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characters On South MountainThe Dark Secrets of the Goler Clan 107 ´ ❰Reading❯ ➾ On South MountainThe Dark Secrets of the Goler Clan Author David Cruise – Imagine a lush green valley dotted with prosperous farms and towns It could be anywhere in North America—the Okanagan in BCRe unemployed and they keep almost entirely to themselves Two solitudes side by side until one day in January Sandra Golder aged thirteen burst into tears in class When her teacher took her out into the hall to South MountainThe Dark PDF #8608 ask her why she was crying a gruesome story of incest and sexual abuse began to emerge Within hours the story had spread to the principal a social worker and finally the police Within weeks a full fledged scandal had been unleashed on the valley sixteen adults men and women from the Mountain w. bought this at the Bathurst Market figured it would hold my attentionAlthough the middle of the book is uite graphic because it includes the text from the trial the book is a fascinating sociological study about regions generations and the isolation of families and culture that can happen in such close proximity

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Ere charged with hundreds of South MountainThe Dark Secrets of PDF or allegations of incest and sexual abuse of children as young as five It gradually became clear that this had been going on for generations a cycle endlessly repeated This book tells the amazing story not only of the court cases that followed but the way the valley community reacted Dark secrets weren't the exclusive property of the Golers the townspeople had their own including the fact that some of them had known about the abuse for decades and done nothing about. A sound if disturbing look at local historyThe social workers health professionals educators were like everyone else in the Valley They might know something but were content not to really know—at least to the point of doing anything I'm not sure at what point I became aware of the Golers and what they did I remember being in junior high about five years after this book was released It was not uncommon to hear people joke that certain students lived on Goler mountain and understanding what was meant by it I didn't know which of the mountains was Goler mountain having grown up in town but at thirteen that's irrelevant information As such I write this review from the perspective of someone who grew up in the Annapolis Valley and who on at least some level has been aware of the nightmare surrounding the Goler family for as long as I can remember The story itself is an interesting one—I can't say I really enjoyed the book given the subject matter but it certainly both sated and inspired further morbid curiosity EventuallyThe first several chapters wereunnecessary to say the least The valuable content they contained the lack of agricultural promise on the mountain and the societal rift between mountain and valley could have been summed up in a uarter of the pages without the authors waxing poetic about Pangaea and plate tectonics While the section on the Acadians and their subseuent expulsion was interesting it still struck me as wholly unnecessary to a book subtitled The Dark Secrets of the Goler Glan Once we're finally introduced to the family itself the book picks up steam and becomes vastly engaging though not perfect The inclusion of court transcripts in some points helps to underpin the horrors these children endured but in others because of the English used make it difficult to follow The last segment of the book shows Donna as an adult and her efforts to regain custody of her own trial Frustratingly rather than discuss the outcome of these efforts the epilogue instead lists new charges for Cranswick and William

characters On South MountainThe Dark Secrets of the Goler Clan

On South MountainThe Dark Secrets of the Goler ClanImagine MountainThe Dark Secrets of eBook #9734 a lush green valley dotted with prosperous MountainThe Dark PDF #201 farms and towns It could be anywhere in North America the Okanagan in BC the Niagara orchards of Ontario In this case it happens to be the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia But on one hill South Mountain lives the a clan of impoverished inbred hillbillies ignored or On South ePUB #10003 shunned by the people in the valley below for two South MountainThe Dark Secrets of PDF or hundred years Few have much schooling most a. This is a carefully researched account of the physical sexual and emotional abuse which was carried out within the Goler clan for generations The extended family committed sexual acts and beatings upon very young children including much incest This occurred in impoverished shacks where the Golers lived in South Mountain near Wolfville Nova Scotia Doctors social workers and police were aware of some of the horrendous abuse within the family and their in laws but the children were always returned to their homes I lived nearby for a couple of years in the early 1970s but had never heard of the clan or the area but read that some people in the town suspected Everything came to light in 1984 when 16 people were charged with child abuse and incest The children were removed from the dilapidated shacks and were witnesses at the trials The book is most disturbing to read and contains very crude language from testimony at the trials I read that this was an update of the book as 20 years since the first edition was published However although the authors had conducted new interviews with some of the abused they decided out of consideration not to use them in the update Instead proceeds from the book are to be donated to an organization helping victims of abuse I felt there was a lot of filler geological history of the region back to the Triassic and Jurassic period the human history of the earliest settlers to the Annapolis Valley Wolfville and the inhabitants of South Mountain As there was a lot of genealogical research into the Goler clan and their antecedents a family tree would have been helpful as even those people seemed confused about family relationships It was confusing to follow what the relationships were although there was an effort to describe this to the reader Thought some photos should accompany the narrative In 2012 an excellent novel was published inspired by the true events; Our Daily Bread by Lauren B Davis Fictional characters included a member of a incestuous clan and several people living in the nearby town The names of the Clan and the town were changed It was a selection of my book club I tried to get a copy of On South Mountain It was no longer available and used paperbacks were selling for 50 to 100 dollars I was glad that On South Mountain is again available although it is a most upsetting unpleasant read