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summary Promise Me a Rainbow Five Star Standard Print Romance ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Promise Me a Rainbow Five Star Standard Print Romance By Cheryl Reavis – Two lonely people scarred by betrayal and tragedy believe that love is lost toThey willing to risk being together despite their misgivings Neither can ignore the love that uickly blossoms between them Maybe they can have a wonderful life together if only Joe’s still grieving Me a Rainbow Five Star Kindle older daughter Della will accept a new woman in her father’s life True love versus reality Can Catherine handle his ready made family Or is there in store for her than she thin. 5 STARS Well I laughedcried and smile through the book Thier are some sex scenes swearwords in the book so beware Catherine Holben saw gnome in the front of a window at a store by her bus stop She ended up buying it The store owner asked if she could give the man who had to sell them her address He did not want to part with them but he needed the money Catherine agreed Catherine is a nurse who is teaching pregnant girls how to take care of thier baby now and when they came in the future Catherine husband divorced her because he wanted children and she could not have them Her husband John still wanted them to be friends Even invited her to his wedding While she was yelling at her ex husband for leaving her because he wanted children A man and his little girl were outside her apartment and heard some of the fight The man turned to the little girl and said lets go He told her now was not a good time to talk to Ms Holben The little girl wanted just to give her his business card He said no The man dropped his daughter off at home and went back to work Fritz the little girl waited for her Joe to leave She then went and got on a bus a stop away Then she rode another bus and got off at the apartment building Fritz went up and knocked on the door She handed the business card to the lady Catherine invited her in She was cold and wet so Catherine put the afgan around her and let her the see the humble figurine that she had named Finally Fritz gave in and called her brother but her dad Joe was home Joe wife died when Fritz was just 2Fritz was the youngest of three at 7 Della the oldest 16 Charlie at 15 Right now his business of construction was slow right now Fritz called Joe by his first name a while back he doesn't know why she did Fritz told Catherine all about her and her family That she called her dad Joe so he would not die on her Fritz tried not to be any trouble She loved the figurine and had voted to sell them when they had a family meeting Joe could not believe that they meant so much to Fritz but he really did not have a choice at the time He agreed that Fritz could come and visit the gnomes when Catherine invited the little girl Fritz is a cutie Della is a spoiled brat Charlie is usually in his own world Sasha the 13 year old who is one of the pregnant girls in Catherine class You just want to hug her I liked the story and cared about the thier world and what happens to them I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley 05072012 PUB Bell Bridge Books

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Handsome hardworking Joe D’Amaro a widower and father of three and his daughter Fritz But Joe needs help with Fritz a seven year old dynamo She’s a precocious but headstrong little girl who’s impossible to resist and he is too proud to admit it Joe and Me a Rainbow eBook #8608 Catherine are cautious about making a commitment to each other They both know the joy and heartache of falling in love but are. This contemporary story is about Catherine and Jonathan who have divorced sometimes earlier because they cannot have children and Jonathan wants them desperately Jonathan tells Catherine that he is getting married again and leaves her apartment On the stairs are Joe and Fritz who overhear much of the conversation They leave without talking to CatherineEarlier that afternoon Catherine bought a gnome sculpture at a resale store and the owner of the shop asked for her home number and name She felt that the family would want to buy the gnome sculpture back when they had the money Joe's family hated selling it but were financially strappedFritz sneaks away from home and goes back to see the gnomes and Catherine is so nice that Fritz fantasizes about Catherine being her mother To earn money Catherine has become a school teacher for pregnant girls to keep them in high school Catherine was a nurse and is prepared to teach the girls about prenatal nutrition emotional health and getting ready to care for a baby full timeThis is a complex plotline with lots going on through the story Having worked with pregnant females I found the story to be accurate and just as sad as it is in real life

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Promise Me a Rainbow Five Star Standard Print RomanceTwo lonely people scarred by betrayal and tragedy a Rainbow ePUB #9734 believe that love is lost to them foreverDeserted by her husband because she couldn’t have children Catherine Holben has thrown herself into her job counseling pregnant teens Catherine is still recovering from the pain of her divorce but her life is changed forever when she makes Promise Me PDF a purchase in a uaint curio shop She meets. A really good story about people finding happiness unexpectedly As usual with Cheryl Reavis we have a finely woven plot linking characters in the most unusual and heartwarming ways This is a romantic story but also a story about a family or forming new familiesThe characters are wonderfully layered and complex Joe and Catherine both with emotional scars and a lot of baggage Joe’s children and the other secondary characters The dialogue is vivid – although sometimes Fritz’s utterances seem much older than her years – and the action had enough twists to keep me interested until the endI found it cute that the freuent telephone calls between characters reveal a not so recent historical period but the story is still a powerfully emotional readSome aspects were not solved as well as I would like – with Joe’s recalcitrant daughter Della or with his evil sister in law – but those were minor details 4 solid stars