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Spice Merchant‘s Wife Read & Download Ï 104 ð ❰Read❯ ➳ Spice Merchant‘s Wife Author Charlotte Betts – Helpyouantib.co.uk The stunning third novel from award winning historical fiction author Charlotte Betts opening in 1666 at the time of the Great Fire of London1666 Newly married to a wealthy spice merchaThe stunning third novel from award winning historical fiction author Charlotte Betts opening in at the time of the Great Fire Spice Merchant‘s ePUB #10003 of London Newly married to a wealthy spice merchant Kate Finche believes all her dreams of a happy family life are just around the corner until the Great Fire rages through London She watches in horror. I've given this a B for both narration and content at AudioGalsI bought this audiobook on impulse a while back I’d heard of the author but hadn’t read any of her books and I knew of the narrator having seen her name attached to several titles at Audible – but other than that didn’t have much to go on apart from the synopsis And that’s fairly unusual for me as I’m someone who usually looks at the narrator’s name first and the storyline and author second and thirdFortunately this turned out to be one of those times when my purchase proved to have been a good idea because I listened to The Spice Merchant’s Wife in two or three sittings over one weekend; I didn’t want to stop listening to go to sleep even though I kept dozing off at 2 am on the Sunday morningYou can read the rest of this review at AudioGals

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Home of blind perfumer Gabriel Harte who awakens Kate's senses to a whole new world But as she flees from this forbidden love her husband's murderer comes looking for her The Spice Merchant's Wife is a stunning novel bursting with the colour and flavour of Restoration London perfect for readers of Phillipa Gregory Joanne Harris and Patrick Suskind's Perfume. This book had a good storyline and even managed to make me weep That's not saying much since I can also cry at strangers funerals It wasn't good enough for me to merrit a higher rating I expected richer lyrical proseperhaps because I've been spoiled by authors with the ability to weave stories that read like poetry and I felt the storyline deserved such treatment at least in it's potential Kate's miserable inability to forgive herself and Gabriel their eventual infidelity grated on me as did the preceding chapters where she kept on pining for her best friend's husband Gabriel I feel that any book that's not true bodice ripper material and it's titled such as this book id needs a much stonger female character in the lead than Sweet moral and angsty Mistress Kate She just isn't a strong female characterdespite all the death defyingstupidbrave trouble she went through I just wasn't fully convinced Why oh why is she the SPICEMERCHANTS wife if said spicemercheant is such a weak insipid annoying character in the story He wasn't extraordinarily bad good strong weaka bland blend of blegh is what he was Keep his mention out of the title then All I felt for his Robert's character was annoyance and pittyKate and her Spicemerchant first husband were just flat wallpaper characters to me The only character that was Remotely interesting was the blind perfumer forbidden love interest Gabriel but is not for his blindness I would also have shelved him in the wallpaper category I don't even want to talk aboout the villain He stupid beefed up lout is'nt worth my breath

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Spice Merchant‘s WifeAs their livelihood goes up in flames filling the air with the heady scents of cinnamon nutmeg and clovesAs the city is devastated Kate's husband Robert is forced to seek employment to ensure their survival but when he is found drowned Kate refuses to believe that he has taken his own life Widowed and penniless she seeks refuge in The House of Perfume the. Not really a mystery Not really a romance I'm not even convinced this is set in the correct century If all reference to the Great Fire of London and the brief mention of Charles II were removed this could be a 17th or 19th century story I'm just not convinced by this novel I can see why it appeals to readers but it just doesn't do anything for me There are simply too many things that jolt you out of the story the modern phrases the unconvincing psychology Mistress Finche inventing a guide dog harness the glaringly obvious character name change that should have been seen in edits the sudden appearance of characters that are there and gone the repetitive is that you from Mister Harte made it almost impossible to like him in the end but this is because we only need to be told he's blind the once I could go on but I want to move on and read the next book on my never decreasing list Like the two star rating states it was ok but I won't be taking a second journey with Charlotte Betts