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Read ë Judgment Night A Selection of Science Fiction ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Judgment Night A Selection of Science Fiction By C.L. Moore ✎ – This limited edition facsimile reprint volume is a complete reproduction of the oriHe uniue visions of science fiction master CL Moore presented here in her first published book Judgment Night Released in from Gnome Press Judgment Night collects five Moore novellas from the pages of editor John W Campbell Judgment Night PDFEPUB or Jr's Astounding Science Fiction magazine Chosen by the author herself as the best of her. One of the numerous kerfuffles in the SFF field last year came when some dinosaur or other wrote a post about women destroying science fiction by mixing in ugh relationships and all that suashy stuff As is so often the case it triggered a creative reaction in the form of a Kickstarter for a special women destroy science fiction issue of one of the pro magazines Well as this book shows women have been destroying science fiction for a good long time now and doing it very well These stories date from the 1950s and when I compare them to some of the stories from the same period written by men there's an extra element an extra depth of personal and emotional significance that I usually think of as a product of the New Wave that came a decade later To overgeneralise genre fiction tends to have a lot of external action and less focus on the significance of that action while literary fiction is the other way around Moore brings both together and each of these stories has both aspects events that form a plot and another layer of significance laid over the topThe first story from which the title comes would almost work as fantasy It's a galactic empire story but the planets could eually well be countries especially since the only one described in detail has only one climate for the whole planet like Hoth or Dagobah and for the most part the technology could eually well be magic Some of the weapons though work better as technology and they're fairly important to the plot It's an almost Shakespearian tragedy a kind of reverse Romeo and Juliet in which the main characters' relationship fails to bring their factions together in part because they aren't ready to commit to it fully or at least she isn't The oracle character tells the female protagonist that she will make the wrong choice because her instincts are wrong and those instincts have been trained away from emotional connection in the direction of war The woman in other words has become like a man and this leads to tragedy not only for her and her lover but for all their people Paradise Street the second story is very much a space Western but again it has a depth and significance which lies in the relationships between the characters The loner protagonist because of his hatred of how his beloved frontier world is becoming settled and his livelihood is passing rejects and even betrays his friends but is ultimately rescued from his bad decisions because they refuse to give up on him The third story Promised Land is also driven by passion but this time it's a man's passion for justice He's the chosen heir of the genetically modified tyrant of Ganymede his patron has deliberately sent him to the school of hard knocks and yet he retains connection and compassion for the Ganymedans He's the other half of his patron the part that fights for others at cost to himself The fourth story The Code was I felt the weakest of the collection It reminds me most of Poe particularly The Facts in the Case of M Valdemar largely because of the use of a completely unrealistic version of hypnosis as a key plot point It's thick with overlong passages of baseless sciencebabble which for me obscure and distract from the not particularly strong premise a man's elderly father receives treatment to reverse his ageing and starts turning into someone else from another time track Moore draws on her literary background and weaves in comparisons to the Faust legend I still wouldn't call it a bad story but it's not as good as the others and could have benefited from being shorterThe final story Heir Apparent is in the same setting as Promised Land genetically modified humans are colonising the solar system That's not what it's about though It's about a kind of almost mystical gestalt that groups of people use to solve problems mediated by a machine and what happens when some of those men are expelled from the gestalt and have to cope in the outside world Hypnosis features again this time preventing two men from killing each other The outward events have to do with a political struggle but the inner significance is to do with how human thought and human values must interact with even the greatest machine It's not as good as the first three stories I felt but works better than the fourth I read the ebook edition from Singularity Co I really wish they would run a spell check after they scan and OCR because virtually all of the errors I spotted in it could have been picked up by one It's frustrating to be distracted from an otherwise fine book because of a scanning error that could have been easily corrected

