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EBOOK Ù EPUB Danger in the Shadows ã 9781590521250 FREE É HELPYOUANTIB Õ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Danger in the Shadows By Dee Henderson – Helpyouantib.co.uk Sara's terrified She's doing the one thing she cannot afford to do fall in love with a famous man former pro football player Adam Sara's terrified She's doing the one thing she cannot afford to do fall in love with a famous man former pro football player Adam Black Sara is hidden away in the witness protection program her Danger in PDFEPUB or safet This is my kind of Christian Fiction I love that this book has flawed characters who can own their mistakes and occasionally struggle with their faith in a very realistic way The mysterysuspense elements are pretty good too It was every bit as good on a second read through as it was the first

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Y dependent on staying invisible and loving Adam could get her killed Her brother FBI agent Dave Richman O'Malley series book one The Negotiator has his hands full providing her security from the man who kidnapped her an Well this book was fairly painful to read I don't know what it is about Christian books that make them synonymous with poor writing but this book does nothing to break the stereotype Here are some examples p 73 The reception area was a profusion of flowers and fauna Did the author not know that fauna refer to wildlife of which there was none in this particular office area Or what about the tedious types of sentences like this one on page 170 The oven timer went off Sara helped set the table The pizza was delicious Really Did her high school English teacher never talk to her about sentence length variation What about the lessons where each sentence moves the story forward in some way Ugh This book could have used much tighter editing There was so much repetition with no movement Bleh The romance was strange too What about this character was attractive She was crying for over half of the book I get that she suffered trauma etc but the general premise that an entire team of FBI agents would be assigned to keep one citizen alive was silly She should have been paying for private body guards or something I hope my tax dollars aren't being wasted like this Well I read this because a co worker suggested it she is now off of my list of people who I trust for book recommendations

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Danger in the ShadowsD her twin sister and caused her sister's death Soon they are caught in a chain of events that brings Sara face to face with terrorand with the sure knowledge that only God can set her free from the Danger in the Shadows by Andrea Renee CoxFear It’s a driving force that freezes us in our tracks I’ve experienced it in several different ways in my life and I’m guessing you have too But what would it be like to live in constant fear for your lifeDanger in the Shadows tells the story of a woman who was held captive for years by the fear that her sister’s killer would come back for her Sara longs for freedom but her past demands tight security surround her at all times When she finds herself stuck in an elevator with a high profile former football player her world gets rocked in than one way She expected the increase in her protective detail as stifling as it is but she didn’t expect love to come knocking on her door The only problem is this love comes with the limelight and media attention she’s skirted around her entire life Will she be willing to risk her safety to pursue a future she had given up hope of havingThis book is the preuel one of two preuels now; Jennifer is the second to Dee Henderson’s O’Malley Chronicles my favorite book series This is the third time I’ve read this one and it never gets old Oh sure writing has changed over the years The book is dated by its style and word choices But a story about a woman trying to overcome fear is pretty timeless if you ask me Almost every woman in every generation faces it at one point or another I love Sara’s journey to finding peace and learning to trust in God It’s not an easy one given what her past is and you’ll have to read the book to learn all the details But it just goes to show you how much God cares about all the intricacies of our lives and how He’s with us especially in our darkest days I love that And I long to grow closer and closer to Him each day He blesses me withIf you haven’t yet read the O’Malley Chronicles I highly recommend them and you should begin with Danger in the Shadows Come fall in love with some of my favorite literary characters