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review The Proud Breed ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook î ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ The Proud Breed ✪ Author Celeste De Blasis – AN UNTAMED WOMAN A FEARLESS MAN A MAGNIFICENT LOVE THE MONUNENTAL ADVENTURE THAT SWEEPS ACROSS A MIGHTY CENTURY OF AMERICAN HISTORYThe first time Gavin Ramsay sees Tessa MacMistake she nurses him back to health and into a deep enduring and courageous love Together despite tremendous obstacles Gavin and Tessa pursue their golden dream they tame the land raise a family and reap great wealth and power A vast empire is theirs yet greater still is the magnificent family dynasty they have beg. I adore this book It is one of the few books that can make me sob no matter how many times I read it The only thing that was even the least bit disappointing was how once the children get into their teens the book kind of rushes by Then again it is an 800 page book and would be difficult to pack another 400 pages in I am a history major in college as well so I was able to appreciate that aspect of the book as well This was such a gripping tale offering an entire range of emotions for the reader to feel as their own It almost makes me wish I could go and live Tessa's life at one of the ranchos even if just for a day HIGHLY RECOMEND

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Un a dynasty that will flourish on their firm foundation of lovePassionate colorful and peopled with unforgettable characters The Proud Breed vividly re creates California's exciting past from the wild country to the pirated coast from gambling dens to lavish ballrooms from the rush for gold to the triumph of statehoo. Before reading it I had noticed the book on the shelf I wasn't allowed to read it for a long time not fit for a child my mother said When I finally was allowed to around 14 years of ageI simply loved this book For me it was my first book about real life though it is a novel and therefor probably fictionWhat I liked apart from the saga about Tessa her heritage and her family was also the history part of this book I have no clue if the background described is close to how it was in those days but it was done in such a manner that it was very plausible for me And I learned from it since I had not yet had many history lessons about the west The book is very realistic about the love for another person about troubles in life elianation betrayal friendship having children see them grow up having difficulties letting them go saying goodbye to the partner you love so much and need to be living without for many years It gave me a look at what could be ahead Not the setting of course my hometown is not to be compared with California half way the 19th century No about family life and all that is attached to it I admired Tessa and Gavin for living the way they did never give up not even in the hardest times

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The Proud BreedAN UNTAMED WOMAN A FEARLESS MAN A MAGNIFICENT LOVE THE MONUNENTAL ADVENTURE THAT SWEEPS ACROSS A MIGHTY CENTURY OF AMERICAN HISTORYThe first time Gavin Ramsay sees Tessa MacLeod y Amarista a violet eyed beauty swimming naked in a hidden pool she reacts by attacking him with The Proud ePUB #10003 a knife Realizing her. This is my favorite historical It is one of the best books that I can remember It is a wonderful love story that just engulfs the reader in its emotions It spans a lifetime and encompasses every emotion the people have The author made the history of CA come alive for me in this wonderful story I read it about 22 or 23 years ago and I have never forgot it If you are able to find a copy of it I would highly recommend that you read it