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eBook ê Troy Fall of Kings Ü Hardcover ↠ David Gemmell ↠ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Troy Fall of Kings Author David Gemmell – Helpyouantib.co.uk Darkness falls on the Great Green and the Ancient World is fiercely dividedOn the killing fields outside the golden city of Troy forces loyal toMnon will stop at nothing to secure the treasure that lies within the city walls and he must soon face his former friends in deadly combatAiling and bitter the Trojan king waits His hope is pinned on two heroes his favourite son Hektor the mightiest warrior of his age and the dread Helikao How Fall of Kings should have endedNote All endings are written by me in an homage to How it Should Have Ended They aren't spoilers none of this stuff happened although I would've enjoyed any of these endings than the actual endingPossible ending #1 Lord Helikaon said KhalkeusWhat is it Khalkeus I'm busy with preparation for our next steps in the war with the Mykene said HelikaonThat's what this is about Lord I've found a way to massively increase the range of your ships fire hurlers The increase will enable the ship to throw fire for miles rather than a few hundred feet replied KhalkeusDo it then Khalkeus Helikaon said while his icy blue eyes saw right through KhalkeusFast forward to the siege of TroyWe are close enough now to burn the sieging Mykene army to the ground said OniacusLet's rain fire on Agammenon's ambition and end his reign of evil said HelikaonThe jars of nephthar were hurled for miles shattering into the armies of the west as men were soaked Then the fire flew through the air for what seemed like days before it finally ignited and burned Agamemnon's ambition and men to ashesPossible ending #2Come do your daughterly duty Andromache Priam said while groping all over her bodySuddenly Hektor stepped around the cornerFather I was speaking with my brothers and we are tired of you raping our wives So we decided to give Agammenon exactly what he wants you your gold and your city Hektor said with a tone as cold as winterMy son you can't mean Priam mumbled as the Eagles and Antiphones bound and gagged himFast forward to the armies of the west arriving at TroyThere are no men women children or animals to be seen Achilles saidBattle King Battle King a soldier screamed as he ran to Agammenon You must see this my KingThey all headed into the unlocked doors of Troy to find Priam bound and gagged sitting in his treasury with a parchment on his chest that read We surrender the city and the gold as you demanded and included the King Priam as a bonus It was signed by all Priam's sons daughters grandsonsons and granddaughterdaughtersPossible ending #3You are a coward Achilles Agammenon sprayed spit as he snarled the wordsAchilles said nothing but in the time it takes a man to sneeze he drew his sword and decapitated Agammenon with his head making a heavy thud sound as it hit the wall Achilles scanned the speechless crowd shrugged his massive shoulders and said Come now I can't be the only one who was thinking about doing that All the men in the meeting except Menelaus laughed Odysseus laughed so hard wine came out his nose and he couldn't regain his composure In Fall of Kings and the entire trilogy David Gemmell really captured Odysseus well and that was the strongest part of the series The rest of the series was fairly plain and averageMy biggest gripes have to be Gershom's storyline and the epilogue I really don't see the point of the detour Gershom's story became It doesn't fit the book or the story at all It's inclusion just seemed pointless The epilogue was a rushed attempt to show the future yet it didn't really add anything of value to the story The Fall of Kings was an adeuate conclusion to the retelling of the Trojan War

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N who will wreak terrible vengeance for the death of his wife at Mykene handsWar has been declaredAs enemies who are also kinsmen are filled with bloodlust they know that some of them men and women will become heroes heroes who will live for ever in a story that will echo down the centurie 5 Homeric Stars 3 “Beware the wooden horse Agamemnon King Battle King Conueror for it will roar to the skies on wings of thunder and herald the death of nations” “A pox on riddles priest” replied the king “Tell me of Troy and of victory” “The last king of the Golden City will be Mykene The gods have spoken” —THE ORACLE OF THE CAVE OF WINGSview spoilerAnd he is our beloved reluctant General Banokles hide spoiler

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Troy Fall of KingsDarkness falls on the Great Green and the Ancient World is fiercely dividedOn the killing fields outside the golden city of Troy forces loyal to the Mykene King Agamemnon massAmong Troy Fall eBook #211 them is Odysseus fabled storyteller and reluctant ally to the Mykene He knows that Agame I can'tI won'tI don'tJustJust can't Not right nowAfter a long while years actually and almost a huge number of books later I have finished a series that has me at a total loss for words It has been such a ride So many ups and downs So many deaths So much love Such love Such ferocious love the one that threatens to destroy everything if shattered Friendship Respect So many emotions I have no words to say it all Just that I am low right now that this series has ended I’ve only felt this a couple of times before And this feeling the end of a journey THIS feeling the despair and happiness mixed in right amounts is the reason I have been and will always be a SERIES reader I need that connection with my characters and 1 book is not sufficient It broke my heart to know that the author couldn’t complete this series It will haunt me to know that he couldn’t see it through and passed away His wife completed this book and concluded the series I have a complaint Just the one But after such a great trilogy I would be a petty man to voice itI have love and respect for David Gemmell I will die if I do not read of his works sometime soon I do not know how to review this book I probably can’t No I definitely can’t But it would be a damn shame if I never told the words that I fell in love with I will leave you all with a few of the gems I found in this book “War makes brutes of us all and it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between insanity and cold blooded brutality”“By the gods boy no one wants to see the truth of war They want to see heroes tall and strong striking and handsome”“It is said that the gates of paradise can only be opened by the tears of those left behind I do not know whether that be true It should be I think”“At this moment war and perhaps death seemed wonderfully simple It was life that was so hard” “What could he say That all his life he had dreamed of finding love and that she was the embodiment of that dream That every day since he had met her she had been in his heart That upon falling asleep at night her face shimmered in his mind and upon waking his first thoughts were of her”“We’ve seen a lot of death you and I — than most You know as well as I do death doesn’t always come to those who deserve it”“Until then though he had had no idea what love was And arrogantly he had believed the choice of marriage always would be his He never had dreamed he would fall helplessly in love with someone who was unavailable already betrothed to his closest friend The gods watch for such arrogance with glee he thought” “She was his north star the fixed point around which his world turned For as long as his heart beat or hers he believed they would share a destiny”“They never should have killed him you see Hektor and Achilles were the last great heroes And after the Age of Heroes comes the Age of Darkness”