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FREE READ ´ A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire ☆ ❮Reading❯ ➳ A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire ➬ Author Dani Collins – He’ll make her payUntil he learns of her innocenceSelf made billionaire Kaine Michaels has just given Gisella Drummond daughter of one of New York’s most inflLla wants him and he knows how much pleasure he can give her But uncovering sweet Gisella’s virginity makes Kaine want Virgin to Redeem PDF #180 her for so much than reveng. Just did not connect with this one I kept skimming Too much family info dump and I really didn't care about the earringsI had the second book on my wishlist so I decided to read this one first Now I'm undecided about the second one

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He’ll make her payUntil he learns of her to Redeem ePUB #9734 innocenceSelf made billionaire Kaine Michaels has just given Gisella Drummond daughter of one of New York’s. 35 starsA uite enjoyable twist of two favourite tropes the vengeful H and the fake engagement It's the first in a duet that deals with 2 female cousins This one's all about strong family bonds fraud and a pair of vintage earrings The H Kaine finds himself at the centre of a financial fraud scandal that's not of his own making It's actually the heroine's cousin Benny who's supposedly the cause of it all but the main issue is that the H's image and integrity are being uestioned by many of his investors Kaine's angry at Benny and by extension since this is HPlandia which has its own special brand of logic everyone in the Barsi family Benny's disappeared so the H decides to use Benny's cousin Gisella as a means to an end And that's where the earrings come in or maybe I should say half of a pair of vintage earrings that used to belong to Gisella's grandmother Granny had sold one half of the pair of earrings to fund her escape from revolutionary Hungary in the 1950's The second half of the pair was sold to an American socialite in New York At the start of the story the H has bought the mansion and all it's furnishings etc that used to belonged to the socialite It therefore means that the earring well half of the pair now belongs to the HGisella wants to buy his half of the pair of earrings and has sent her cousin Rozi the heroine from the future novel in the duet off to Hungary to buy the matching half Now this is where my brain paused for a while to ponder about some stuff that isn't logical in everyday life1 First off why would somebody in Hungary in the turbulent era of the 1950's even want to buy just one half of a pair of earrings Why did the buyer not insist on buying the pair as any normal person would do Even a group of pitbulls have taken a pause from their pitbulling to ponder this with me My first uestion wasn't answered in this novel Maybe it'll be explained in the second book 2 Secondly why would an American socialite buy the other earring She didn't have just one ear like Van Gogh nor did she have a time machine to see into the future when some men would make a fashion statement out of wearing just one earring In any event the vintage earring isn't the type the single stud earrings worn by men that can be worn by itself But just when this second issue was beginning to bother me a lot the author cleared it up and explained logically why the American socialite had bought the earring the socialite had wanted to take it to a jeweller who'd be able to make one just like it so that she'd have a complete pair Anyway the big uestion in my mind was why did the author use earrings Why not a pair of bracelets It's logical for a pair of bracelets to be split up and sold Or what about a conjoined pendant that can be divided into two and still worn separately And now there's a bear that's giving me a facepalm for going off on a tangent talking about minor crap when everyone's primary interest is in the love storyOK now that I've dealt with the issues that niggled me a little I will move on to the important stuff The H decides to blackmail the heroine into a fake relationship that's supposed to help redeem his image in the eyes of the New York business community I did uestion for a few minutes how a fake relationship with Benny's cousin is gonna help him I mean shouldn't he try to find another well connected woman in New York who's not connected to the fraud Benny Barsi But by this time and after all the pondering about the half a pair of earrings thing my brain was getting too muddled trying to sort out HPlandia logic so I just shoved it to the back of mind and kept reading And I liked both MC's a lot and the actual love story was good so I decided to roll with it Hmnnn MaybeLOLSo Gisella moves into Kaine's penthouse in order to be his fake girlfriend Kaine's had a hard life as an orphaned foster kid with a juvenile record He'd also been hurt by a former fiancee who stole company secrets and embezzled funds from his personal account Kaine therefore doesn't trust women so the heroine has her work cut out for her This is the H Kaine He was ridiculously handsome standing taller than most of the men here hair in rumpled bed head spikesHe was a well fed wolf among groomed show dogs ten times as dangerous and able to take control of the pack merely by walking among them This is the heroine Gisella Her beauty was as much hindrance as strength so she didn’t often use her looks for leverage The subseuent storyline deals with the MC's pretending to be in a fake relationship that eventually becomes real after they start having sex This part of the novel is the best because their developing