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The Beast Side Living and Dying While Black in America Free download à 100 Û ➽ [Reading] ➿ The Beast Side Living and Dying While Black in America By D. Watkins ➲ – A New York Times Best SellerSearing Dispatches from the Urban Zones Where African American Men HavA New York Side Living PDFEPUB #194 Times Best SellerSearing Dispatches from the Urban Zones Where African American Men Have Become an Endangered SpeciesTo many in the age of Obama America had succeeded in “going beyond race” putting the divisions of the past behind us And then seventeen The Beast MOBI #207 year old Trayvon Martin was shot by a wannabe cop in Florida and then eighteen year old Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri and then Balti blew up and then gunfire shattered a prayer meeting at a church in. “D Watkins is a very sharp young talent who transformed himself from a dealer on the streets to an adjunct professor and most important to a leading voice of his generation who is determined to see justice for the black community The Beast Side is raw intelligent and at times humorous—and a necessary narrative in these challenging times” —Michael Eric Dyson author of The Black Presidency Barack Obama and the Politics of Race In AmericaThe jarring sometimes depressing often enlightening narrative that encompasses the 208 pages of “The Beast Side” is one of a troubled America through the eyes of Balti left to grapple with unresolved and newly developed issues We are touched by the narrative; all of us whether Black White Native American Latino Asian or a combination thereof We are this narrative; the outline that provided a perfect landscape for D Watkins to masterfully and horrifically connect the dotsMore than I can personally recall we have become wholly desensitized to the cruel and barbaric nature of our burgeoning society We have learned to turn a blind eye to a reality that is continually festering and rearing an ugliness many are simply hoping would one day fade away perhaps into the same abyss as Beowulf’s monster Grendel; and return reborn renewed hopeful We have become an ensemble of wishers and waiters certain that if we wait and wish long enough a brighter day is just over the horizon while we wallow in the muck of a suffocating darkness We are the old man and the depth of his miseryIt was like the misery felt by an old manwho has lived to see his son’s bodyswing on the gallows He begins to keenand weep for his boy watching the ravengloat where he hangs he can be of no helpThe wisdom of age is worthless to him Morning after morning he wakes to rememberthat his child has gone; he has no interestin living on until another heiris born in the hall –BeowulfD Watkins delivers this message effortlessly Revealing that the hell that strikes consternation in the hearts of many is pulchritudinous to others and that we are now living in a poorly composed polyphony The truly brutal truth that we of every race do not want to admit exists He invites us to peer through a peephole that reveals an almost unconscionable reality that people do live in the imperfections of a world that they did not create but were relegated to reside inside of until madness or death took them to the edge of and over that horizon He reminds us that the levels of unfeelingness is not only alive but is procreating and regenerating into unidentifiable high tolerance formations that eat at our flesh and gnaw ad infinitum on our skeletal remainsIn the opening passages Watkins writes“ I participated in a peaceful protest near downtown Balti My fellow protesters and I were standing in solidarity with the citizens of Ferguson Missouri over the murder of Mike Brown — an innocent African American teen who was on his way to college when he was cut down by a policeman’s bullets It felt good to unite with so many different people for the same cause — a diverse group with handmade signs and a shared sense of outrage But even as we shouted for justice I knew it wasn’t enough from my experiences in rallying for the Jena Six and Trayvon Martin I do have an immense amount of respect for protestors marchers and organizers — but in the end after all that chanting marching and lying down in traffic Darren Wilson the cop who murdered Brown still went free and cops in America still feel comfortable killing innocent black peopleWatkins writes from where his bucket was cast; delivering unapologetic prose that undeniably was intended at least I hope to make as many people as uncomfortable as possible If this was not his purpose it perhaps should have been; he does it magnificently He is a Baltian a Native from the BEastside of this apoplectic metropolis wearing the city like a pair of comfortable shoes Watkins’ voice is the voice of the many children and residents I have heard speaking their complex language during the 23 years that I have resided in Balti It is a voice that roars without echo Throughout the book Watkins takes us on a journey through the gritty and often dismal straits of a beautiful wonderland It is easy to become enveloped by the stories and easier to embrace the cast of characters that invisibly occupy seventy percent of the crowded Charm City streets His childhood friends money making