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Protetta dai poteri Magic Magic ePUB #185 magici delle streghe della Congrega D'Anu Copper Ashcroft è abbastanza forte da toccare con mano la terribile realtà dell'Oltremondo la patria di tutte le presenze demoniache che in una dimensione parallela rispetto a uella terrestre minacciano di distruggere l'ordine naturale delle cose uesto reame oscuro però rischia di rivela The Dark Sorcery series continues with The Seduced Copper Ashcroft’s story I highly recommend you read the series in order starting with The Forbidden to have the full understanding of the overall storyline and the details and background on all the characters involved Otherwise I think you will be lost in chaos and not able to truly enjoy the book This is a thrilling fast paced series full of activity including action suspense and romance It will keep you on the edge of your seat as you readIf you have read Silver’s story in The Forbidden Copper’s story picks up where it ended Life goes on for Silver Hawk the other witches and warriors as they continue to search for a way to stop Darkwolf and his evil minions and Silver still holds on to the hope that her sister Copper is alive and will return someday; she received a message telling her so and she refuses to believe otherwise She will see her sister again All the while we learn about what happened to Copper on the night she disappeared 15 months prior and where she has been and what she has been doing since She misses her family her city and her life in general and she refuses to stop trying to get home She feels herself growing stronger with time and knows before long she will succeed and be free From the dream visions she has been having she knows it must be soon because something dark and sinister is coming for her and her sister and she must get free in time to help her sister and the others fight the evil closing in While she has been away she has also met some magical new allies that will help guide and assist her and the others when it matters most As the dark forces get closer to their goal her dream visions become vivid and terrifying From the disturbing images she sees she cannot help but wonder if this will be a battle she will survive or if fighting Darkwolf and his minions will ultimately bring about her demiseTiernan is a Tuatha D’Danann warrior who answered Silver’s summons for aid and crossed over from Otherworld with several other warriors to fight Darkwolf and his followers and stop them from bringing forth an ultimate evil that will destroy them all While waiting for Silver and the other witches to use their gifts to try to foresee what is to come he cannot help but study and envy the bond between Silver and Hawk his brother warrior Though he sees similarities between himself and his brother warrior there is one major thing that stands outhe is nobility and Lord of the House of Cathal in Otherworld Upon completion of their mission he has duties and responsibilities to return to in his world and has no time for dalliances with humans otherwise being a means to an end However every time Silver mentions her sister or he glances at the picture of her he feels unsettled and tightness in his chest and all thoughts of duty and obligation leave his mind When he finally comes face to face with the lovely Copper things become complicated as their attraction and feelings grow How can he feel for her and perform his duty to his family and how will she act when she learns the truthAs Copper’s dream visions grow stronger and become clearer it will take than warriors’ strength and witchcraft to save the worlds from the terrifying evil that awaits them This will be the second huge battle of good versus evil and even with all the strength and magic at their disposal it still may not be enough and all may not surviveI was provided with an ARC of this book by the author and am voluntarily leaving my honest review

mobi Seduced by Magic Magic Series #2

Seduced by Magic Magic Series #2Tante sconfiggere le creature maledette dell'Oltremondo Un pericolo contro cui la pura e semplice violenza non può ottenere nulla e nei confronti del uale persino la magia delle streghe non sembra bastare perché soltanto attraverso la loro unione Copper e Tiernan scopriranno il punto debole del buio capovolgendo grazie alla passione gli esiti di una battaglia già segnat The Seduced I love the whole witches and warlocks It was a great story of suspense and surprises The cover is hot and characters were fantastic I loved this second book the best so far I love how Cheyenne McCray wrote this story it was so good and she kept the readers on the edge of our seats

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mobi ô Seduced by Magic Magic Series #2 Paperback Ü ❰Download❯ ➵ Seduced by Magic Magic Series #2 Author Cheyenne McCray – Protetta dai poteri magici delle streghe della Congrega D'Anu Copper Ashcroft è abbastanza forte da toccare con mano la terribile realtà dell'Oltremondo la patrRsi una trappola mortale per la bellissima strega almeno finché sulla via della Luce il destino le accorda di incontrare Tiernan un valente guerriero della Confraternita di Tuatha D'Danann Per Copper Tiernan non è soltanto una guida né un semplice alleato Ma Seduced by MOBI #207 i desideri che attraggono i due campioni del Bene sono minacciati da una missione più impor Awesome read A brilliant continuation of the story from book one Copper and Tiernan are such wonderful characters and their chemistry is off the chartsThere is so much going on in this book that you dont get the chance to take a breath fast paced intruiging scary and very very compellingThis is a must read it you like storys with wonderful strong characters and a diverse twisting plot Oh and dont forget the scortching hot males lol