relationship was handled in a uaint sexy and very romantic manner by the author I also enjoyed the sexy and funny banter between the MC's as they warmed up to each other Of course there are complications because the heroine falls in love first while the H tries hard to compartmentalize and separate the desires of the dick from the warnings of the brain That doesn't work for too long because he finds himself falling for the soft hearted and sweet heroine He's so caught up in her that he even gets angry when she refuses to have sex without the condom His feelings were so intense during one hot session of sex that he wanted instinctively to have a baby with her But the smart heroine had her head on and refused because she knew that babies shouldn't be used as props to support a rocky relationship I applauded the heroine's decision actually because babies are not cute toys or props or a bandage to fix a troubled relationship Babies grow into humans with minds of own; humans who deserve to have the love of parents who can provide a well adjusted family environment and the finances to satisfy their basic needs A relationship should be strong enough to survive on its own before a baby is added to the mix Too many folks treat this baby making thing too lightly but I'm gonna be politically correct and not say anything on this issue Towards the end of the novel just when everything is going so well with the MC's cousin Benny resurfaces with news that wrecks everything because the H ends up making a very selfish choice he pushes away the heroine when he realizes that the new scandal in the Barsi family will escalate and perhaps threaten his personal and corporate image if he stays with her Gisella tells him she loves him but his defence mechanism is up again and he doesn't want to risk anything for a woman again For a moment she had to breathe just breathe “Don’t you trust me at all” she asked voice thin and rasped by the pain racking through her “Don’t you feel anything toward me Want me” “I can’t afford to” He set her phone earbuds and charger on her clothes “I have never wanted things Kaine I want hearts Affection Love If you can’t offer me that fine But if you think all anyone could want from you is your material assets then you don’t appreciate your own value And you should Because you are worth loving” He piled everything atop the jeans and held them out to her “Goodbye Gisella” As always in HPlandia he only realizes what she means to him after she's gone I love you Kaine Could he trust that declaration He didn’t know but his heart hammered while the rest of him clenched in the anguish of realizing for absolute certain that he was in love with her It was VERY HARD for me to decide on a rating for this novel This was the most difficult rating I've had to make in a very long time I was torn between giving it 3 or 4 stars I had to weigh the pros against the consThe Cons1 The whole logic thing with the pair of earrings being divided and then sold2 The other logical issue of why the H thought the heroine could help salvage his reputation when she belonged to the family of the man who had ruined itThe Pros1 I loved the background storyline about family bonds and the sacrifices that family members make for each other when one of their own is in trouble Gisella's Hungarian grandmother's background story was very interesting and sad and I can't wait to read about it in the next book Innocent's Nine Month Scandal 2 I felt so sorry for the hero even when he was being an asshole because his personal background was so tragic He was a loner who'd learned the hard way to depend only on himself That's why I didn't hate him so much when he rejected the heroine's love after Benny returned and everything fell apart This conflict in the later part of the story helped to create some necessary angst that had been lacking in the earlier portion In the final analysis I went with my emotions and decided not to let my logical side take precedence because the romantic storyline was uite sweet and sexy the writing was good and the MC's shared fabulous chemistry from the very first time they met And the heroine really did redeem the H because she taught him about love trust and the importance of family He finally acknowledged that love can be gift rather than a liability He stood there with his hands braced on his desk head hanging eyes closed and finally he understood He understood why her grandmother was standing by her grandson despite the fact his actions could cost her everything she had worked her entire life to build He understood why Eszti had sold the earring despite its being a cherished gift from the father of her unborn child What did objects matter when people you cared about needed looking after He grovelled made amends married her and opened a jewellery store for her in San Francisco so that she can create and sell her own designs In the epilogue they're expecting a baby and cousin Benny doesn't have to go to jail for a crime he didn't commit I can't wait to read Innocent's Nine Month Scandal because cousin Rozi seems so cute and endearing while Viktor is an intriguing and mysterious hottie Hungarian H Safety No cheating no OM no OW and both MC's are celibate during their very short separation

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A Virgin to Redeem the BillionaireMost influential dynasties a shocking ultimatum use her spotless reputation A Virgin ePUB #10003 to save his own or he’ll ruin her family for betraying him Kaine knows Gise. Boring book The family theme was prominent and the romance suffered They were talking nonstop about a pair of earrings and I couldn't care less