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Ebook Ó The Indian Clerk ä David Leavitt Based on the remarkable true story of G H Hardy and Srinivasa Ramanujan and populated with such luminaries such as D H Lawrence Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein The Indian Cle This is an ambitious book that succeeds on great characterization and Leavitt's highly readable prose Leavitt manages to juggle numerous characters and he tells his story from multiple perspectives Occassionally the change in point of view is disorienting in these spots Leavitt is like a film director who moves the camera too uickly but it's a techniue that reinforces the themes of the novel Leavitt lets us see how his characters many fictionalized versions of real people misinterpret one another's words actions needs and desires It speaks to the immense gulf that can divide us from those we care most about despite our clumsy attempts to bridge itI also give Leavitt marks for allowing the reader to draw many of his or her own conclusions about the characters' relationship with each other and in Hardy's and Ramanujan's relationship to mathematics which for both men represented a spiritual uest For what is religion after all but the desire to discover the infinite

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The Indian Clerk Epub × 485 pages Download ☆ ❮PDF❯ ✪ The Indian Clerk ✑ Author David Leavitt – Based on the remarkable true story of G H Hardy and Srinivasa Ramanujan and populated with such luminaries such as D H Lawrence Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein The Indian Clerk tak Rk takes this extraordinary slice of history and transforms it into an emotional and spellbinding story about the fragility of human connection and our need to find order in the world This is a true historical novel all of the characters were real people I freely admit I'd never heard of them None of them are likely to come up in any conversation I might have eitherIt is the world of mathematics in the early 20th Century at Trinity College England The Indian Clerk of the title is Ramanujan who is described by GH Hardy then a famous mathematician as being the greatest mathematician of the last 100 years perhaps the last 500 years There are formulas interspersed which I had no problem skipping over and feel I didn't miss anything by doing so It's an interesting story but not compelling I'm happy to have learned of these fellows and their worldI picked this up in large part because it was nominated for the PenFaulkner because the title attracted me and because it has a beautiful photo on the cover I fall easily for good covers It is uite well written and I appreciate the time I spent with it I won't recommend it I think you have to be drawn to it and I think it has a small audience However it deserves a larger audience than the LGBT circle to which it has probably been relegated There is one very brief somewhat graphic homosexual encounter and the rest is only alluded to That GH Hardy was gay is part of the story but only a part

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The Indian ClerkA literary masterpiece it appeared on four bestseller lists including the Los Angeles Times and received dazzling reviews from every major publication in the The Indian PDF or countr If there were a truth in book titles law this novel should really be called The Cambridge DonBravo to David Leavitt for doing a lot of research on Cambridge intellectual society shortly after the turn of the century Who would have thought you could write a 500 page novel about early 20th mathematics and make it interesting Here's the rub based upon Leavitt's effort here it's probably not possible Actually the campus politics aspect of the book keeps the plot simmering for the first 200 pages or so It's fun to read about the naughty Cambridge Apostles and the conflicting egos of Bertrand Russell DH Lawrence Ludwig Wittgenstein and other intellectual bigwigs who make their appearances here And the Indian mathematician of the title is fascinating enough even though he is treated entirely from the outside The problem is there's not enough of interest not enough plot to justify the lengthy treatment that the author provides And the central character through whom the novel is refracted a cranky bachelor don named GH Hardy becomes tiresome company halfway through the book