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Download Clockwork Angel Doc ☆ 481 pages ñ Cassandra clare ☆ ❰PDF❯ ❤ Clockwork Angel Author Cassandra Clare – In a time when Shadowhunters are barely winning the fight against the forces of darkness one battle will change the course of history forever Welcome to Nts seriesThe year is Tessa Gray descends into London’s dark supernatural underworld in search of her missing brother She soon discovers that her only allies are the demon slaying Shadowhunters including Will and Jem the mysterious boys she is attracted to Soon rips apart ‘I love Jem Carstairs’ shirt to reveal another ‘I love Jem Carstairs’ shirt in bigger font I can't walk up the stairs without wheezing but I would fisfight the moon for this boyAs for Will Herondale being that I am a fellow emo I respect his self loathing but as his foster mother I do not want him to feel that wayLastly I can see the fledgling tendrils of a love triangle and I am suffering Make it an OT3 you COWARDS

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In a time when Shadowhunters are barely winning the fight against the forces of darkness one battle will change the course of history forever Welcome to the Infernal Devices trilogy a stunning and dangerous preuel to the New York Times bestselling Mortal Instrume A lot of Goodreads friends that I have people I deeply respect and whose opinions I actually hold in great value gave this book lots of stars and glowing reviews Friends of mine you know I adore you so please don't take offense at this review If you enjoyed this book then I’m really glad you did It makes me happy when people enjoy literature So you probably shouldn't read this review if you love this book It's nice to know that even though Cassandra Clare's Draco Trilogy ended years ago I can pick up ANY SINGLE ONE of her books that she has published and see not only Draco’s character but all my old friends from the Harry Potter Fanon Universe with different names and physical descriptions but otherwise pretty much intact Because seven really long books just wasn’t enough for them apparentlyIt's nice to know that the snappy little one liners and cheap hijinks are being recycled because they worked so well the first AND second time she used themI don't think I've made it any great secret that I despise the writings of Cassandra Clare so let me get the few good points out of the way so I can go back to imagining a world where authors like this are forcibly chained to their desks and made to read their own stories over and over again until they’re sorry She stopped using so many damn similes I no longer feel like gouging out my own eyes every single time she tries to describe something There is no creepy incest in this book so my husband was spared walking in on me trying to choke the life out of a paperback novelAnd that about it I mean let’s face it if the only good things I can say about this book are that she’s made slight improvements so that I no longer feel the urge to commit seppuku by diving head first into a meat grinder then it’s not high praiseSo what was wrong with this novel Well other than the fact that the characters were almost CARBON COPIES of ones that I’d read in City of Bones Draco Dormiens Draco Sinister and Draco Veritas there was just so much to hate The character building that they actually DO have only exists because she did the work years ago on top of another author's pre existing characters – otherwise they’d be little animated than the clockwork automatons that appear in this storyDon’t get me started on how she wiki’d “Victorian Society” copy and pasted the information into word and then randomly injected it into the story via the characters parroting the cans and can’ts of the time period Not even going there It’ll take too long to complain about that How about her inability to write a storyline that is in anyway surprising Reading one of her novels is like watching a dumbed down version of Scooby Doo I actually liked Scooby Doo before Scrappy Doo came along Whoever made that character needed to be shot hung kheelhauled and uartered – the whole works but you know how they’d go somewhere and they’d be like “Hey guys I think something’s going to happen Hey look gang a perfectly inconspicuous diving mask I WONDER IF THIS COULD BE A CLUE WINKWINKNUDGENUDGE FOR ALL THE FIVE YEAR OLD KIDS PLAYING AT HOME”In Clockwork Angel Clare practically flags you down makes you come look VERY hard at her clue that is painted bright bright red and poorly hidden behind her back while she insists that it’s not actually there and giggles every time she tries to make you not look at her ENORMOUS FLIPPIN' CLUE She insists on this behaviour until finally you pat her on the head tell her that she ALMOST managed t

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Clockwork AngelThey find themselves up against the Pandemonium Club a secret organization of vampires demons warlocks and humans Euipped with a magical army of unstoppable clockwork creatures the Club is out to rule the British Empire and only Tessa and her allies can stop the This book got 15 stars from me simply because I was also reading Tiger's uest by Colleen Houck and comparing with Tiger's uest Clockwork Angel looks like it deserves 15 starsIn order to save you some precious time I will tell you my honest reaction to Clockwork Angel right here right nowThank you ShouAlso when I first opened the book I was faced by this description as well Magic is dangerous but love is dangerous still sighs What kind of soap operatic shit is that I hate this line instantlyI don't think Clockwork Angel is the most horrible book which I have ever read it isn't the action scenes and part of the plots are enjoyable to an extent But oh boy Clare's writing and her characters annoy me the book as a whole annoys the freaking hell out of me here're the reasons1 The recycling of charactersThe main characters in The Infernal Devices series are the photocopy versions of the main characters in The Mortal Instruments series plain and simple  Tessa is Clary Will is Jace Jem is Simon and Jessamine is a bitchier version of Isabelle Only that in TID series those recycled characters got different colors of eyes and hair they were dressed in 19th century British outfits and they were living in a supposed Victorian eraFirst we got the main girl who is called Theresa Gray Theresa Gray Clarissa Fray Do you see the similarity here Why can't Ms Clare come up with some other slightly original names for her 'heroines'Tessa's similarity with Clary doesn't just end here Clary was looking for  her mother who was kidnapped by the villain and Clary soon realized her mother had hidden a secret from her On the other hand Tessa was also looking for her brother in London said brother was also kidnapped by the villain later Tessa also found out her brother had hidden a secret from herNot only this Tessa's attitude is just as annoying as Clary's Clary's bitchy remark about how fat ugly people don't get to become vampires because ugly people probably don't want to live long bugs the hell out of me when I read City of Bones In Clockwork Angel I found Tessa making a very similar remark on Brother Enoch's strange frightening appearance It hardly seems worth living a long time if you're going to look like thatWow Tessa was badmouthing Brother Enoch behind his back when Brother Enoch was trying to save Tessa's own brother Nate's life How ungratefulOf course Tessa thought if you weren't beautiful then living a long life devoting yourself to gain knowledge and help people still don't worth it The most important thing for her is to be beautiful I got the message perfectlySimply put not only Tessa is an recycled version of Clary she is also as judgmental ungrateful and rude as Clary is AND THAT'S OUR MAIN CHARACTERAnd of course the same like Clary Tessa had to possess a special ability which no one else but her can wield One big fat sign for Mary Sue rightThen we meet William Herondale who's supposed to be a great warrior but who's also extremely handsome cocky and filled with smartass remarks up his sleeves who is rude to everyone else for no good reason He's a copy of Jace LightwoodWaylandHerondaleMorgensternwhatever That's itThe gentle 'good boy' Jem is Simon in disguise Jem is being designed to be the weaker part of the love triangle I like him just as I like Simon but I have nothing to say about him As to the beautiful girl Jessamine she's a slightly interesting but 100% bitchy version of Isabelle Lightwood I will get back to her later2 Troubling behaviorsattitude from main ch