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Scandalous BrideWoman who would do anything to get what she wantedBut what did Nat actually know about his newfound wife Theirs had been a whirlwind marriage everything had moved so fast and all Nat could see was tha. This is not a perfect book but my rule of thumb is if you can make me cry I'll give you five stars if I'm happy at the endOlivia and Nat met and fell in love in a whirlwind romance that found them married after only weeks Now after a two month honeymoon reality is about to hit them hardOlivia is a widow with some baggage and a strong sense of obligation to her boss and his wife who helped her make it through the trauma of her husband's death Her marriage is something she doesn't talk about This makes it altogether worse when her boss's brother is overheard by Nat claiming she killed her first husband and was having a longstanding affair with her bossNat and Olivia are already at odds over her job because he wants her free to travel with him for his business dealings that take him all over the world Olivia is prepared to give notice but things are complicated when her boss asks her to stay longer because of problems caused by his brotherIt seems like their marriage is going to end as fast as it began Both are at fault with neither communicating but especially Olivia who expects Nat to accept her decisions without understanding why giving credence to the rumors about her and her boss Nat behaves badly too exacerbating the situation reacting with a lack of trustThis is a roller coaster ride full of emotion and frustration for both Nat and Olivia and the reader It worked for me and I found the ending satisfying

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READ & DOWNLOAD ´ Scandalous Bride ↠ ✪ Scandalous Bride pdf ✩ Author Diana Hamilton – Have you heard the latest Don't tell anyone butNathan Monroe didn't know what to believe he'd just heard that the woman he'd married wasn't all that she seemed Olivia Monroe was apparently a ruthless Have you heard the latT Olivia was hiding some deep dark secret Torn by jealousy and distrust their marriage was heading for the rocks and the only way to save it was for Nat to discover the truth about his scandalous brid. 3 Stars From the moment they set eyes on each other Nathan and Olivia knew they belonged together A whirlwind courtship lead to a whirlwind wedding and then a heavenly two month honeymoon Coming home all that they didn't know about each other started to come between them; beginning with horrible gossip that Olivia was having an affair with her boss James Her reluctance to uit her job only fuels the seed of doubt planted in Nat But an affair was only part of the gossip; it was the part that she had killed her first husband that made Olivia cringe and fear for her marriage How could she confess to her new husband that it was trueI have mixed feelings on this one We only see Nat through Olivia's eyes and because of that we tend to see Nat as overbearing and overly possessive There are hints to Olivia's past but it's not discussed until the end of the book This too I found leaving me unsatisfied As the story progresses Olivia's weakness in not telling Nat the truth makes Nat's behaviour actually acceptable and I found myself losing sympathy for her This had a great beginning chapter but I'm sorry to say that Ms Hamilton let me down The premise is good just not fulfilled

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Have you heard the latest Don't tell anyone butNathan Monroe didn't know what to believe he'd just heard that the woman he'd married wasn't all that she seemed Olivia Monroe was apparently a ruthless. Re Scandalous Bride Diana Hamilton does the finale of the Scandals series with this book and she opens it with a bang “Olivia Monroe killed her first husband then jumped into bed with her boss the richest married rat in town”Olivia and Nat stood behind the man as he continued to make the scandalous allegations “Ask anyone—she’s been sleeping with my big brother for years and it’s not going to stop just because she’s got herself a solid gold meal ticket for life all legally tied up with wedding linesThese are the opening lines of the story as the newly wedded H and h make an appearance at a nightclub and run into the vituperative man spouting them to all and sundry The H is ready to pound the guy's face in but the h intervenes and asks him to just ignore the guy Which the H eventually does but it is clear he isn't happy about itWith that opening DH sets up a story that hinges upon the reader's discernment of being able to judge an unreliable narrator h vs a seemingly nematode slime swilling H The backstory on this is that the h comes from a very broken home Her parent's divorced when she was young and her very bitter mother blamed the h for driving her father away because he did not want children The h refuted those claims when it turned out that the father remarried and happily had three kids so the h and her mother were estranged from a very young age when the h blamed her mother's own behavior on her divorceThe h left home early and started her career as a PA to a man who eventually became replacement family to the h along with his really nice wife The h has worked very hard to rise to the executive assistant level and is virtually number two in the company after her boss she is uite justly proud of her success and her accomplishmentsParticularly because the h's career success came about during a very bad marriage where she had to force herself to succeed because her husband was too frivolous and to caught up in trying the next greatest thing project that never panned out What actually went on during the h's first marriage isn't fully revealed until the very end but the h supported her and husband both and we learn that the h had to work doubly hard to hold off financial insolvency because of her first husband's money losing schemesHer boss and his wife became her main emotional support during this trying time and in the aftermath of her first husband's death the h grew even closer and devoted to them The h's loyalty to her adopted family includes tolerating her boss's really nasty and evil brother who is the one making the assertions that the h is her boss's mistress in the beginning of the storyIt also explains why the h prevents the H from interceding on the h's behalf with the brother She knows her boss doesn't really like or want his brother in the company but family being family he tolerates the man and the h isn't up to rocking that boatWhich puts