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The Avengers Free read õ 102 ¸ ❮Reading❯ ➶ The Avengers Author Dan Abnett – Wanda Maximoff the most bewitching Avenger goes it alone in this collection of her solo adventures away from Earth's Mightiest Heroes First the science of cosmic writing team DnA and the magic of the Wanda Maximoff the most bewitchWanda Maximoff the most bewitching Avenger goes it alone in this collection of her solo adventures away from Earth's Mightiest Heroes First the science of cosmic writing team DnA and. I've always been a fan of Scarlet Witch She might even be my favorite female Marvel character alongside Jean Grey This was the only graphic novel readily available to me so I decided to give it a shot It only succeeded in one thing and it's to make me like Scarlet Witch a lot less than I did beforeThe whole collection is a rollercoaster ride full of confusing twists and turns that didn't make sense The collection didn't really showcase the real Scarlet Witch and her potentials She has a huge potential but this collection put that potential to waste She needs proper treatment and I might just have to look elsewhere for that155 stars Not the worst comic book collection out there but it made me dislike a character that I really like I hope I find another collection that can really showcase who Scarlet Witch is Highly recommended to avoid this graphic novel

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The magic of the Scarlet Witch combine in true comic book alchemy Now Wanda must confront very personal demons pitting her uncanny hex powers against horrifically twisted versions o. This book is so bad it's hilariousI understand the material is old it's stuff from the 70's it was a different time back then and comics are still not that kind towards women ButI recommend this only if youa Want to have every feminist bone in your body broken horriblyb Want to read a series of useless stories that defy common sensec Want to see Wanda in a swimsuit Really I can't even begin to imagine what they were thinking when they republished all this junk I'll try to go through it story by storyDark DesignsThis one is about a 100 pages of the book and is very well titled because one presumes this was all the writer had in mind It seems to be the precursor to every stereotypical male fantasy imaginable including Women being helpless left and right whether they are warrior women or career superheroes A lot of shots of butts in the name of combat or training A whole page of Spiderwoman taking a shower Bondage and tentacle fetishes The most skimpy impractical costumes on God's green earthNo really if you though Elizabeth Olsen's babydoll dress in the movie was not a good idea for battle compare it to the book version And then there's the villain in the shadows Lore who I wished would stay in the shadows because she's embarassing to look atThere's also tons of dramatic narration as if we can't see what's happening Obviously storytelling has changed uite a bit over the years since no writer would endeavour to describe a crypt in words when there's a two page panel of it In summary a torture to readCross FireThere's an appearance by Doctor Strange in this one just so you can understand how he got his nameSome people on the set of a movie accidentally conjure up a fire breathing creature that starts rampaging on the streets of Greenwich and it's up to Wanda to save them Only she won't for most of the storyShe runs in to ask Doctor Strange for help god knows why and he insists they have tea first Wanda gently points out that the city is being destroyed Cut to panel of them having teaWHAT THE # But it's all ok because the monster is just misunderstood and they send it home like in a cute children's story AwwwIn summary mind meltingly stupid A Love that Never DiesLest you be excited by that James Bond esue title don't be It was a completely pointless story where Wanda kinda sparkles at this grim reaper dude who elopes with her friendThe EndIn summary Vision is her husband WEIRDYesterdaysFor those who were curious about how the general public perceived the Scarlet Witch this story tells you it was Daaaamnnn she's fine Wanda waltzes into one of Harvard's libraries with the uinjet and full Lauren Bacall outfit to consult some rare books on witchcraft Psst I'm pretty sure she could have gone in as a normal person in jeansThen she meets this suspicious dude with the eye popping sideburns who invites her back for dinner Ladies when a man says he wants to show you his collection of rare books that's not what he meansAs it turns out he really doesn't like magic people like Wanda so he uses a magic spell to send her soul back to the past with her ancestor If you take drinks from a total stranger you might wake up as a pirateBut the Scarlet Witch isn't put off by a little thing like that so a few pages of plundering consulting and a guy in a Scooby Doo costume later she gets back to the present It turns out that her pirate ancestor Lucy was way interesting than Wanda Then the intrepid Avenger tricks the Pastmaster into taking down the shield and reclaims her body to chase after the villain Only she was feeling dizzy for a bit so he gets awayIn summary Algorithm of LifeIn this one we again get treated to a pointless encounter by a digital creepy crawly called Pixil who gets eaten by a bigger digital creepy crawly called Ars Magna who both get done in by a teenage hacker who accidentally helps Wanda get awayIn summary More tentacles BleurghBirth of a WitchSo we get to the actual new story here where Wanda first activates her powers Spoiler She's favoured by some god whose name is collection of random consonants There is a gypsy ueen a witch ueen a baroness a werewolf a sorcerer and a desert demon all which should have made for a good story but didn't It was just uninterestingIn summary Lots of people in belly dancers' outfits and some magic chantingAvengers OriginsThen at the very end we finally get to see how uicksilver and his sister ended up in the Avengers team At first they're running helter skelter in some European village and become the targets of a witch hunt when a certain metal bending mutant swoops in It turns out that knowing Magneto is their dad is a bit too much for Pietro so Magneto locks him up for his own good Wanda breaks him out and all hell breaks loose Well not really they just go into hiding for a bit and end up with the Avengers In summary Why is everyone wearing XXL underpants They're taking up all the screen timeI emphatically suggest you don't read this one

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The AvengersF the West Coast Avengers COLLECTING SCARLET WITCHAVENGERS ORIGINS SCARLET WITCH UICKSILVER MATERIAL FROM MARVEL TEAM UPSOLO AVENGERS MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS MYSTIC ARCANA SCARLET WIT. Urgh the outfit choices in the earlier comics especially are really annoying what is basically a bathing suit and a cape is absolutely the first choice a woman goes to when walking in the snow right Just no Also all of the stories collected here are a bit of a missmash Definitely not a collection for anybody wanting to find out about Scarlet Witch imo