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The Ruthless Italians Inexperienced Wife review Ê 104 ï ➺ [Reading] ➼ The Ruthless Italians Inexperienced Wife By Christina Hollis ➯ – Nanny Cheryl Lane has been summoned to Tuscany by billionaire Marco Rossi His ruthless brooding reputation precedes him Marco has hired Cheryl to loNanny Cheryl Lane has Italians Inexperienced eBook #180 been summoned to Tuscany by billionaire Marco Rossi His ruthless brooding reputation precedes him Marco h. Boring hero boring heroine boring plot boring little boy I always like kids in romances The hero is a real pill I started this book on April 22 2013 and finished it on December 22 2013 Why I stuck with it is beyond me It was in my desk drawer at work and I'd periodically read a few pages but reading it in small doses didn't make it any palatable One star is the lowest rating I can give this book there is no star to pick Don't bother with this one recycle it or donate it to the thrift store

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As hired Cheryl to look after his orphaned nephew But little does he realize that he has employed such a ripe young beauty She may try to hide her luscious curve. This book was dreadful I should have put it down right from the get go instead I pushed myself and finished it Ugh The scenes and dialogues are so cringe worthy and dramatic Nothing makes sense In one scene alone Cheryl goes from hot to cold back to hot for Marco in like 1 short paragraph All the characters are so one dimensional no real story development and it's worse than predictableit's BORING We never get to find out just what happened in Cheryl's past with Nick Marco is like a rough but kind sweet uncle who tries to care for his nephew Cheryl is a complete mess with her 'lust' for Marco but wanting to hide behind her nanny uniform cause of her 'past' with Nick I feel like Marco and Cheryl are simply placed together by the author simply because why not despite the circumstances Cheryl is alone during a bad storm in a mansion looking after the poor nephew and when the storm gets bad the hero Marco shows up to help clam Cheryl and set things right There was no witty exchanges between the two main characters Just lots of boring and cringe worthy and head shaking scenes And that endinganti climatic much Seriously Cheryl you think that is the way to go Ugh Save yourself the hassle and just give this book a HARD PASS

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The Ruthless Italians Inexperienced WifeS beneath a dowdy uniform but Marco's no foolThe The Ruthless PDFEPUB or desire to unbutton the prim Miss Lane is so temptingand he never could resist a challeng. This is a very tame story by an unambitious writer The characters have no personality the situations are hackneyed and the descriptions are trite There has been no attempt at research and the details are therefore vague and implausibleThis is a writer who is afraid to express herself My advice to her is choose a new pen name find a laptop you can use in bed lock out any stray cats flatmates children or husbands put on some silk pyjamas prop yourself up on masses of pillows and let rip You'll feel much better for it