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READ ✓ The Cost of the Forbidden ↠ [KINDLE] ✿ The Cost of the Forbidden By Carol Marinelli – The price of endless pleasure Clients women moneyruthless CEO Sev Derzhavin is a master at getting whatever—and whomever—he wants Rejected as a child Sev has never been refused since So when his p The price of endlesReaker boss and opens her heart to yet bruises But on their last business trip to Dubai Sev makes a shocking suggestion to relieve the tension between them The Cost MOBI #207 enjoy some overtime in his b. I loved this because I thought it was so witty and funny with many touching sweet moments I was very entertained reading it The romance maybe was not as full or nor the sexual activities as compared to some other books Still I won't change it because overall it was an excellent read and I will be reading of Caroline Marinelli And yes Sev was an ass but the humour was fab and tongue in cheek PS I read the UK version which has a difference cover


The price of endless of the eBook #184 pleasure Clients women moneyruthless CEO Sev Derzhavin is a master at getting whatever and whomever he wants Rejected as a child Sev has never been refused since So. Carol Marinelli’s Irresistible Russian Tycoons Series is about four Russian orphans who lived together in an orphanage and how their lives are connected to each otherI enjoyed the 1st book in the series The Price of His Redemption and I was looking forward to the next storyThe Cost of the Forbidden is the 2nd novel and tells the story of Sev Derhavin one of the 4 orphansHis life is now very different from the time he spent in the orphanage He has become a very wealthy and successful businessman and ruthless to boot He does not allow any emotions of feelings touch his heart Having been rejected as a child and never having experienced love and family in his life he allows nothing to stand in his way of getting anything or anyoneNaomi Johnson is trying to reconnect with the father who had disappeared from her life when she was a small child She has also lacked a loving family in her lifeHired as Sev’s PA she soon realizes that her heart will be broken again by this man who shows no feelings whatsoever for any human being But will she be able to walk away from him when she has such deep feelings for himI adored these two characters They were so endearing and likeable There’s a lot of passion and chemistry between them and I enjoyed the way their relationship developed I liked that there wasn’t all that OTT drama and darkness and angstand the way they open up to each other I also liked some of the uirkiness’s that these two hadSev and his coffees Sugar one day no sugar the nextit’s funny that in the beginning I thoughtthis guy is so just not for mebut as the story progressedI actually found myself liking him a lotThe epilogue left me with such a warm feelingThis is turning out to be a really enjoyable series and looking forward to Book #3

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The Cost of the ForbiddenWhen his personal assistant resigns Sev can't resist the challenge of enticing the beautiful brunette to stay Naomi Johnson has to walk away before she gives in to the chemistry with her infamous heartb. Enjoyable follow on in a series of four book's