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Forever Yours Free download ↠ 107 È ➶ [Reading] ➸ Forever Yours By Charlotte Featherstone ➫ – Despite their love for each other lovemaking has become routine and predictable for the Duke and Duchess of Sutcliffe Desperate to save their marriage they begin exchanging passionate erotic missives DespiteDespite their love for each other lovemaking has become routine and predictable for the Duke and Duchess of Sutcliffe Desp. Wow Now that is what I call an incredible short story with a hint of erotica The story is based on a couple who've lost the spark in their marriageAfter 10 years of marriage and four children They treat each other as if they're auantices who are around to take care of their children and everyday dutiesnothing So they just stopped showing interest in one another The sentiments that Christian and Elizabeth HH had before they got married and had kids is just not the same anyLike the long conversations the touching and KissingNow it just feels like they've become strangers towards one anotherIn my opinion I think this happens a lot in peoples marriages they tend to forget and put everything else first our first priorities will always be our children then everything else takes place from there But there is one thing we should never forgetkeeping our marriages or relationships together sticking it through the good and the bad So rekindling bringing that spark back in the marriage and having open communication is a must That is why I loved this novel I think many of you will love it too and maybe even relate too the story Like what happens when you finally want to get intimate with your spouse but then you have your kids who cry because they want to sleep in your bed or you miss getting naughty anywhere everywhere you go or being able to get up say Let's do this many other things These are just a few of my examplesHere's a perfect uote that was said in this novel that I loved “ A marriage is like a garden It needs to be tended year after year To be cultivated and fed And when the weeds begin to sprout as they always do they need to be plucked—immediately Sometimes love just isn’t enough to keep two people together Once Elizabeth and Christian finally hop on track and realize they're not happy but are willing to try different things bring excitement back into their marriage is where the hint of Erotica comes in It was perfect I couldn't have asked for to the story I recommend this novel to just about anyone If you like reading stories about families love and devotion and also like your erotica romance novels as well This novel is just for you

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Erate to save their marriage they begin exchanging passionate erotic missives detailing needs and fantasies they never bef. CharactersElizabeth – Is not only a lady of the ton but a Duchess to boot Married to a man she loves friends with a most dashing artist – who is her true friend Mother of four children that are apparently part and parcel of the problems that she is having with the DukeChristian – Husband to Elizabeth and also the man who is not getting what he wants out of his marriage – his wife He knows he loves her he loves his kids and he knows no other man will have her – but how can he prove this to herThe PlotElizabeth and Christian are in a rut as much as their feelings for each other have not changed over the years the passion has somehow died from their relationshipBoth people seems to just be going through the motions and all other areas of their life takes precedence over the time they take for themselvesChristian has just about had enough and he wont compete any for what is his conjugal right Elizabeth – wants but isn’t sure how to go about getting her man – the man she loves backSurprise ElementI have not had much experience with either the author or the Spice label so i was or less winging it Everything about this book was a surprise – The realness of the characters the everyday emotions that is felt by he she and the support cast as well as the fact that the protagonists displayed all the things i love in a HeroHeroine – Christian was all alpha male and Elizabeth was very feminine but knew when her man calls she goes runningPredictabilityNot going there with this book – it did what it was meant to do i bought it – I loved it and not touching that topicSmutIck FactorThe smut was definately what was missing from their life Once they came to an understanding of what they wanted their wish and their fantasy – it was uite exciting to read how slutty this “Lady” wanted to be and how this man wanted to “take” her There was a level of circumspect – that i realized that i have been missing and i realize that i still had the capacity to blush Loved it PositiveI have not read a historical novelnovella in a few years i was finding they were or less the same so this was my first outing with a historical in a long time – Ms Featherstone you have rekindled my love for a genre that i had or less given up onWe are introduced to Elizabeth and Christian after ten years of marriage and four children and with all the drama and trauma that makes up a relationship While that sounds so ordinary i was really impressed with the authors way of bringing to the table the things that are never said in a relationship the hopes the dreams the fantasy and even the hateful things that as soon as they are said you immediately wish them backAnyone who has been in a relationship any length of time will relate to this book The story flowed well and the support cast were just that – supportElizabeth and Christian are friends and lover – but what stood out for me was the fact that one knew when to say sorry and the other knew when the olive branch was being extended Ladies be warned Christian is a dream – simple a dreamAnother positive for me was that i was re introduced to a lot of words that i had forgotten in my time reading erotic romance – so “uim” was one that really made me smile and of course “sennight” For people who read contemporary or even just plain erotic material you know there is no grey area in those books – so it was a pleasure seeing those words and a few other little phrases againNegativeFrom the outset i knew this was a short story – so if i was honest i can’t say the story was too short the book did just what it was meant to do – entertain and it did However i really like the main protagonists and i would have liked to stay with them a little longerCoverAfter reading for a long time i think we all have come to expect a certain image for a certain era or genre – the fact that the cover was erotic than historical does not take away from how wonderful this story isThe anthology cover was also something else that stepped outside of the mold

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Forever YoursOre dared to express Soon they're acting out those fantasies and discovering a consuming desire like none they've ever kno. I'm was searching for a short story that would balance the classic book I was reading and this what I get andI Love Itthe story was sugar spice and everything niceThat deep pang a reader receive on the first chapter just intensifies what will happen between the couplemake or break and it was one way to continue reading itthey were slowy working it out first by exchanging letters like Tell me these fantasies you've had of meWhat if you received a letter like thatthere would be butterflies on your stomachnever thought something on letters could be so sensual mmhmmmand doing what was written and the passion just explodes in full anticipationAmazing