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An Honorable OfferSabrina Eversleigh runs away from home after her new brother in law attempts to rape her She would surely have died in a blizzard if Phillip Mercerault had not rescued her He nurses her back to health only An Honorable PDFEPUBto find that he is not a hero Instead he's a gentleman who has compromi. Very strange story Up until the wedding it is uite good and I was absorbed in it But then the hero and the heroine both become terminally stupid and seem to lose all their ability to think things through rationally The heroine becomes just about insufferable in her behaviour especially towards the hero who had after all saved her life and her reputation The story ends abruptly without the hero and heroine really coming together and resolving their situation or their feelings towards one another and there are several loose ends left over like the sister and her husband and the comeuppance that they deserve which they don't get Also very strange lovesex scenes there are three of them but nothing barely a kiss on the very last page of the book between the hero and heroineThe version of the book that I read was the original one published in 1981 under the title An Honorable Offer Apparently Coulter has extensively rewritten the book and republished it as The Offer

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SUMMARY Å An Honorable Offer Ï [PDF] ✩ An Honorable Offer By Catherine Coulter – Sabrina Eversleigh runs away from home after her new brother in law attempts to rape her She would surely have died in a blizzard if Phillip Mercerault had not rescued her He nurses her back to health Sabrina Eversleigh runs away from home Sed a lady Now there's only one thing left for him to do marry her But Sabrina turns him down leaving him completely baffled However things don't turn out uite the way Sabrina planned and it is she then who must propose sweetening the pot with a big dowry and an offer of freedom for Phillip But. Possibly the worst book I have ever read to dateterrible writing terrible plotting terrible characters I only actually finished this out of sheer curiosity to determine if this was actually and truly supposed to be a romance because up through 90% of the book the hero was still cheating on the heroine and acting like an ass and the hero was terrible at sex My curiosity got the best of me to see what the author could possibly do to redeem this as a romance Answer she did nothing Utter crap Thankfully I didn't buy it

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What's a husband to do when he knows his bride is afraid of men And important what is the bride to do when she follows her husband to his mistress' lodgings and discovers him on the point of indulging Phillip and Sabrina have a long way to go before they can sit amicably at the same table togeth. This isn't my type of book This book is unsatisfying a torture to endure and full of lies I always think I can read an adult book but most of the time all that means is explicit garbage I won't read unless there is a story worth reading I only read about 22% of this book The men characters are completely off All 3 of the sexually active men that have been introduced are inconsistent or unrealistic in some way It annoys me and I am not entertained by being lied to If men read this crap maybe some of these lies could be dispelled or changed But obviously some people like to believe in lies I do not like the narration and spastic POV changes of the story Maybe I should have started with book 1 And maybe I should not have assumed that a book cover with people clothed wasn't a bodice ripping story Sex is not romance I can't find a character to care about in this story I am not a superficial reader and this book has no depth It has a lot of POV jumping and a lot of choppy flashbacks or rememberances If feels like a game the author is playing and the reader is just being tortured If that is the kind of book you like then this one's for you Sex isn't a game It isn't just entertainment The characters in this book have negative views of sex and marriage in general I belive in love and honor and respect and goodness and trust and family and marriage I won't read a book that devalues those things for entertainment sake I already read some reviews that were unhappy with the ending This book seems to be mostly about people who aren't married having sex and describing it in great detail I don't see the value with continuing to read on