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The Wedding in White Review Ä PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Þ ❰Read❯ ➪ The Wedding in White Author Diana Palmer – Sweet gentle schoolteacher Natalie Brock's life changed forever when handsome rancher Mack Killain's masterful kisses gave her a tantalizing Nt like her and told her so on than one occasion But Mack had taught her the best was worth fighting forand Natalie would not settle for anything less than all his lov. I should have loved it Virginal heroine ranch owning alpha male hero it had all the makings of a favorite It was a major disappointment If it weren’t so short I probably wouldn’t have finished it Other than mentioning he owed a ranch there was no “cowboy” flavor to the book I totally don’t understand the desire to mention over and over that he has an eye patch Being a virgin doesn’t mean you have to be a clueless idiot And the hero was a jack ass Seriously skip it

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Sweet gentle schoolteacher Natalie Brock's life changed forever when handsome rancher Mack Killain's masterful kisses gave her a tantalizing taste of love Ever since T. Title has nothing to do with the storyHeroine Orphan no one loves is bff to hero’s jealous sister She is studying to be a teacher Her first “love” died in a car accident when she was 17 Hero comforted her by fondling her breasts and then vowing to never touch her againHero Rancher with eyepatch and bad attitude Mentor to his orphaned brothers and spoiled sister Is going out with a promiscuous OWConflict Heroine is now 21 and studying for her final exams Hero helps her study and starts to put the moves on thinking she is finally old enough Hero’s sister has a gambling boyfriend who is only dating her for her money He flirts with the h and lil’ sis is jealous She tells the hero that she saw heroine and her bf making out Hero insults heroine in front of the whole townResult view spoiler Heartbroken heroine moves to Dallas after graduation She is stabbed breaking up a fight between two random teenagers she sees on the street Hero rents a Leer jet and flies to her side He realizes he almost lost his true love and proposes marriage Sis half heartedly apologizes hide spoiler

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The Wedding in WhiteHe Wedding ePUB #10003 that first awakening Natalie knew Mack was the only man for her Trouble was the rough edged loner had sworn off marriage especially to an innoce. This had all the hallmarks of a traditional Diana Palmer experienced older authoratative man completely innocent and naive girl Though the book is 12 years old that doesn't play well any for most people Except that she doesn't hold completely to this formula Yes he's got the experience and she doesn't but she's not totally naive and he's fighting what he's wanted for years He keeps saying he doesn't want marriage and that he knows she won't settle for anything elss Natalie Brock has been a friend of Mack's sister for years She's not like other women For one thing she's not scared of him He is very attracted to her but feels that coming with the ready made family of his younger siblings is too much a burden for a young woman When his sister in a jealous rage drives a wedge between them Mack is forced to face a life without Natalie and discovers it isn't a life he wants to live As for Natalie she proves she can do it have a life and career without Mack and his family but she doesn't want to It's sweet and sexy and an easy read