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read kindle à Whispers Ñ ↠ [Epub] ➚ Whispers ➟ Dean Koontz – For thirty five years Bruno Frye has lived in the shadow of the mother who made his heart beat with constant fear And even though she died five years ago the whispers still haunt him in the darkenough For thirty five years Bruno Frye has lived InHilary Thomas is one of his intended victims And she’s about to learn that even death can’t keep a bad man do Dean Koontz is one of my favorite authors but I often forget that Maybe because he’s so hit or miss or maybe because it’s just been a while since I’ve read one of his books I really didn’t to put down I dunno but I’d kinda forgotten how fun the experience of reading Koontz can be Whispers was the last book Koontz wrote in obscurity—however because it was written after being a published author for nearly fifteen years this novel shows a deft hand and skill This 1980 horror mystery would go on to be a paperback bestseller and the rest is history This novel feels different from many Koontz books because of the sheer depth of character development this book is not constant action action action which is nice The characters feel fully rounded and wholly sympathetic—hell even this book’s villain is sympathetic than usual for Koontz—and I loved spending time with them This book isn’t usually included amongst Koontz’s “horror” works but I don’t know why It features many successful horror set pieces—a scene in a morgue immediately springs to mind—and because Koontz takes his time developing the narrative and situations the sense of dread is also successfully wrought I also think this novel’s “mystery” as simple as it is totally works I didn’t see the twists coming and I had plenty of guesses Often overshadowed by later Koontz books Whispers is a self assured and downright fun horror novel I couldn’t stop reading nor did I want to Books like this prove he isn’t simply a “poor man’s Stephen King”

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For thirty five years Bruno Frye has lived in the shadow of the mother who made his heart beat with constant fear A This book started out so intense it made me wanna put it down for a breather but also made me wanna keep reading because I could barely tear my eyes away I love the intense adrenalin laced stories So eh call me a thrill seekerKoontz did a great job with his characters I learned a lot about them accept for Bruno You really don't get to know too much about him at the beginning of the story I felt like I kinda had to throw pieces together to make it all work together I would have liked to know a little at the beginning but then again it also built the anticipation up the closer I got to the real dealThe story kinda a stalled a little bit for me It lost that intensity that I was really enjoying throughout the whole story But it takes the reader to a deep dark side where they get immersed into the tale of Katherine and Bruno and the sick story that lies within What really happened to this big happy family It was uite enjoyable watching their separate story unfold Like a story within a story You could feel Bruno's nightmare right along with his mothers to the point where it is almost unbearable to imagine it Koontz wraps up the story with a great ending I think It kinda left me feeling like I did not know how to feel about Bruno or his mother Even though I knew they are raving psychotic lunatics they weren't born that way they were introduced to it forced to live it Koontz was able to make me feel all kinds of emotions while reading this one and I thoroughly enjoyed it Whispers

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WhispersNd even though she died five years ago the whispers still haunt him in the darkenough to make him kill and kill aga There's not a lot I know about rugby or Apartheid I watched a Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon movie though where Morgan Freeman is portraying Nelson Mandela and while touring the prison where he was held captive or while talking to Matt Damon about how important winning a sporting event is for a country's sense of validity he mentions a poem he had memorized A few lines of a poem or a whole poem I don't remember Apparently it was profound enough and simple enough that repetition and monotony never decreased its relevance to Mandela's fate I think that true or not is a good little storyWhispers is a long obscene vulgar and predictable swim through a mile of shit I spent a day and a half reading it and felt so cheated at the end walking out my door and seeing a beautiful sunset and calm uiet evening I congratulate the commercial and economic success of Dean Koontz but it is the literary euivalent to a banuet of Big Macs Being served by Playboy bunnies In the 80s