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Naughty in NorwayD country She is even stunned to discover that the bikers are normal guys if perhaps even physically imposing than your average Viking Alreck Falstad a ’” blond tattooed stand in for a Norse god catches her eye but also scares her to death Just as Vail is starting to enjoy herself at the party something truly frightening occurs The evening is abruptly. This is a 25 star for me It's a bit than okay but not exactly enjoyable for me The premise of the story is a bit of a stretch but it does go with this series and that's fine There are two things which bothered me about this story contrived plot device and annoying charactersIn order for this story to work there had to be immense miscommunication This is not one of the plot devices I like If Alreck just explained it to Vail this story would not exist So it is a mix for me From a character perspective Vail is a bit annoying for me She's not the type of female I enjoy reading about because of her lack of maturity at times And her inability to discuss with with Alreck frustrated me to no end Alreck is an okay character He's the stoic sexy dangerous manThe sexual tension between the Alreck and Vail was fine The kinky parts are a nice slightly dark erotica with dub con Overall the story is a fast and easy read Those who enjoy capture and kidnapping stories this is the one for you

Summary Naughty in Norway

Naughty in Norway Free read Û E-book, or Kindle E-pub å ❮Read❯ ➶ Naughty in Norway ➺ Author Christine Edwards – Vail Fillion has left her home in Huntington Beach California to study Scandinavian Culture in Oslo Norway But she gets her first real taste of culture shock when sCut short by a brutal crime and she is the lone witness Before she can make it to the cops Vail is drugged loaded into Alreck’s truck and transported to his remote cabin in the Lofoten Islands Why has Alreck kidnapped her and what are his plans with her in his snowy haven Is he her savior her nemesis or both Even if she could escape would she truly want. MehIt's smut with the hero playing part protector part captorWHat can I say

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Vail Fillion has left her home in Huntington Beach California to study Scandinavian Culture in Oslo Norway But she gets her first real taste of culture shock when she goes along with her friend Lisetta to a wild party at her cousin’s biker bar Vail is surprised to find such a large Naughty in PDF or group of motorcycle enthusiasts in this often snow boun. I really can't blame the author for my dismal attempt at reading this book when there were so many red flags everywhere starting with that awfully campy title The blurb indicated this would be an MC story set in Norway and because of personal reasons I was interested in reading about a story of this genre in this unusual settingThe book was not all bad I have to say the setting in Norway felt authentic and I could feel the author's true appreciation for this beautiful underrated often spoofed country with its uniue geography friendly inhabitants rich culture and fascinating history But this isn't a travellogue it is supposed to be a romantic suspense set in a rough and tough biker world so all these little breaks in the plot where the heroine admires the Northern Lights or takes a field trip with her captor to a Viking museum really rang false and became unintentionally comical I mean the heroine had thousands of opportunities of screaming out for help and she did not bat an eyelash The one time she plans for an escape it is so ridiculously poorly thought out that I was seriously concerned that hypothermia had set on her brainI could have done with all the plot holes wooden dialogue and implausible story if it was not for the VERY VERY annoying pet peeve I have of books that name drop consumer brands to the point that I start suspecting if there is a Hollywood type product placement deal in place between the writer and the numerous companies she touts We start off with the heroine commenting on her Armani coat that she got at a consignment sale Then move on to her brushing her hair with her Kent boar bristle travel brush that she takes out of her black leather Prada cross body purse In the midst of a full on kidnapping by a shady character with a prison record our heroine's inner monologue pauses long enough to admire her captor's stainless steel gas range and a deep sink set in a decent sized granite island She twists her hair in her tortoise colored Ficcare hair clip remarks how her good moisturizer instantly refreshes her and applies Sugar brand lip balm to her rosy bow shaped lips I didn't know if I was reading about a kidnapping or a particularly creative J Peterman catalogue written by Elaine Benice LMFAOI have had similar issues with her other books which to be honest I had forgotten that I had tried to read in the past but all the name dropping of brands refreshed my memory You know Kind of like my skin gets refreshed when I apply a cool swipe of Pond's face cream after taking a steamy Bed Bath and Beyond Eucalyptus scented bubble bath in my Kohler rectangular alcove bathtub with right hand drain