comrades food providing saints and blood thirsty enemies give color and illumination to what could easily become defined as a symphony of urban sorrowThe Beast Side is a reminder a wake up call a prosaic tour of a world we know so well and others view in awe It awakens the selectively blind to the countless injustices that have become our miserable expectation It explains why we cannot lay aside our warrior selves; preparing our sword our words our hearts and our souls for what our 400 years of intuitive DNA reveal to usThe battle continues The war of race face and ineuality rages on The emergence of another enemy lurking in waiting in the shadows for their opportunity to leap is absolute The difference is that the 18th century mentalities are not yet aware that they are fighting against a 21ST CENTURY ARMYD Watkins has composed a thinkers book in The Beast Side There is the desire to pause in contemplation and reflection after each chapter And like the calm after a Tsunami or the annihilation of Grendel by a chirping bird’s song Watkins ends withYes it was the image of a Black man in the White House that maybe has made it a little easier for us to make our way through the day or at least to get a ride But Uber has probably changed the racial dynamic in the cab industry than Obama has Because of Uber cabs can’t afford to discriminate against me any longer The cab industry had no choice but to changeAmerica needs a game changing Uber shift in the political arena–a massive influx of minority activists politicians educators and history makers One Black man cannot bring about that change but an army of people committed to making opportunity available for everybody can and willYeah it’s that simple

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Ly predatory lawmen Throughout it all he pursued his education earning a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University while staying rooted in his communityWhen black residents of Balti finally decided they had had enough after the brutal killing of twenty five year old Freddie Gray while in police custody Watkins was on the streets when the city erupted He writes about his bleeding hometown with the razor sharp insights of someone who bleeds along with it Here are true dispatches from the other side of Americ. Now that I work at a library I see all kinds of books come across my desk This book did so and immediately caught my eye On the heels of protests in Balti Ferguson and around the country in the context of #Black Lives Matters and the countless inexplicable wasteful deaths of black Americans all around the United States this book couldn't be relevant And even better instead of being written by a sympathetic white liberal this was written by a young African American male from the bad part of Balti a little richer in education but still aware of what is going on in the eye of the storm So of course I had to read thisIt is a short read but I wouldn't say an easy one There's too much to understand to digest To fully grasp the levels of deprivation and poverty inherent in the Balti neighborhoods where Watkins grew up The enormous death toll of violence and poverty poor diets poor medical care availability and poor opportunities to better themselves and escape the hells he described I think this small but powerful collection of Watkin's writing most if not all is available online I believe where Watkins writes for publications like Salon is most important because it is so in your face It makes you think about poverty and prejudice and rigged systems and hopelessness and anger and really face the issues at stake here It feels real It's not perfect and Watkin's understandable palpable rage can make for uncomfortable reading But it's important So important to understand what life is like for so many citizens of this country and why something needs to be done to give them an eual chance at the life to which mainstream white Americans claim entitlementRead this book Please It's short and you may not love it It may make you angry It should make you sad and uncomfortable I hope it makes you willing to listen and ready to act Because it's time people stand up behind voices like Watkins and help us all enact the change we need in our country today

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The Beast Side Living and Dying While Black in AmericaCharleston South Carolina Suddenly the entire country Beast Side Living eBook #180 awakened to a stark fact African Americans particularly young black men are an endangered speciesNow the country’s urban war zone is brought powerfully to life by a rising young literary talent D Watkins The author fought his way up on the east side the “beast side” of Beast Side Living and Dying EpubBalti Maryland or “Body Murderland” as his friends call it surviving murderous business rivals in the drug trade and eual. Absolutely phenomenal Best book I have read this year While I would recommend this to anyone and everyone it held special meaning to me as someone who lives right outside of Balti and visits mainly for concerts movies at the Charles or the Senator and cultural events I knew the space I knew the areas as an outsider but none of it was made so real and personal to me until reading Watkins' essays