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Challenge Accepted Download ´ 104 Æ [Reading] ➻ Challenge Accepted By Celeste Barber – “Prepare to laugh” —Reese WitherspoonFrom funny woman Instagram star and international comedy sensation Celeste Barber’s Challenge Accepted is a raucous hilarious and outspoken guide to life u “Prepare to laugh” —Re“Prepare to laugh” Reese WitherspoonFrom funny woman Instagram star and international comedy sensation Celeste Barber’s Challenge Accepted is a raucous hilarious and outspoken guide to life unwanted gas and h. I'm in love with Celeste Barber and I check her Instagram feed every day Honestly she deserves to earn 1000000 just for posting the stuff that she does shining a light on the hilarity of celebrity culture in a light accessible way Her social media is GOLDHowever and I say this time and time again a funny person does not make a funny book Or even an interesting book for that matterLook it just isn't captivating to read about someone from a loving home who used to take dance lessons and has ADHD I can literally point you to 100 people I know with the same exact story You have to be an INSANELY skilled writer to make that stuff interesting Celeste Barber just isn't I wanted insight on her social media posts her interactions with celebrities and basically all the gossip that separates her from just listening to patients talk about their school life while I work I listen to that other stuff every day This was supposed to be interesting There are not going to be any books written about my fascinating life snorts so I guess I'm not one to talk but Celeste Barber truly doesn't have enough content to fill a whole book And I'm saying that from a loving honest place goodreads|instagram|twitter|blog

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Ow to rock a sexy scarPart memoir part comedy routine part advice manual Challenge Accepted is Celeste at her best revealing her secrets to love friendship family and marriage oh hai hothusband and how to deal with. WHAT A UEENShe's a funny lady sure but this book also shows that she's down to earth genuine honest and just trying to give life her best shot like the rest of usI loved it I loved the honesty but also that and bear with me on this it's not a book that's trying too hard to be funnyShe's a comedian sure but this is a biography not a sketch It's her life and it's told with honesty Of course there's her own brand of humour lacing the stories to make them fun but it's not over the top outrageous; instead it's dialled back so that her story can actually be told It was the honest moments that I think I enjoyed the most her blunt delivery of her own #metoo stories and her opinion on feminism and women supporting women How her Instagram started and of course the dirty deets on her relationship with #hothusbandI think part of the reason she is loved by so many is because she's just an average Aussie lady That doesn't mean she isn't wonderful or achieving amazing things etc Rather it means that every other person who considers themselves average can be inspired to be wonderful and achieve amazing things This is the story of a woman with a dream who set out to achieve it and never let anyone stand in her way She backed herself stood up for what she believed in and blocked out the negativity trying to bring her down She found her own light and now it's a gift that lights the worldIt's not bellyache from laughing funny but it is witty insightful and enlightening A truly enjoyable read that I would recommend to people looking for inspiration with a good dose of humour

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Challenge AcceptedLife’s many challenges why she checks the bath for sharks how Nutella uite literally shaped who she is as a woman and why being famous on Instagram is like being rich in Monopoly It’s real like totally really re. Oh my word why was this woman not introduced to my life earlier Honestly she's so aspiring that I don't know how to handle it Like most of the books I've been reading lately when I first picked this one up I wasn't sure if I was going to like it I didn't really get the Aussie humor she started the book off with the birth of her son and I have a lot of mixed feelings about kids right now I wasn't sure if Celeste and I were going to click But like most books I've been reading lately I stuck with it and was extremely pleased with the rest of the book Barber is very witty one might even say cheeky and makes you feel like you're listening to your new best friend telling you about her life over drinks on your couch while in your pjs I liked how honest Barber is She admits right off the bat that she might not be the smartest person or the best writer but she has a story to tell and something to say And if that isn't the most humbling thing I've ever seen a writer put in their book I don't know what is Barber says what she believes with such conviction that you can't help but think Yeah I totally agree while she talks to you about the dangers of diet culture or feminism I definitely definitely recommend this book because like Barber says in her book we should support other women who we think do cool stuff And she definitely does cool stuff Also if you're interested in reading about women doing inspiring things or having inspiring ideas pick up this book and be inspired yourself