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Slučajan susret u bespuću internetske galaksije povezat će Emmu Rothner i Lea Leikea Emma želi otkazati pretplatu na časopis nakladničke kuće Like ali greškom šalje mejl na pr. HALLELUJAH for this little book happy wiggleI needed something to lift me out of my life out of my head Just something to make me forget the world for a while and this little book waved hello at me with its friendly looking cover and IMMEDIATE hook From the first page I was grippedIt was snappy It felt freshIn fact it made me want to keep reading and reading and reading and turning those pages as uickly as my grubby little fingers could manage The story is told completely in email format between the two main characters While attempting to unsubscribe from a magazine Emmi accidentally mails the wrong email address and thus begins a rather curious and flirty email correspondence with Leo The two characters open up to each other and begin to share their thoughts and even though a romantic relationship could never or indeed should never happen for these two Well you can guess what begins to unfurlI loved the premise of this book Imagine getting to know someone through their words alone No face to distract no knowledge of their backgrounds not even the sound of their voice Nothing but the innermost workings of their mind typed into an email Despite the lack of physical contact it's a very intimate form of connection between two human beings And yet what was interesting was that even though we were privy to the inner thoughts of these two main characters we never fully got to know their whole selves Because the characters were able to pick and choose what part of themselves they shared with the other person and therefore with the reader So in a way it's kinda like all of us here on Goodreads choosing what we do and do not share about our own lives And so was all of this story truly believable Well not really I mean it did uickly get a bit far fetched especially if you are to believe that these are intelligent regular people The characters were a little identikit; she was pretty much your typical cute and uirky female lead and he was the self deprecating yet well educated male But you know what I didn't have a problem with that Because it's a rom com A good fun book There are certain things that I both expect and want from this type of book and this delivered on all of those fronts And what does make this rom com standout from others is that it doesn't completely lose itself to being overly saccharine or laden with schmaltz And the two lead characters weren't always likeable and acted uite selfishly at times which gave this rom com a slightly edgier tone Is it predictableWell yeah I kinda thought so But I did reeeeeally like the ending It's the ending I was gunning for And for good measure there's a seuel Yaaaaaaayyyyy One which I can't wait to get my hands on I've already been on to my library's website and arranged an inter library reservation That's a good sign right there happy grinningSo if you're looking for an easy light read yet something that will hold your attention maybe think about reading this three and a half stars rounded up to four “Has it occurred to you that we know absolutely nothing about each other We’re creating virtual characters piecing together fantasies of each other We’re asking uestions that are never answered and that’s part of the charm We’re toying with and endlessly provoking each other’s curiosity by refusing point blank to satisfy it We’re trying to read between the lines and soon I expect we’ll be trying to read between the letters Each of us is trying desperately to build up an accurate picture of the other And at the same time we’re being meticulous in not giving away anything fundamental about o

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Gut gegen NordwindIvatnu Leovu adresu Banalna omaška dovest će do vatrometa visprenih ljubavnih dijaloga profinjene verbalne erotike Gut gegen Epubkoja pretvara internetsku mrežu u medij jezične str. I was really intrigued by the idea of this book a modern epistolary novel written only in e mails exchanged between a man recovering from a year long relationship and a happily married woman who know each other only in the virtual world A modern topic with all those internet dating sites and with platforms where people form relationships with others based merely on internet profiles Besides Daniel Glattauer has been highly acclaimed by the Spiegel magazine and has written columns for my favourite newspaper the Standard which was a recommendation of its own for meUnfortunately I intensely disliked the characters seudointellectual whiny over sensitive the kind of people who claim to write an e mail in half a minute while the style of the epistle is convuluted and artificially selected and in no way natural or fresh In favour of the book it's an extremely fast read and it kept me mildly interested in the outcome until the slightly surprising end So one star for the initial idea and another one though not a very bright one for the construction of this ménage à trois Sorry to those i had recommended this too i was eager to share some contemporary austrian fiction but i can't wholeheartedly stick to this

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Gut gegen Nordwind Free download ☆ 5 ✓ [Reading] ➷ Gut gegen Nordwind Author Daniel Glattauer – Slučajan susret u bespuću internetske galaksije povezat će Emmu Rothner i Lea Leikea Emma želi otkazati pretplatu na časopis nakladničke kuće Like ali greškom šalje mejl na privatnu Leovu adr Slučajan susAsti Hoće li se dvoje potpunih stranaca ikada sresti Hoće li platonska veza završiti u preljubu IliPišite mi Emmi Pisanje je kao ljubiti samo bez usana Pisanje je ljubiti sa glavom. The romance is real and touching and I liked as the two main characters inspired each other as they improved as the story progressed But I have ambiguous feelings toward the characters I didn’t like Emmi She was self centered and pushy She was obviously bored in her marriage but she didn't do anything about it I didn’t like Leo Sometimes he was kind of rude sometimes ignorant other times he was pretentious meanwhile he tried to remain mysterious And I didn’t like Bernhard but I could see his pointAn unconventional and realistic romance