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When born again virgin Sally goes on the Wolf PDFEPUB #230 a romantic picnic dinner with Harry she fights the urge to give in to temptation and sex his brains out But when the fu. The Halloween Monster Sex Bonanza gets Werewolf action in I Fucked the WolfmanOh No I let my 'borrow time' run out before completing this review so I can't post exact uoteswhich sucks for you but is FAR less work for me I truly enjoyed this book as I do with most of Delilah Fawkes' Monster Sex books So Sally and Harry are having a romantic picnic in the woods which if you ask me is creepy than romantic They are making out and getting all hot and horny But Sally is a born again virgin also known as a Tease so there will be NO SEX As the moon peeks through the trees Harry gets panicked and starts trying to figure out what the actual date is MenCalendersPoor planningetcWell as soon as Sally tells him the calendar date he realizes that he as royally fucked up their date Because he is about to go into full Werewolf Rampage Needless to say Sally starts to run off as her boyfriend turns into a werewolf But he is fastand very horny from all that fooling around So when he catches Sally he has in mind than filling his belly Key Porn MusicSally may have given up sex and been a born again virgin But werewolf sex was Off the Freakin Chain and Sally wants Monster Cock When she wakes up next to her naked boyfriend she is disappointed to find that he is sporting a 2 inch flaccid penis that grows to a measly 4 inches when erectWhen Harry wakes up and vows that this will never happen again Sally decides that honesty is the best policyThis book gets 425 Monster Sex Stars It was fun well edited and the sex was rough and hot It wasn't kinky enough to ualify for 5 stars The werewolf didn't have a dirty mouth I love a trash talking werewolfThe Halloween Monster Sex Bonanza continues with I Fucked Cthulhu2014 Halloween Monster Sex Gangbang reviews Check them outGhouls Just Wanna Have FunBred by the Snow BeastThe Ravishing of BeautyAbducted by the Alien BeastMenage of the WerewolvesI've Fallen and there's a Tentacle in my ButtBranded TrickedHuntedI Fucked the MummyI Fucked the WolfmanI Fucked Cthulhu

REVIEW I Fucked the Wolf Man Monster Sex #2

I Fucked the Wolf Man Monster Sex #2Ll moon emerges and Harry transforms into a real live werewolf she realizes she's in a lot trouble than she I Fucked MOBI #207 bargained forWill the horny beast that won't take n. What a Whore you are Shelly just a whore I cannot believe that after recommiting yourself to the Lord you would let a little thing like a Horny Wolfman who is after you pull you from your rightous path and throw you back into the flames of hell tsk tsk Shelly tsk tsk Shame Shame I know your nameSo what if this Horny Wolfman with a rockin cock stalks after you pins you to a tree then fucks you six sides of Sunday You should have resisted you should have gouged his eyes out but nowhat do you do ShellyYou get sopping wet and mewl like a bitch in heatAh I cant even look at you any Shelly I just cantPs the ending its your just deserts whore your just deserts

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REVIEW I Fucked the Wolf Man Monster Sex #2 õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¼ ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ I Fucked the Wolf Man Monster Sex #2 By Delilah Fawkes ✐ – When born again virgin Sally goes on a romantic picnic dinner with Harry she fights the urge to give in to temptationO for an answer release the animal urges within Warning This word story contains dubious consent blood fangs and a monster cock so big you'll walk funny after just reading about. Snooze fest I swear this thing was like 8 pages long