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The Death of Sweet MisterOf Sweet PDFEPUB #236 A New York Times Notable BookI can't remember coming across a precise evocation of innocence lost since Golding's The Lord of the Flies With The Death of Sweet Mister Daniel Woodrell has written his The Death PDFEPUBmasterpiece spare dark and incandescently beautiful It broke my heart Dennis Lehane best selling author of Mystic RiverPut The Death of Sweet Mister on the shelf alongside Faulkner Jim Thompson and Cormac McCarthy With this Death of Sweet PDFEPUB #190 one Mr Woodrell If Flannery O'Connor is the Sophocles of Southern lowlife then Daniel Woodrell is the Seneca This deceptively collouial Ozark tale full of artful rhetoric black ironies and blood is treated in such a pitiless Olympian fashion that the result is mythic than tragic Shuggie and his mother Glenda leave their mark on each other and they will leave their mark on you the reader too

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Has earned himself a piece of immortality George Pelecanos best selling author of The Way HomeThe Death of Sweet Mister holds its own against anything in the canon of American literature This is a book I'd place alongside Faulkner's The Reivers or Hemingway's 'Big Two Hearted River' Kaye Gibbons best selling author of Ellen FosterThe Death of Sweet Mister is a strong contender for my all time favorite novel crime or otherwise Allan Guthrie Edgar Award nominated author of SlammerFiery poetic hair rai Holy crapI may need to read some Cormac McCarthy to cheer up after this one

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EPUB Ï MOBI The Death of Sweet Mister î 9781842430538 FREE ¼ DANIEL WOODRELL ✓ ❮Reading❯ ➵ The Death of Sweet Mister ➭ Author Daniel Woodrell – Helpyouantib.co.uk A New York Times Notable BookI can't remember coming across a precise evocation of Sing Los Angeles TimesCompelling Woodrell's descriptions seem real and alive and linger long after reading The Boston GlobeWoodrell's Ozarks are cut as cleanly as Flannery O'Connor's Georgia and pocked with characters just as volatile and proud and unpredictable Chicago TribuneSet in the Missouri hill country The Death of Sweet Mister presents one eventful summer in the life of Shug a friendless overweight thirteen year old living with his mother Glenda in the caretaker's cottage at the local cemeter Dear Casual Readers this is not a book you are going to want to read But if you can muster your resolve get your boots on and stomach it the powerful writing of Daniel Woodrell will knock said boots right off your feetI don't have a background in classics I'm a science geek who just happens to love fiction Until recently I didn't know that there was a genre called Southern Gothic or if I'd heard the term I'd probably think it meant some sort of ghost story set in a decrepit antebellum house like that creepy old short story by Faulkner called A Rose for Emily Did you maybe read that in high school It's great rememberSince getting onto Goodreads however I've learned that one characteristic of Southern Gothic is the appearance of a grotesue character essentially somebody who is warped in some way mentally It could be a manic depressive a raging alcoholic somebody out of touch with realitylike Blanche in A Streetcar Name Desire Pat Conroy described it like this “My mother Southern to the bone once told me ‘All Southern literature can be summed up in these words On the night the hogs ate Willie Mama died when she heard what Daddy did to Sister’”Daniel Woodrell writes characters who are nearly all grotesues Every one of them They are surrounded by poverty disaster trials and tribulations galore and there is always one who you root for There is always one character you love love love and want to see him or her claw out of the pit cupping them close You want to see them climb toward that one little spoke of sunlight that single piercing arrow of hopeAs the title suggests this book is not going to end well But it may end in a way you never see coming If you are the mother of a 13 year old boy as I am this novel is probably going to be harder to get through than it would be for other readers It has the single most horrible and yet perfect book ending everI do not do summaries or book reports in my reviews because as a reader I like to be totally surprised by what lays between the pages So without any spoilers I will tell you only that a boy has parents who do not treat him well His mother loves him and encourages him and wants a wonderful future for him but she drinks She remains with an abusive husband who takes out his anger on her and the boy There is drug use in the book and really really despicable theft But through all this twisted darkness you come to love the sweet natured boy nicknamed Shug short for Sugar There is a shaft of hope beaming straight down at that boy near the book's conclusion and the tension of knowing whether or not it comes to light up his life will keep you clenched up in suspenseWoodrell is a masculine writer but his simple words about even the non essential things grab me in the woods beyond the spot where we sat little creatures told jokes on the other little creatures and clicked their nails on tree bark and skittered so the leaves waffled and twisted as they laughed their kind of laughs From somewhere off yonder came a soft mumble of a creek dreaming a good oneTwice we saw snakes drawing spaghetti lines in the dust of the roadTheir voices sounded as bloodshot as their eyesCarl's bad leg looked like a sausage link that had got shoved to the back of the fridge and forgot about it till it was no goodIn sum if you are a fan of the Southern Gothic genre or when it is especially violent called grit lit go ahead and read Fans of Cormac McCarthy Larry Brown and Harry Crews will love this as I did But I like the dark Five stars