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Brightness Sailors Bit by Bit review µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Û ❴Download❵ ➽ Brightness Sailors Bit by Bit Author Yanting Gueh – There's a fickle stream in Grandma's head Trickling thrashing dark and cold Thoughts that fill her world are hard to holdEn's grandma is losing heUt to bring Brightness from their past and releases them to relight Grandma's world Will Grandma remember themA picture eboo. I chose to give this book five stars for such a great book for sharing with little ones why their grandma or grandpa cannot share their old stories or perhaps forgetting how to read or forgetting many other things they once knew I liked it I thought it was very thoughtfully and lovingly explained and easy hopefully for the very young to grasp this idea of their grandparent not being all they once were I recommend this book for parents to read and show these pictures to their very young who are worried and confused about how their loved ones are or have have changed from what they once knew these older folks were and are not the same any I received this book free and in exchange I have done this review that she said she wouldlike for me to do and post for all you future readers and viewers alike You did a great job with the story and the illustrations inthis book and have done in past books that I have already read and reviewed By Angela

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Are hard to holdEn's grandma is losing her hold on clear thoughts and memories It is a scary and lonely place So En sails o. This is a beautiful rhyming story of a child trying to understand what is happening to her Grandma The little girl En notices that her grandma does not remember many of the stories she use to share with her and her family What can she do to bring her grandma's memories back She sets out in her small boat to light a lantern over the water to find answers of her grandma's memory This story brought me to tears My dad suffered from dementia I could feel this En's pain her wanting her grandmother to have her memory back All we can do is remember the stories they have shared with us along with the days we have spent with them and pass those memories on to others Sometimes if you talk to the person with memory loss you can see a spark of memory that then fades away like a light fading slowly waiting to go outCarry Their Memories With YouI applaud my friend and author Claudine Gueh in writing such a wonderful endearing story This story will help children and adults to endure with patience any adult with memory loss You may even learn something very important about their past That fickle stream within their head I did with my fatherI highly recommend this bookI rated this book a 5 out of 5Disclosure I received a free copy of this book from Carry Us Off BookClaudine Gueh for review I was in no compensated for this review This review is my honest opinion

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Brightness Sailors Bit by BitThere's a fickle stream in Grandma's Bit by PDFEPUB #230 head Trickling thrashing dark and cold Thoughts that fill her world. Claudine Gueh has a magical touch poetic and surreal a very unusual style for picture book texts Brightness Sailors Bit by Bit deals with the difficult topic of watching an elderly relative slip away mentally But with Gueh's sense of wonder peace and optimism the little girl in the story and therefore the reader can focus on the joyous memories still remaining in the old woman's heart The intensely colored folkart style drawings by Cruel Hashbrown an artists' collective make you feel like you're swirling inside memory itselfHave tissues nearby This book is gloriously bittersweet