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Summary Royal Rebel 107 ✓ ➺ [Download] ➶ Royal Rebel By Dana Taylor ➻ – Prepare ye for a lark as the Robin Hood legend is turned upside down in the award winning romance PRINCESS ROBIN By Dana Taylor The King’s Secret DaughterThe secret daughter of King Richard the Lion Prepare ye for a lark as the Robin Hood legendSuch dominating personalities form an alliance Will love overcome stubborn prideFilled with humor adventure color and romance Princess Robin presents delightful twists to the beloved Sherwood tale Any historical accuracy is strictly coincidentalNote Sexual content may be inappropriate for younger readers. This book was not what what I expected The hero continually lusted after 'the fair maiden' and the heroine continually lusted after the oh so swoon worthy hero uite often it reminded me of fan fiction than an actual novel There were the classic I hate you so much speeches just before declarations of love I think perhaps I was expecting adventure and less romance This book is a romance novel Start to finish I was expecting Robin to do heroic rescues and defy death Instead she was repeatedly rescued and nearly killed herself several times

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Prepare ye for a lark as the Robin Hood legend is turned upside down in the award winning romance PRINCESS ROBIN By Dana Taylor The King’s Secret DaughterThe secret daughter of King Richard the Lion Hearted Princess Robin leads her Merry Men against the tyrannical reign of Prince John Feisty and fearle. I am an enormous fan of Robin Hood–both the original legendspoetry and modern retellings I had previously read a genderbent Robin Hood novel–Robin Lady of Legend by RM ArceJaeger which I really enjoyed and I was hoping to find another adventurous and updated take when I bought Royal Rebel I was sadly disappointedThe following is the blurb on the strength of which I bought this ebookCourageous captivating cunning—the Royal Rebel leads her band of freedom fighters against the tyranny of Prince John Inspired by the classic Errol Flynn film “The Adventures of Robin Hood” “Royal Rebel” twists a beloved legend with humor whimsical imagination and romance Winner of the “Great Expectations” and “Gotcha” contests of the Romance Writers of AmericaThat paragraph is interesting coherent and better edited than this novel Instead of a ‘captiving’ or ‘cunning’ heroine the eponymous Robin is a spoiled hot tempered woman child who never stops to consider the conseuences of her actions It is pounded into our heads time and time again that it is remarkable for her to have assembled her band of youth into a fighting force and indeed it does seem nigh on miraculous; not however because she is a woman as the book takes pains to state every two paragraphs but because she is such a reckless idiot that it’s a wonder her followers didn’t mutiny after one of her many catastrophic decisionsRobin’s love interest Sir Simon of Loxley is even worse When he is introduced the narrative both shows and tells the reader what an arrogant insufferable misogynist he is The reader wonders how Taylor will write his growth as a character such that Robin will actually fall in love with him Short answer She doesn’t Both characters fall in love in spite of their dislike of each other mostly due to their unrestrainable lust which culminates in several rather boring sex scenes which makes them want to bone so much that they can overlook each other’s faults At the end of the novel Sir Simon is pretty much as arrogant and insufferable as ever and he makes it a point to tell Robin at their wedding that ‘a wife obeys her husband’ Charming sentimentThat brings me to my third gripe with this novel despite the sex scenes I looked up halfway through the story and said ‘This is an author who normally writes Christian novels’ It’s not that characters pray to God and have their uestions answered or their fears assuaged; it’s the sudden Complementarianism that rears its head once Robin and Simon start falling in lust I don’t have a problem with Christianity at all but Complementarianism that posits that wives should submit to their husbands and men are appointed by God to be the head of their families bugs the heck out of me and Complementarianism in a book where I was not led to expect it by the cover blurb or any other descriptor makes me all tetchy I was expecting romance and am in fact a semi regular reader of Harleuin novels so I have no problems with it and was prepared for purple prosey sex scenes which happen in better novels but the fact that the sex was so heavily focused on had lead me to expect a secular or at least a less fundamental romantic plot line Taylor skirts the problem of premarital sex despite her characters having it by having them pledge to belong to one another from that night on and thus sort of marry themselves in a way Ultimately the romance in this novel was badly written shoehorned in and felt wildly out of characterTo top it all off one would expect a Robin Hood novel even if billed as a romance to contain compelling scenes of action and many acts of derring do but there are probably less actions than sex scenes and those that are there are uninspiring and lack any actual suspense and consist of full on duels or tumbling down mountains rather than woodland guerilla ambushes or longbows Some of the action is either completely unexplained or isn’t even shown on the page being mentioned by a character later on and what is shown explicitly makes the characters seem like even bigger idiotsOverall despite a few cool ideas and some off the wall humor that works because it’s so bizarre and unexpected this novel fails on pretty much all its fronts as either a romance an adventure novel or a story about Robin Hood I’d encourage any readers to opt for the superior Robin Lady of Legend which is entertaining and doesn’t make you want to drown its characters

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Royal RebelSs Robin fights injustice as she awaits the return of her crusading father Will he acknowledge his rustic bandit daughter The King’s SpyArrogant knight extraordinaire Sir Simon of Loxley returns to England as King Richard’s spy Posing as a court jester he encounters the formidable Princess Robin Can. It was really a good read It was interesting to see that it kept your interest all the way through it I could have done without the sex but that is just my opinion I didn't realize when i bought the book on that it was a romance book of a sort but it was still good It had a truly good story I loved Robins attitude throughout it right when you thought a boring part or not so adventurous part was coming up a part that you knew you would just have to read and get through before the good stuff again adventurous or fun stuff Princess Robin would say or do something or Sir Simon would and it really wasn't boring any There seemed to be a lot of comic relief in it but it really wasn't comical as much as it would make me snort with a mock laugh or smile thinking That was good or the common in the beginning of the book seriously he said that to her I really liked in the end when the king recognized her as his daughter I am truly a sucker for stuff like that it seems so sweet and makes me happy I mean who wouldn't want to know they have a faithful child out there and then be surprised in finding them when they thought there was none I enjoyed the book a lot and thought it was well thought out and written I liked the fact that it wasn't written in 1st person I just finished reading another book that while it was really good and all I didn't like that it was written in 1st person it just seemed kind of weird to read to me I was alway taught that you don't write in 1st person cause you want to use me my and I and you are not suppose to then again that was in high school I liked that the end was a settlement of things nicely and neatly ending it without any asking yourself well what is going to happen to this or that And it also ended in a way that you know the wedding was not the end but the beginning of something else but that would be for another story for then anyway I felt content that all of the little issues were neatly folded up and put away Now for what I didn't like There really wasn't much that I didn't like I didn't like how John wasn't really the villain like I had read in other books but Dana Taylors version did make a lot of sense although he ended up seeming like a very one dimensional character I just don't understand how a character can seem to not care about anything in the story line but that is just me I think I thought the description of Basil was terrible The book described him physically but not really personally It was mentioned a few times as to way he was the way he was but not to any sort of point that was on a truly personal level It might have been Mrs Taylor's intention not wanting to draw attention away from her main characters and is absolutely fine just not the complete explanation's that I like but again that is just me personally I read the book because it seemed fun and my 12 year old daughter likes Robin Hood and just finished reading yet another book about Robin Hood so I had Robin Hood on the brain Really I don't understand how you can expect a story about one thing to be interesting when it has been told and retold to death Only so much can be written about the exact same thing and still seem uniue in some way So when I came across the story of Robin Hood but with some major twists but still seeming like the original story i had to read it I really wasn't expecting it to be all the original seeming and all but was uickly surprised within the first 12 pages that it was I think it was worth my time to read and I wasn't disappointed in the least