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She's PositiveAlthough forced to put aside personal differences to rescue a child FBI hostage negotiator Colin Forester and his estranged wife Danielle couldn't ignore the issues that had pushed them apart. Seventh book in Harleuin Intrigue's Kenner County Crime Unit multi author mini series Though this wasn't my favorite book as yet in the series I have to say it was a very solid one The story flowed and made sense the series wide inconsistencies were at a minimum and the romance was fairly goodLike the other books in this series this one continues the investigation into FBI Agent Julie Grainger's murder Authorities are closing in on a mob hitman they suspect is involved in the death Unfortunately in a last ditch attempt to get what he wants the hitman has kidnapped 3 year old Luke Vaughn son of Griffin Vaughn from and earlier bookFBI negotiator Colin Forester is called in to try to reason with the hitman while child psychologist Danielle Connolly is asked to assist the boy's needs by those associated with the case Tempers and feelings clash because Colin and Danielle are estranged husband and wife Their divorce will be final in three days The marriage fell apart because of Colin's workaholic ways and dangerous job and Danielle's obsession with having a baby But now they must work together to save a little boy's life and in the process they'll have to face what is still between them Including the secret that Danielle hasthat she's finally pregnant with Colin's babyI wasn't sure that I'd like this book for two reasons One being that both the heroine and hero in this book are completely new to the series Neither were even mentioned in previous books Which for such an interconnected series with running characters was a bit odd I wasn't sure I'd like that I do wish at least one of the characters had been previously established but in the end it wasn't really a big deal The characters fit into the story nicelyAnd the second reason being that a big part of the romantic element of the story was the big secret pregnancy thing I'm not fond of I've got a big secret and I'm not telling you storylines I thought it was rather rotten that Danielle hadn't told Colin she was pregnant But aside from that I did enjoy the romance of the story The two obviously loved each other a great deal but hadn't yet found a way to compromise They were the kind of couple that you really wanted to see get back togetherThe storyline was the strongest aspect of the book for me The kidnapping the unraveling of the hitman the identity of the moleit all fit so well with the running story arc and it did a great job of furthering the series wide story It was very readableAnd after the suckiness of the last book I was glad to find that this book was much consistent with established details of the series There were a small few minor inconsistencies but I didn't notice any major problems Which made the reading of the book much smoother So kudos to Fossen for paying attention to what she knew about the other booksI'm looking forward to reading the last book in the series and finding out how everything wraps up Apparently there was supposed to be a free novella on the eharleuin website that takes place between books 7 and 8 but upon looking for it I found out that Harleuin decided to release the novella as a bonus to those who buy the 8th book in ebook format Rather lame if you ask me but that's the way it is so I won't get to read the novellaI've already paperback of book 8 and I'm not about to buy it again in ebook form just to get the damn novellaand yes I did sent a nasty email to Harleuin about how I disagreed with what they did with the novella

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review She's Positive Ò eBook or Kindle ePUB õ ❰Reading❯ ➼ She's Positive Author Delores Fossen – Although forced to put aside personal differences to rescue a child FBI hostage negotiator Colin Forester and his estranged wife Danielle couldn't ignore the issues that had pushed them apartor Ndoff with the hostage taker intensified so did the reignited passion Colin had feared was lost forever But would what Danielle was hiding guarantee their future or irreparably tear them apar. At times Great things can come out of a bad situation This book is a perfect example of that Colin and Danielle were pending divorce They had to work to together in a hostage situation to try to free Luke who was only 3 Spending a lot of time together they knew they still had the passion for each other The love was still there They shared a lot of really hot kisses between talking to the man that held Luke I loved this book; it had action romance and lots of suspense The only part I didn’t like about the book is Danielle didn’t share her big secret with Colin He had to find out at the worst possible timing I guess it made it better that way because at the moment I was on the edge of my seat I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did

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Or the chemistry that still stirred their bloodStill focusing on the case was crucial Not to mention it kept Colin's mind off the secret he sensed Danielle was torn about revealing As the sta. Colin Forester is one of the best negotiators that the FBI has He is currently working on a case where a criminal named Boyd is apparently looking for something and is holding a 3 year old little boy named Luke hostage Boyd seems to know all of the FBI's moves Danielle is a child psychologist that has been brought in to see if she could help Colin with the case Unfortunately things aren't going so well between her and Colin they will be divorced in about 3 days and she has a secret she doesn't want him to knowA really good book that I think you will enjoy