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DOC ò READER The English Spy 9780062320131 FREE ë ❧ The English Spy free download ➛ Author Daniel Silva – First there was The English Assassin Then there was The English Girl Now comes The English SpyMaster novelist Daniel Silva has thrilled readers with seventeen thoughtful and gripping spy nMon TemplarFollowing the success of his smash hit The Heist Daniel Silva returns with another powerhouse of a novel one that showcases his outstanding skill and brilliant imagination and which is sure to be a must read for both his multitudes of fans and growing legions of convert A perfect book to listen to while doing laundry and other boring chores

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First there was The English Assassin Then there was The English Girl Now comes The English SpyMaster novelist Daniel Silva has thrilled readers with seventeen thoughtful and gripping spy novels featuring a diverse cast of compelling characters and ingenious plots that have taken First impression Damn the man sure knows how to write a dynamite first chapterLast impression Another outstanding book featuring my all time favorite character Israel's not so secret agent Gabriel Allon the 15th in the series I believe but it falls a wee bit short of 5 stars for the record I'd give it 45 if I couldThat said Daniel Silva may be the only writer on the planet who can make me want to read stories involving Hezbollah al aeda or the IRA This book takes off where the previous one ended with Gabriel planning to take over as chief of The Office a role that presumably with put the brakes on in the field action He's also preparing for fatherhood once again; his younger beautiful wife Chiara is close to delivering twins Gabriel's young son from his first marriage was killed in a terrorist explosionBut as one might expect in the world of espionage nothing is a sure thing An English princess loosely based on the late Princess Diana the author says is killed while on a yacht by an assassin linked to the IRA Against his will Gabriel wants to finish restoration of a major painting and spend the final weeks with his wife before the twins arrive he's coerced into joining forces with Christopher Keller an Englishman who is being recruited as a spy for M16 The trail leads to Eamon uinn who excels at making highly destructive bombs that kill lots of innocent people; apparently he was hired to blow up that yacht so the two men set out to learn who put up the money for the hit The chase takes them to a variety of settings most of which have appeared in previous books where they go gun to knife with a variety of characters ditto The whole thing seems to be a wrap up of everything that's happened before in a neat and tidy well sometimes messy bow thus freeing up Gabriel to take over a desk job and perhaps paving the way for future books with new M16 agent Chris Keller in the lead role That being the case you bet I'll be reading them but make no mistake He'll never top Gabriel as my favorite characterAnd that I suppose is why I couldn't uite muster up 5 stars; there were just too many characters and too much description of past situations although I admit they were necessary to the tidying up process Then too the almost total absence of the Chiara was noticeable I think I may have missed her even than Gabriel does I'll also note that there seems to be a bit emphasis on politics than usual on US Israel relations for instance for a while I suspected that Silva was channeling another of my favorite writers Brad Thor But clearly Silva has done extensive research on the subject and for the most part the political insights enhanced the story and goodness knows tensions between the US of A and Israel have been strained of lateOn the plus side Silva's writing goes way beyond excellent as usual and I enjoyed the occasional touches of spy humorChris to Gabriel as they abduct an errant bad guy I hope he'll fit in the trunkGabriel We'll slam the lid on him a few times if we have toIn the end Silva has put forth yet another excellent work Now I can't wait to see how Gabriel transitions to his new roles of team leader and dad to twins a boy and a girl

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The English SpyThem around the The English MOBI #207 globe and back from the United States to Europe Russia to the Middle East His brilliant hero Gabriel Allon art restorer assassin spy has joined the pantheon of great fictional secret agents including George Smiley Jack Ryan Jason Bourne and Si Silva never disappoints but this is one of his finest as he revisits the England Northern Ireland Troubles in current day He also has fairly blunt commentary on US UK Iran Israeli Russian geopolitics