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Ebook ☆ First Blood ¶ 256 pages Õ ❰Download❯ ➽ First Blood Author David Morrell – Helpyouantib.co.uk First came the man a young wanderer in a fatigue coat and long hair Then came the legend as John Rambo sprang from the pages of FIRST BLOOD to take his place in the American cultural landscape This re First caAnd caves of rural KentuckyMillions saw the Rambo movies but those who haven't read the book that started it all are in for a surprise a critically acclaimed story of character action and compassi I think this is a must read for fans of the movie There are as many similarities as there are differences but I enjoyed both eually I loved the movie when I was 10 I need to watch it again to see how it has held up all these yearsFantastic read Goes on the favorites shelf

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First came the man a young wanderer in a fatigue coat and long hair Then came the legend as John Rambo sprang from the pages of FIRST BLOOD to take his place in the American cultural landscape This I don't kill for a livingOf course not You tolerate a system that lets others do it for you And when they come back from the war you can't stand the smell of death on them 68%“Don't start nothin' won't be nothin'” Will Smith MIB not the originator of this uote “Did not know who he was fucking with” Richard B Riddick escaped convict murderer Actually books and movies who follow the did not know who he was fucking with trope are some of my absolute favorites However I'm not sure this exactly falls into that realm Let's discussI wasn't sure what to expect from this book And it wasn't the easy breezy read I expected some sort of action adventure caper that I could read uickly and enjoy like pulp fictionYou're probably familiar with the basic story although I have to tell you there are uite a few differences between the book and the movieRambo – not John Rambo he has no first name in the book – comes into a small Kentucky town and is expelled by the local police chief one Wilfred Logan Teasle Teasle doesn't like the way Rambo looks and he thinks Rambo is bad news Now get it clear he said I don't want a kid who looks like you and doesn't have a job in my town First thing I know a bunch of your friends will show up mooching food maybe stealing maybe pushing drugs” 8%This is based on nothing than how Rambo looks and the fact that Rambo is unemployed Rambo allows the cop to drive him literally in a car out of town – then promptly marches right back into town again to get a burger at the local dinerNow I want to point out something important here something I think Morrell does here that works and that I think he did not have to do Teasle is not a bad guyYes that's right Teasle Rambo's #1 enemy in this book and the small town chief of police is NOT a bad guy He might be a fucking moron I'll give you that but he's not a malicious sadistic asshole who wants to hurt Rambo At least he isn't before Rambo starts murdering people right and left He's actually a decent cop and someone who tries to be a decent man emphasis on man since he has definite ideas about masculinity This is a very masculine book I think a female appears on page only twice and women are extremely minor side characters who don't factor in to the main plotTeasle actually gives Rambo a lot of chances He gives Rambo a lot of chances to just move on And Rambo knows it too Teasle drives him out of town Rambo walks right back into town and orders a burger Teasle lets him take the burger to go and drives him out of town again  “As it is I've half a notion to lock you up for the inconvenience you've caused me But the way I see it a kid like you he's entitled to a mistake It's like your judgment's not as developed as an older man's and I have to make allowances But you come back again and I'll fix you so you won't know whether your asshole's bored bunched or pecked out by crows Is that plain enough for you to understand? Is that clear?” 8%I'm not saying Teasle's an angel But he's a cop who tries to protect his town and he's not someone who is an abusive assholeOur problem here – the main problem of the novel – is that both Teasle and Rambo are too macho and too crazy to stop Once it starts it can't stop because neither man can back down They both literally keep going view spoileruntil both of them dies hide spoiler

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First BloodRemarkable novel pits a young Vietnam veteran against a small town cop who doesn't know whom he's dealing with or how far Rambo will take him into a life and death struggle through the woods hills On a warm fall day in the small Kentucky town of Madison Rambo unlike the movie there is no first name given here arrives carrying a sleeping bag and a few meager possessions Given his unkempt state long hair unshaven he’s fingered for vagrancy and uickly picked up by Wilfred Teasle the local sheriff driven to the edge of town and issued a warning – don’t let Wilfred see him around these parts again Undeterred Rambo walks back into town as the whole ordeal plays out a second timeYou would think this would be the end of it but Rambo is refusing to be shoved around any longer A decorated veteran of the Vietnam War he has felt rejected by his country since returning home With both Rambo and Wilfred refusing to back down from one another it isn’t long until Rambo finds himself in a jail cell What happens next leads to a lot of death and buckets of bloodMy first dose of the Rambo character came in 2008 when I went to the theatre to check out the fourth film in the movie franchise aptly named RAMBO Up to that point it had been the most violent movie I’d ever seen I believe it had held the record for on screen body count at one point with two hundred and thirty six deaths I joked with a friend of mine that after its release on blu ray the disc would probably be covered in blood when you unwrapped it It wasn’t until I would go back and watch the first film that I realized that the series had gone off the rails following First Blood Rather than a commentary on the mistreatment of war veterans and the growing problem of post traumatic stress disorder the character would become this symbol of the might and righteousness of the American militaryEven so than the film which isn’t a surprise David Morrell’s First Blood remains focused on the aforementioned issues facing those returning from war Morrell really gets inside Rambo’s head as he struggles to think of anything else other than the horrors of war and straight up murdering people The cop – and Korean War veteran – that essentially lights the fuse for Rambo’s powder keg in the film William Teasle isn’t portrayed the same in the novel He’s complicated and certainly honorable than his on screen depiction Morrell’s choice to go back and forth between the viewpoints of Rambo and Teasle through alternating chapters goes a long way to present a deeper richer version of the storyAs expected like the movies this is an extremely violent story Rambo is a former US Special Forces Green Beret and being trained well in the art of guerilla warfare he’s able to repeatedly hold off a literal army of men tasked with bringing him down He does this by being able to effectively disappear into the Kentucky wilderness and pick off his adversaries from afar There are a few scenes that depict grizzly animal deaths so keep that in mind before you pick it upAs you read through David Morrell’s First Blood you’ll recognize the skeleton of the movie in the original novel but to be honest it’s two entirely different stories I’m not sure which I prefer over the other so I plan to watch the movie while the book is still fresh in my mind