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review Skin Deep × eBook or Kindle ePUB ð [Reading] ➻ Skin Deep By Dez Burke – This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00FLYFWGWA wickedly delicious story from USA TODAY and NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Dez BurkeA #1 Bestseller in 2 CategoriesBeauty is only skin deepSo This is an alternate cover ediThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN BFLYFWGWA wickedly delicious story from USA TODAY and NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Dez BurkeA Bestseller in CategoriesBeauty is only skin deepSo are scarsStock car racing champion Shane Davis had it all money fast cars and even faster women until a fiery crash changed everything in a flaming instantShane never intends to get. Shane is a race car driver who got severely injured during a wreck leaving one side of his upper body with ugly burns After a year of rest and recuperation he wants to pretend to his family that he is on the right track of life again and therefore needs a fake girlfriend for several weeksEnter the picture AngelaA wannabe actress waiting patiently for a breakthrough in the film industrySoReading their story really entertained me but I cannot remember the last time I have read such a cheesy bookOh myoh my oh myI cringed inwardly sighed countless times and had to close my eyes looking at my kindle through slits to be able to continue readingmasculine dominanceseeking to master herhis powerful arousal would be a rock hard manifestationher sheathea moan of carnal wanta mast of steel proddingI could go on for days; I have highlighted half of the book with these precious pearls of wordingThe story was all over the placeThey spent three weeks together and it was rather telling than showing a glimpse of their activities here and there And for the rest I had to use my imaginationOn one page Angela was 27 years old later on she was 26 Shane was naked on one page the next second he had his boxers on The first sex scene went over 20 pages and you would think they worked their way through the Kamasutra but noThe pages were filled with their alternating internal monologues and I thought if Shane continued thinking this hard he would probably solve the issue of global economy upon his climaxAngela was portrayed as some demurely down to earth female but once in horizontal position the beast became unleashed and she spoke in a language totally unsuitable for herat least that´s what I thoughtOK Enough of my rantingWhy 3 stars if I had so much to complain aboutI just need two wordsLongish hairShane has long hair and this is all what it takes for me to be sold on a heroI am such a sucker for long hair you wouldn´t believe itAnd this is so rare for me to find these days in a romance novel with all the tattoed and pierced guys nowadays that like a drowning female I clutch at it like to a lifeline

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Married not with the way he looks now He knew no woman could ever love him and wasn't about to find out if he was wrong But when he needed a woman in his life to play a pretend girlfriend for a few short weeks he selected the one he felt would suit his needs with no strings attached Angela NeilThe first time Angela came face to face with Shane she was taken aback by his s. I'm going to start by saying that before Skin Deep I'd never read a book by author Dez Burke before I'm not certain why But based on the review of a fellow GoodReads member I decided to give this book a shot Boy am I ever so happy that I didThe Low Down Skin Deep is the story of a successful race car driver and handsome playboy named Shane who was in a tragic racing accident Following the accident Shane was literally half the man appearance wise that is that he used to be due to severe burn scars covering half of his face and body Shane needs to convince his family that he's doing okay so he hires an actress named Angela to play his girlfriend As they each play their role in front of his family and remaining friends real emotions begin to develop between the twoThe Good Shane This poor man was in such pain Not the agonizing screaming type of pain but the emotional type that was eating him up inside He wasn't abusive with his anger but he was angry and you could feel and sympathize with his struggles and insecurities I liked that his accident wasn't due to a drunk driver a distraction bad weather an argument or a wild animal on the road Those are the usual suspects when it comes to a car related injury in a book and while they are legitimate reasons we've in books many times before Race car driving is dangerous and these types of accidents can and do happen The fact that his injury was due to his career stood out added another dimension to the story for me and kept it fresh I also liked Angela She wasn't a pushover and stuck to her convictions when it came to Shane No weak willed woman here The thing that I liked the most about this story is that Shane and Angela fell in love Sure he was attracted to her and there was something about him that lured her but they got to know each other and what they felt wasn't based on having sex two pages into the story In fact sex between these two doesn't happen until later in the book and when it did there was some serious emotion and steam going on The Bad It was too short Really This was a great story that needed story This is a problem with IR romances they're just too short and often I feel cheated The build up that was so great in this story could have been fan frickin' tabulous or just awesome to the point that I make words up to describe the serious greatness of it if only the writer had pushed further I would have loved to see Shane address and deal with some of the other losses associated with his accident you've got to read it to know what I'm talking about here I also would have liked in terms of them falling in love Ms Burke I have faith you could have delved deeper and I wouldn't have gotten bored in the least My Final Thoughts BRAVO Ms Burke This was a well thought out LOVE story that had me hooked from the start This may be the first book that I've read by this author but it won't be the last I highly recommend purchasing and reading Skin Deep Although it isn't long and yes I did complain about the length the story is still amazing and will literally have you smiling as you read the last word You won't be disappointedFour and Half Stars

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Skin DeepCars but so by his sizzling magnetism The way he looked at her with a searing heat made her simmer in secret places This was supposed to be all about business but Shane made it clear early on that he wanted much much Angela was a smart woman and wasn't about to let her hormones rule her common sense But temptation called Shane Davis was a dangerous thing to resistShow less. Another great read by Dez Burke Shane and Angela's of finding love when you least expect it