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Ebook Î Mr Norris Changes Trains å 230 pages È Helpyouantib ´ [KINDLE] ❆ Mr Norris Changes Trains By Christopher Isherwood – Helpyouantib.co.uk After a chance encounter on a train the English teacher William Bradshaw starts a close friendship with the mildly sinister Arthur Norris NorrisUblished in Mr Norris Changes Trains piuantly evokes the atmosphere of Berlin during the rise of the Mr Norris PDFEPUBNazis What I expected from this book Suave homosexual man has affair with Englishman he met on a train in Berlin against the backdrop of the rise of Nazism What I got from this book Weird possibly bisexual man gets into too much trouble with the authorities because of his schemes to make money while his possibly bisexual friend tries to protect him from himself It's a good book with fantastically understated writing but it's a far cry from what I expected I also didn't see the point Not all fiction must have a point it can exist simply for the sake of itself but here given the structure and the characters it feels as if Isherwood should have delivered Apart from offering a screenshot of Berlin at the crossroads of History I didn't uite see the idea behind the story In any case it's a good fast read great to get into Isherwood

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After a chance encounter on a train the English teacher William Bradshaw starts a close friendship with the mildly sinister William Bradshaw an Englishman living in Berlin meets on the train Mr Norris He is remarkable and I may even say sophisticated person; by turns charming and crafty narcissistic and vain his manners and attire are elegant and impeccable and his approach to life may be summed up in his own words I only wish to have three sorts of people as my friends those who are very rich those who are very witty and those who are very beautiful No wonder that from the first moment William is fascinated by Arthur Norris and accidental meeting right away turns into friendshipWilliam in good faith and due to innate gullibility I show him a little mercy not naming it stupidity attends new friend's life He accompanies Arthur to Berlin's underworld engages in political activity and convinced about his financial problems let himself get entangled in spy affair His interest and friendship to Norris does not falter despite warnings from other friends and Arthur's opaue explanations about his finances dubious activities and disreputable acuaintances Mr Norris changes trains is very well written novel with great evocation of prewar Berlin its inhabitants and decadent atmosphere And though we can sense overwhelming presence of coming Nazis novel has ironic touch and abounds in hilarious incidents Isherwood focuses predominantly on Norris but also introduces distinctive and memorable supporting characters like Baron Pregnitz indulging himself with peculiar likings Olga rather resourceful woman she was a procuress a cocaine seller and a receiver of stolen goods; she also let lodgings took in washing and when in mood did exuisite fancy needlework dominattrix Anni or devious Arthur's assistant Schmidt of whom Arthur used to say those who are foolish enough to keep snakes as pets usually have cause to regret it sooner or later We can observe born of the fascism participate in communist rally and drunken orgy as well and our pockets are empty due to galloping inflation But in the turn of events step by step we're coming to the truth of the real Arthur's face and in the end despite his ridiculous excuses and attempts to justify himself we can even oddly enough pity him though we can’t deny that he got exactly what he deserved And I may assure you that it was not Anni's whip at all

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Mr Norris Changes TrainsArthur Norris Norris is a man of contradictions lavish but heavily in debt excessively polite but sexually deviant First p It's nice to be back with Isherwood This novel is nice Well it's Isherwood nice Meaning it's all great until something horrible happens and then he stamps on your heart and never looks back This is a fantastic study of male friendship in the 30s aka hella gay and of the rise of Nazism It odd seeing just how much the people in this novel don't like Hitler or the Nazis even though this was published in 1933 they don't even know what's coming I must read Isherwood and so must you If you haven't read Isherwood then ugh what are you doing with your life