her marriage to the H into a bad position The H and h have only been married for two months when the story starts and they married after only knowing each other for three weeks It was a coupe de fourde type of impulse marriage and neither the H nor the h know each other very wellSo when the evil slime ball starts making accusations the h's reluctance to let the H confront the man becomes very suspect in the eyes of the H Adding to the turmoil is the H's very meddling mother continually trying to manipulate the H into things like buying a country manor near to them and she is really lobbying hard to get the h and H reproducing As the H gets and convinced the h is really having an affair with her boss he gets punishing and vindictive That the h is not willing to explain why she is so devoted to her boss and his wife only adds to the tension that is buildingEventually the H issues an ultimatum that the h uit her job to travel with him or else and after a few chapters of tense debate where the h is adamant she won't give up her career the h finally caves as she values her marriage than her adopted family relationshipsSo the h gives her month's notice only to have her boss beg her to stay for another six months The reason is that his wife is pregnant with a fragile pregnancy and the vile boss's brother has been embezzling and destroying the company's business contracts The boss needs the h to save the company from bankruptcy and asks the h to stay for six months and this infuriates the H After the h runs off again to support her boss by staying overnight with his wife who is threatening miscarriage while the boss is out of town while the H's mother is staying with them and also after the h goes to Italy for three days with the boss while the H is off on his own trip and the h doesn't let him know the H decides that turnabout is fair playOn his next trip and during subseuent Hh interactions after that the H gives all the appearance of a man involved in a passionate affair with his new bombeshell blonde secretary To make matters even worse it appears that this affair is taking place in the h's own home Every day she comes home from work to the perfume of the new 'secretary' permeating the place and the bed suspiciously rumpledThe h is frantic with worry and jealousy and to top it all off the h is preggers unintentionally and the H is accusing her boss of fathering the child But it is the evil brother slime swiller's final act of vengeance that brings the story to it cruxThe evil brother was originally dating the woman who eventually became the boss's wife so when the rumors reach the hospitalized pregnant woman that the h and the boss are having an affair her condition goes from bad to worseThe h out of loyalty had never told the boss about what rumors his brother was spreading around town and when the boss calls the h in complete shock and demands that the h come talk to his wife the h decides that the evil brother needs to be called to account for his sinsShe and the H go over to the evil brother's apartment and the H forces the man to go explain to his sister in law the depth of his lies But the evil brother also throws out the accusation that the h murdered her first husband and the h is unable to refute it to the HAfter the evil brother gets beat up by the H and then goes and confesses his lies to the pregnant sister in law the H makes it clear that he believes the h really is having an affair with her boss The h despondently thinking her marriage is over anyways doesn't try to explain what happened until the H is packing to leave her and outlining the divorce Then the h explains that she never had an affair with her boss but she is guilty of killing her first husband leaving the H determined to haul her into the police for criminal prosecution tho he does agree to hire a top notch defense attorney The utterly distraught h finally explains what really happened in her first marriage as the coroner's inuiry verdict was the first husband's death was a car accident that the h wasn't responsible for It turns out that the h was driving her drunken husband home from yet another get rich uick scheme This time the husband had mortgaged their house to finance the thing and was also demanding that the h ask her boss for a loan to cover the restThe h tired of being the caretaker to an abusive immature brat told her husband she wouldn't do it and that they were at the end of the line The husband hit her while she was driving and then kept on hitting her so when another car turned in front of them the h ended up driving into a wall to avoid the car and the wreck killed her first husbandThe h feels tremendous guilt over this she honestly feels she was a bad wife for not managing her first husband's fits and starts better Then she explains that she has always had to take care of problems herself which makes sharing them with an intimate partner very hard to doThe H has his own confession to make The blonde bombeshell secretary is really not his secretary The H decided to treat the h like he felt she was treating him and hired an actress to show up a couple of times to infuriate the h He also messed the bed up and sprayed the OW's brand of perfume around the house everyday to try and force the h to give up her job and devote herself to himThe H isn't really sorry he went to such extremes and the h is still so caught up in PTSD and survivor guilt that she believes the H's explanation for things Since the H now believes that the baby is his and he claims to love the h we leave the two of them planning on connubial bliss and that is the HEAWe get a little epilogue where the H and h and their little son are holidaying with the h's boss and his wife and their little son too everyone is the best and most mutually supportive of friends and all is well in DH's HPlandia once againThis book starts out great and the opening is really intense But the story starts to drag with the h not being willing to discuss her past with her first husband and it gets plain ludicrous with the H's retaliation machinationsI wasn't feeling that these two should be together by the end DH has a way of making even an innocent H look terribly guilty and I for sure wasn't buying the mutual 'I love you's' by the end The h needed therapy and the H needed a smash with the skillet but the story does have a lot of trainwrecky drama and the H is magnificent in his cruel intensity I just did not think anybody should be married to him Which is why this one is highly dramatic in wrecky sort of way but rather mediocre as a believable HEA HPlandia outing