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Download ☆ Bourbon Author Dane Huckelbridge ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ú ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Bourbon Author Dane Huckelbridge – Popular history with a whiskey soaked edge Bourbon is Dane Huckelbridge's artful and imaginative biography of our most well liked Rbon Huckelbridge takes us on a lively tour across three hundred years Introducing the fascinating people central to its creation and evolution he illuminates the elusive character of the nation itself Interweaving the development of bourbon to America's own rise his engaging and uniue study is popular history at its best offering a lively and informative look at our past through a hilariously thick pair of whiskey bottle glasse. This book was fantastic The delicious combination of the history of the United States told right along side the history of what can be argued is America's drink Like Jazz and Blues in Music Bourbon is American starting and continuing in the stills in Kentucky and Tennessee the rise of this spirit was at Mt Vernon with George Washington who made is own and sold it It continued with us thru the Revolutionary War thru our battles with Britain thru our own Civil War it has been along side for virtually every major conflict in our history Dane Huckelbridge tells the story in such an engaging way that you will be wondering what the purpose was again of writing the book and enjoying each and every page Strongly recommended

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E Western frontier In Congress passed a resolution declaring it to be a distinctive product of the United States First brewed by pioneers in in the backwoods of Appalachia bourbon whiskey has become a modern multi billion dollar international industry today As Dane Huckelbridge reveals the Kentucky spirit the only liuor produced from corn is the American experience distilled aged and sealed in a bottleIn telling the story of bou. This sumbitch can write What an intensely packed and informational tract on the dubiously noble are of distillation I'd love to meet this fella and throw back a few This was such an enjoyable and thoroughly entertaining a read Please get it particularly if you are depressed Hucklebridge mixes intellect with humor in a way that can only be described as intoxicating Thank you Dane wherever you are

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Bourbon Author Dane HuckelbridPopular history with a whiskey soaked edge Bourbon is Dane Huckelbridge's artful and imaginative biography of our most well liked and at times controversial spirit that is also a witty and entertaining chronicle of the United States itselfFew commodities figure as prominently or as intimately in the story of the nation as bourbon whiskey Its primary ingredient was discovered by Christopher Columbus Its recipe was perfected on th. This was such a fantastic book I loved it and give it two enthusiastic thumbs up And Bourbon isn't just for bourbon aficionados Yes the book focuses on bourbon but it covers uite a bit of American history as it goes making for an entertaining read for history lovers too I picked this up because I'm married to a bourbon aficionado and I think this book has made me into one too The author starts with the man who is credited with creating the distilling process for hard liuor Now yes I know this isn't bourbon Yet But it's still uite an entertaining story Hard liuor is credited to a monk and dated back to about 1270 The man was known as uite a partier and drinker of wine before he drank himself into a stupor saw Jesus and became a monk Thank You Jesus for the gift of bourbon I won't go chapter by chapter through the book because Dane Huckelbridge tells it so much better than I ever could I learned so much I learned the drunk in public laws of the ancient Aztecs Do you know this For a plebian the first offense resulted in a public shaving of your head and the loss of your house They literally dismantled and took away your house for the first drunk in public offense The second offense Death And it gets worse if you were royalty you were slapped with the death penalty on the first offense I also learned about hard partying Founding Fathers Fifty seven of them once got together to celebrate the signing of the Constitution and their bar tab included 60 bottles claret 54 bottles Madeira 22 bottles porter 12 bottles beer 8 bottles of whiskey 8 bottles of hard cider and 7 bowls of rum punch And some broken glasses and decanters These fun facts are definitely not alone They're sprinkled all throughout the book There are Civil War generals who issue daily rations of whiskey to their men and molasses tidal waves in the streets of Boston relevant I promise and Hatfields McCoys and how the West was won on whiskey a shortage of bourbon during WWII did you know that unrefined whiskey can be used in a bajillion different ways to help a war effort and Prohibition cocktails Women and the baby boomers cocktails and all the way up to 2010 when the first NYC bourbon distillery opened Also sprinkled liberally throughout the book illustrations and photographs They're great I snapped a picture of the one page to text to my hubby Someone in the mid 1800s had placed a classified ad asking for 5000 lbs bacon and 5000 gallons whiskey Hmm I think I could be friends with that guy Then there are the reproductions of the ads from the 1960s and 1970s for various bourbon brands Sunny Brook used the slogan People like you like Sunny Brook and Maker's Mark went with It tastes expensive and is Both were successful ad campaignsThis was not a dense book; very approachable by anyone and everyone I highly recommend that you have a bottle of good sippin' bourbon nearby when you pick it up though; you'll want a glass once you've started reading