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doc ☆ Outlander ☆ read æ ❮Ebook❯ ➩ Outlander Author Diana Gabaldon – The year is 1945 Claire Randall a former combat nurse is just back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon when she walks through a standing stone in one of the ancient circle The year is Claire RandallS a Sassenach an “outlander” in a Scotland torn by war and raiding border clans in the year of Our Lord Hurled back in time by forces she cannot understand Claire is catapulted into the intrigues of lairds and spies that may threaten I wanted to write a better review for this book to coincide with the release of the new TV series where Jamie actually does look pretty hotBack when I read this as a wee lass okay like three years ago there weren't uite as many interesting interpretations of the novel going on I remember reading a bunch of reviews that either sold it as sophisticated well researched historical fiction or a trashy kilt wearing romance full of sex violence and violent sex In my opinion neither is too far from the truthI'm going to be honest I never finished the series And I'm starting to think that it's likely I never will But this means nothing I thoroughly enjoyed the first four books which euates to several thousand pages of enjoyment They are huge time consuming volumes which is why starting one is such a huge commitment and why I think the remaining books may stay forever unread But I still think Outlander at least is worth readingThis book is an entertaining fast paced romp through 1783 and has numerous close encounters with torture sexual assault witch trials and a whole lot of bloodshed I'm not going to sell you some spiel about historical accuracy I don't have a damn clue what Scotland was really like in the 18th century but I can promise that it's hard to avoid being dragged in and devoured by this novel that is as gruesomely violent as it is exuisitely romanticOh and about that this book tells the story of Claire Randall who finds herself suddenly transported back a couple hundred years and lands amid the warfare and dangers of Scottish clan life In these strange circumstances she meets Jamie Readers often end up completely divided over Jamie because although he is sweet and lovable for the majority of the novel there is one disturbing scene that saddens and enrages any sane 21st Century reader including me though not sure about the saneSo I will spoil that one thing for you if you like it's not a major spoiler view spoilerthere is one scene of domestic violence where Jamie beats Claire with a belt I am in no way trying to say this act of violence was a good thing or acceptable; it was a sign of the kind of times people lived in back then sucky times But I was able to forgive Jamie when viewing the incident within the historical context I know you're probably thinking how the fuck is that possible well thing is if Claire had been a man and she'd done what she did she would have been flogged to within an inch of her life As they didn't believe in doing that to women her punishment was milder and had to be carried out by her husband Believe me I raged too But I was still able to appreciate the rest of the novel hide spoiler

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Her life and shatter her heart For here James Fraser a gallant young Scots warrior shows her a love so absolute that Claire becomes a woman torn between fidelity and desire and between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable live WHATTTT HOW DID I NOT MARK THIS MAGNIFICENT CREATION OF A NOVEL AS READ BEFORE I read this book 2 years ago and it has captured my heart and is my favorite book of all time 3

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OutlanderThe year isClaire Randall a former combat nurse is just back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon when she walks through a standing stone in one of the ancient circles that dot the British Isles Suddenly she i A special note to those who say my review stopped them from reading this book No no no Read it I actually reread the whole series last summer and enjoyed it immensely Just read it for what it is ludicrous well written humorous delicious TRASH Just don't expect it to be the most brilliant novel ever written and you'll be fineHow To Commit Adultery Without Being a Cheap Slutty Whore A A by Diana Gabaldon I love my husband but I'm feeling kind of restless But adultery is wrong So what do I doA Easy Go back in time What do you mean Ms GabaldonA If you go back in time your husband hasn't been born yet So you can have wild and crazy SM sex with impunity But won't I still be married to himA Aren't you listening He hasn't been BORN yet So you aren't married But if you are really being such a stickler then just have someone force you to get married to someone else But but no one can force me to get married against my willA Okay let me lay it out for you You're really hot for this sexy warrior barbarian guy right I know this because you stop thinking about your husband about 24 hours after you've been dropped in this guy's arms So you get in this situation where some obscure tribal law insists you have to get married make a little protest sign some papers and voila But that doesn't mean I have to sleep with himA Oh but you do because some random dude insists that you have to Don't worry the sex will be great even though he's a 23 year old virgin So you see you HAVE to do it so it's okay; But isn't it a sinA Fine find a priest at the end of the book to absolve you whatever And anyway it's okay because your husband basically told you it was okay right before you were whisked back in time Seriously go for it When else will you get the chance You've been married for years You deserve a little hot and heavy barbarian action So what's this hot barbarian guy likeA Well watch out because he loves to reminisce about how his dad used to beat him and how wonderful that was And he really gets off on beating you but it's just the once Oh and it seems that he wants you so badly he can't restrain from ramming you repeatedly with his male member while telling you how much he can't restrain himself and that gets seriously annoying after the twentieth time But otherwise it's all good Anything else I should be aware ofA Surprise Buttsex But not for you so it's okayOddly I'm going to read the next one in the series Because I'm bizarrely fascinated It's like a train wreckEdit 1Someone in the comments said I should copy this into the review so here you goPlot SummaryClaire I love my husband I love sexFrank But it's okay if you have sex with someone else in certain circumstancesStanding Stones SUCK Ha ha you're in another timeThe Anti Frank Ooooh I think I will rape youClaire EeekClansmen Scots to the rescue Here meet Jamie and his manly manhoodJamie Och aye I'm a tough laddie And I'm going to kill the Anti Frank for beating the shit outta of me and raping my sisterClaire Ooooh he's cute Hey wasn't I married Dougal Ye have to marry the laddie to get away from the Anti FrankClaire OkayDougal And ye have to have sex wit' himClaire Mmmmm but well okayJamie I'm a virgin Oooh but I love sticking my manhood in ye It's like a sacrament and allClaire I should get back to Frank I think I will take this opportunity to run away I guess sort of mehThe Anti Frank Ha ha Found you Now to rape youJamie Och that's my wee lassie First I'm going to rescue her then I'm going to beat her for disobeying me And then I'm going to tell her about how me Da beat me and how much I liked itJealous wench The village witch is looking for youClaire OkayVillagers She's a witch Burn herJamie Over my dead bodyClaire Honey I have something to tell you I'm not a witch butJamie Ye must go backClaire I can't I long for your manhood too much It's a manhood like no otherThe Anti Frank I too long for your manhood I think I will bugger you right after I crush your hand with a hammer But I love you You remind me of my dead brother Here's some greaseJamie Ouch Oooh but that feels sort of good Och I'm so ashamedClaire We must rescue Jamie Send in the cowsJamie OCH Me hand Just let me dieClaire Never Let's go to FranceJamie Och aye lassie I feel much better nowFather Anselm God says it's okay that you're a bigamistClaire Awesome Time to use my foreknowledge of past events for goodDiana Gabaldon The seuel will be 900 pagesFinis