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Free download Identity Theft 105 ✓ [Reading] ➹ Identity Theft Author Debra Meyerson – I dentity Theft follows Stanford professor Debra Meyerson’s journey to recover from a severe stroke that initially left her physically incapacitated and unable to speak In addition to providing real I dentity Theft follows Stanford profeIentist sharing stories from several dozen fellow survivors family members friends colleagues therapists and doctors she has met and interviewed By sharing this diversity of experiences Debra highlights how every person is different every stroke is different and every recovery is different She provides a valuable look at the broad possibilities for successfully navigating the challenging physical recovery and the eually difficult emotional journey toward rebuilding one’s identity and a rewarding life after a trauma like stroke. I Am Debra Meyerson The author triumphantly said or rather sang this statement during speech therapy after she had suffered a stroke that had robbed her of many physical abilities including speech That statement forms the basis for the author's book It is about than just physically recovering after a trauma to the body but just as importantly about recovering or reinventing one's sense of self in the aftermathA former professor of identity issues at Stanford Ms Meyerson approaches her own recovery and the broader field of stroke recovery from the standpoint of a social scientist She wrestles with the realization that she will never be her former self and what she is supposed to do with that disappointment For her the answer is to form a new self one that is characterized by new interests and new satisfactionsMs Meyerson also interviews other stroke survivors about their experience with this identity theft For me those were the most interesting parts of the books along with the author's own story I learn from stories than from academic discussion which forms a great deal of this book I would have preferred for the interviewees to be introduced one by one and the full story of their stroke and recovery told in one place before the author extracted individual uotes to back up her points It was hard to remember who each person was and I think their experiences would have been memorable for me if their full stories were toldThe author mentions Jill Bolt Taylor's book My Stroke of Insight A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey which is a fantastic read Ms Taylor is a neuroanatomist brain scientist who also suffered a stroke Hers is a uniue account in that she knew she was having a stroke and described what was happening in great detail Not surprisingly her approach is centered on the structure of the brain right side and left side abilities and how they were rearranged and how she found fulfillment after her stroke

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I dentity Theft follows Stanford professor Debra Meyerson’s journey to recover from a severe stroke that initially left her physically incapacitated and unable to speak In addition to providing realistic expectations for the hard work needed to regain everyday capabilities Meyerson focuses on the less freuently documented emotional journey in recovery Virtually every survivor is haunted by uestions like “Who am I now” and “How do I rebuild a meaningful and rewarding life” after losing so much of what they had before ca. I think this book was incredible Someone very important to me also has aphasia and also had a stroke very similar to Dr Meyerson’s I found this book to be very enlightening in helping me to understand what she is going through

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Identity TheftPabilities careers and jobs relationships and This is a book full of hope for survivors from stroke or other injuries as well as their families and support networksAll author proceeds from this book will go to Stroke Forwardorg a nonprofit initiative that will support stroke and other survivors and advocate for a human centered approach to health care  Identity Theft centers on Debra’s experience her stroke her extraordinary efforts to recover and her journey to redefine herself But she also draws on her skills as a social sc. “There’s a victim and there’s a survivor and it’s a true choice” she explained “A victim doesn’t thrive survivors do” Whoa Just whoa “Identity Theft” is a book that hit close to home I am extremely close with a 77 year old stroke survivor and I have witnessed firsthand his physical and emotional struggles and the change in character he has undergone This book primarily focuses on the transformation of identity that accompanies surviving a stroke It shows us how various social dynamics change and the struggle some stroke survivors go through to come to terms with the loss of their former identity After reading this book I get the feeling that a person’s “Identity” is sort of like a mirror Our personal identity is endlessly changing depending on how we perceive our image in the mirror This perception is based on who or what we see alongside our reflection After surviving a traumatic event the mirror shatters and people lose sight of themselves for a period of time A person’s first instinct would be to try and go back to being who they were so they piece the mirror back together only to realize that the reflected image isn’t the same Some people lament this loss and try to live life with this fractured image while some people pick up the pieces and try to create something powerful new and even beautiful They “bounce forward” and grow as people and find joy in living As the author says having a stroke sucks but she always looks for the silver lining in any situation Once during my tenth grade my friends and I had a bicycle race on the way back home I was never any good at racing so I fell behind and at one of the sharp turns I didn’t lean into the turn properly So I scraped against one of the cars parked on the side of the road and I was unceremoniously dumped on the bonnet of the car I was dazed with my body was aching in a number of places so I just lay on the bonnet staring at the clouds and then I thought to myself “When was the last time I actually looked at the sky” I had never really “looked” at the sky in a long time as I spent most of my time spent indoors reading gaming or studying At that time my friends came back searching for me and after that I never really thought about my reverie again This incident came back to me when I read about Mark Davis a self proclaimed workaholic whose fast paced life came to a halt after he survived his stroke “I feel like when life the universe or whatever sits you down it does it for a reason” Mark told me “You have a different way of looking at life after everything’s said and done” Mark’s stroke gave him time which he used to explore his history his beliefs and the way his identity was constructed Most of us are so busy with our lives that we sometimes forget to appreciate the splendor of nature and the little things in life that often go unnoticed The author acknowledges that although this notion is a cliché there is truth in the cliché This book would be of immense help to families affected by stroke or any debilitating illness for that matter I hope a lot of people read this book as it also provides a vast understanding of what survivors are going through not just physically but financially socially and psychologically as well It is awe inspiring to see the way the author and other survivors have come out of their battle with post stroke life This book has reaffirmed my belief that all humans have a colossal amount of resilience and adaptability However all that resilience is stored in the form of potential It is up to the person to tap into that reserve and rise from the ashes of their former identities born anew just like a phoenix of legend I thank netgalley for providing me with this ARC 4 stars