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READ ☆ Sword of Honor ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Sword of Honor ✍ David Kirk – In the epic historical novel Sword of Honor David Kirk continues the saga of Musashi Miyamoto the greatest samurai in Japanese history as he journeys to the ancient city of Kyoto to fight for his life In the epic historical novel Sword of Honor David Gma by destroying the Yoshioka warriors but Musashi will learn that his spectacular gifts with the sword are no match for the cunning of powerful lords The wily Tokugawa governor still struggling to establish dominance in Kyoto sees in Musashi just the weapon he needs to overcome the rebellious YoshiokaSword of Honor seamlessly blends meticulous research mesmerizing action seuences and a driving narrative to bring this extraordinary figure to li. This book is a mixed bag Some chapters are brilliantly written and action scenes take you through battles as if you were alongside Miyamoto But at other times the story plods and seems painfully long unnecessarily so I think Andy's review captured this well when he was tempted to fling the book across the room Nevertheless if you are a fan of martial arts history and ancient Japanese culture this has some redeeming ualities and if you've the patience and perseverance then you will find some reward in the high points and forgive the book's shortcomings


In the epic historical novel Sword of Honor David Kirk continues the saga of Musashi Miyamoto the greatest samurai in Japanese history as he journeys to the ancient city of Kyoto to fight for his life and his idealsHaving survived the cataclysmic battle of Sekigahara which established the mighty Tokugawa Shogunate young Musashi Miyamoto travels through Japan determined to proclaim his revolutionary epiphany that the way of the sword the ancient. Sword of Honor by David Kirk was a first reads giveaway prizeThe historical time of the Samurai has always been a favorite of mineAbout thirty five years ago I studied a form of martial arts I studied Eishin Ryu Iaido for a few years in Southern California Without being taught his history I was familiar through my studies with the name of Miyamoto Musashi Mr Kirk uses the western form of name presentation; given name family name in his book Although not an impediment to my enjoyment of this book it never ceased to sound wrong to my ear to have the main character referred to as Musashi Miyamoto instead of the reverse as I learned of him Kirk does explain this in the intro to Sword of Honor so it can't be counted a errorThis book is great The glimpse into medieval Japanese society is interesting Without spoiling the story Musashi is opposed to the Way Bushido the subservience of the Samurai to a Lord This book is fiction so I can't attest to any historical accuracy related to Musashi's thoughts or actions The story is exciting and heart wrenching at the same time There are several characters forced to deal with self doubt about how they fit into their world This makes the story believable to me and the various characters sympathetic Sword of Honor is at once a story of self discovery love compassion and cultural evolution set in a time when personal freedom did not exist There is plenty of action for those interested in sword fighting The author does a good job of describing how the katana is used in combatThe copy I was given is a bound galley so I assume the few typos I encountered either have or will soon be correctedSword of Honor will be enjoyed by anyone interested in the time period the culture of medieval Japan or just coming of age stories I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think you will too EnjoyMike

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Sword of HonorCode that binds samurai to their masters needs to be abolished But during the battle Sword of PDF Musashi insulted an adept of the powerful Yoshioka School and a price has been put on his head Musashi travels to Kyoto domain of the Yoshioka for a reckoning He has taken up with Ameku a beautiful blind woman branded as a witch his burgeoning love for her will make him vulnerableMushashi intends to deal a crushing blow to the traditional samurai do. Not as enjoyable as the first book There were of course the reuisite skull splitting samurai sword scenes but our main man Musashi Myamoto was in a bit of a maudlin mood throughout this one As he continued to fight and argue against the way of the Samurai Myamoto ends up taking on the Yoshioka the esteemed school of the shoguns The family history between Myamoto and the Yoshioka continues from the first book and results ultimately in the downfall of the Yoshioka at the end of this one This second book was just a bit dreary and was not as uick paced and engaging as the firstI will say this however Musashi Myamoto has a name that is fun to say than Barack Obama full of short consonantal yes it is a wordsyllables I challenge you to say his name out loud without progressively picking up the tempo and volume and sounding like a scary samurai yourself