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This limited edition facsimile reprint volume A Selection PDF #8608 is a complete reproduction of the original first edition published by Gnome Press in and includes a full color dust jacket protective slipcase and biographical information about the author Four different worlds Five different tales of conflict and discovery All of them t. Henry Kuttner and CL Moore the foremost husband and wife writing team in sci fi history produced their novels and short stories under a plethora of pen names as well as their own and for the past half century it has been a sort of literary game to puzzle out which author was the primary contributor to any particular work This has apparently been far from a simple task as either writer was perfectly capable of picking up the other's thoughts in mid paragraph and carrying on Catherine Moore has said publicly that many stories for which she was the primary author were published under Kuttner's name for the simple reason that his word rate was higher than hers; this despite the fact that Moore was a longer established writer I suppose that uneual pay for eual work was a factor in the 1940s even so than it is today Despite the abundance of pen names 17 by my count the most well known of which were Keith Hammond Lewis Padgett and Lawrence O'Donnell that last pen name often being attached to stories written solely by Moore one generally regarded truism was that when a work appeared under CL Moore's own name that was a sure sign that the piece was hers alone Such was the case with the novel Judgment Night which initially appeared as the cover story of Astounding Science Fiction in August 1943 under Moore's name and concluded in the September issue The team was so very prolific at this point by the way that its short story Endowment Policy also appeared in that same August issue under the Padgett bylineJudgment Night displays all the colorful emotional elements that are the hallmarks of Moore's style It tells the story of Juille the headstrong ian daughter of the galaxy's emperor and her last ditch efforts to stave off a revolutionary attack by barbarians on her Lyonese empire and specifically her home world of Ericon Juille is somewhat similar to one of Moore's most popular characters Jirel of Joiry a medieval swashbuckling fantasy creation who appeared in a series of stories in Weird Tales magazine in the 1930s The similarly named Juille can almost be seen as a space age Jirel trading a traditional sword for a fire sword; a horse for a star cruiser As with Jirel her battling ways come into direct conflict with the pull of romantic entanglements One of the interesting aspects of Judgment Night is the simultaneous attraction and repulsion that Juille feels for Egide the blond bearded leader of the barbarian hordes; this reluctant undermining of Juille's code gives her character some real psychological depth The book first and foremost however is a thrilling adventure tale with several stunning set pieces the initial meeting of Juille and Egide on Cyrille an artificial orbiting pleasure planetoid on which any scenario imaginable can be created by the use of films and what I take to be holograms; the kidnapping of Juille and an exploration of the mysterious catacombs beneath Ericon; a visit to the gods of Ericon who dwell in a dimensionless temple in the forbidden forests; and saving the best for last an hallucinogenic battle royale between Juille Egide and his brutish henchman Jair back on Cyrille as the clock ticks away towards Ericon's destruction This last section is a real tour de force for Moore as her protagonists battle from one artificial environment to the next from forest to desert to underwater to blizzard to beach scene etc armed with mysterious superweapons discovered in Ericon's catacombs Moore even manages to pull off a wonderful surprise ending for her story as well as a suitably downbeat message regarding the folly of man and the utter waste of war Juille is a wonderful character brave humorless willful spoiled who changes for the better as the book progresses and it is a shame that Moore never chose to revisit her again I have read this terrific well nigh forgotten piece of Golden Age sci fi twice now in the 1965 Paperback Library edition pictured above in a 25 year period and found that I liked it even the second time around Fans of fast moving space adventure told with colorful prose and emotional depth should by all means pounce

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Judgment Night A Selection of Science FictionLonger form writing these stories show a gifted wordsmith working at the height of her talentsContents • Judgment Night • • novel by C L Moore • Paradise Street • • novella by C L Moore • Promised Land • • novelette by C L Moore • The Code • • novelette by C L Moore • Heir Apparent • • novelette by C L Moore. I was brought to this book by 1000 Books to Read Before You DieFrankly I'm surprised that such a lightweight piece of pulpy space opera made it onto that list It seems to be a very random choice The prose is awkward throughout with words like millenniums and resistless Reading it as at times like wading through a swamp There are no real characters to speak of Just the sort of stock placeholders you find in mediocre comic strips And the love story is about as predictable as they comeStill the ending was pretty good Not enough to wow me But pretty good