings of desti. This was my fifth Douglas Kennedy novel and I was not disappointed Kennedy is a true story teller; I can't put his books down The Pursuit of Happiness takes place in post WWII and much of the plot revolves around tragic McCarthyism period in US history Young Sara Smyth moves to New York against her very staid parents' wishes where her older brother Eric already resides Sara meets journalist Jack Malone at a party at Eric's house They spend one passionate night together and fall in love with one another thereby sparking a long chain of events that cover 1945 to the mid 2000's Kennedy's characters are always vivid and his insight into human behavior is amazing His ability to write in a female voice is remarkable I highly recommend this novel

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The Pursuit of HappinessManhattan Thanksgiving EveThe war was over and Eric Smythe's party was in full swing All his clever Greenwich Village friends were there So too was his sister Sara an independent canny young woman starting to make her way in th. Douglas Kennedy writes women so well; he writes about how women think like a female writer does There is no insult meant in that comment A wonderful story set in 1940 50s America; this novel will teach you something about McCarthyism if you are unaware of that shameful time in USA New Years Eve a party at struggling playwright Eric's apartment A gatecrasher Jack an army journalist looks across the room at Sara Eric's sister and so begins a powerful but tragic love story It is not a soggy romance simply a great love story This is a story I could see done like a black and white movie Just doing this short review years after I first read this makes me decide to read this novel again for about the tenth time My first Douglas Kennedy book and I've been hooked on this writer ever since For me this novel is so a 5★