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Diaper DisciplineDiaper Discipline ABDL In our first taboo diaper story naughty girl Lola is than reluctant to be trained in diapers to repent for her bad behavior and transgressions always being late to be exact That doesn't matter though because her strict master Sir will give her no choice in the matter Will she survive this humiliation to mess up again or will she remember this diaper discipline and be an obedient little lady forever In Stepbrother Sadist when Sam catches his sister shoplifting and then dancing seductively with strangers in a nightclub he disciplines her with pictures diapers and an enema to teach her a lesson in how to behave Casino Nights is a tale about a wife whose husband is out of town so she heads to the casino There she meets a seductive stranger who will make her strip down all her fears and misconceptions as she faces an ABDL challenge she won't ever forget In Freshman Year In Diapers a young coed meets up with a young man who has sexual desires u.

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Characters ✓ Diaper Discipline ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ò [PDF / Epub] ☂ Diaper Discipline By Danielle Abdl – Diaper Discipline ABDL In our first taboo diaper story naughty girl Lola is than reluctant to be trained in diapers to repent for her bad behavior and transgressions Can barely stand Gettin' Messy is one man's account of the messy ABDL lifestyle that he enjoys with his supportive wife who is really starting to get into it In the next tale poor young Maisy has just lost her job due to her enormous breasts Walking home in an upset state she is spotted by millionaire Gary in his limousine When he offers her a ride she's reluctant Will he be the best thing that's ever happened to her or her worst nightmare Then Bonuses Not only are bonus ABDL diaper erotic stories included but there's an extra secret ebook included just for my loyal readers as a thank you Enjoy all of these erotic ABDL tales in Diaper Punishment plus Bonus Stories That’s a lot of hot diaper erotica written exclusively for you If you’re a diaper lover who likes ABDL erotic stories about adult babies this is absolutely the must read bundle for you Includes adult babys diaper lover diaper erotica ABDL lactation plugs spankings and age play romance and erotica.

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Nlike anything she's ever heard of and he wants to punish her for not wearing her diaper to a fraternity party she attended with friends Babysitter in Diapers is a husband's encounter with babysitter Marie who is than willing to fulfill all of his sexual desires the ones he's too afraid to share with his wife In the Age Play Story Diaper Doctor Exam Cameron is escorted by her ABDL boyfriend to her annual exam with Dr Smith who is all too willing to go along with their less than ordinary lifestyle In My Wetting Problem At the Office Mr Finch notices that Allison has had an accident at work and calls her into his private office to address the problem himself Regressing Kelsie is a tale about Bob and his best friend and their attempt to regress Bob's wife Kelsie into a diaper wearing submissive partner once and for all Delivery Boy Gets Disciplined is about a sexy older woman named Miss Owa who comes on to the pizza delivery boy and disciplines him in ways that he.